2017 Events

1st October.......................Breed Championship Show

21st-22nd October.............Discover Dogs (ExCel)


2017 News

KC Approve New DNA Test

The Kennel Club has now approved the new DNA test for Retinopathy for Swedish Vallhunds. This means from now on when a dog is tested by an approved lab (such as the AHT) the results will be sent to the KC and recoded on the dog’s registration and can be checked on the KC Health Test Finder. Dogs that have been tested previously may need to send in a copy of their certificate to have their results recorded.

Click Here for the KC Press Release


New DNA Test

The Animal Health Trust has now released the new DNA test for the mutation associated with Retinopathy in the Swedish Vallhund.

The Society would like to thanks all the people at the AHT for their hard work and to thank all the owners who's dogs were part of the research.

For more infomation on the mutation found click here.

The test is simple to use, requiring only a cheek swab and can be ordered directly from the AHT.

To order a test kit click here.



Discover Dogs is held by The Kennel Club twice a year in March and November.
In March it is held at the NEC, Birmingham at Crufts and in October at ExCel, London.
Breed clubs are asked to provide volunteers to bring along their dogs and promote their breed. We have manned the stand since 2007, at both venues and it is a brilliant place to come and meet Swedish Vallhunds “in the flesh”.
The dogs really enjoy being the centre of attention and many people have chosen Vallhunds as their breed after meeting them for the first time at Discover Dogs. The people who man the stand really enjoy talking about our lovely dogs, so please come along and say “Hello”.

Our Discover Dogs coordinator Sharon Sibley is always looking for volunteers, so if you’d like to help out on one of the days please contact her.


Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches



 Firstly I want to give a big apology for omitting in last week's breed notes my congratulations to Jo Day and Ada West for Starvon Yakkety Yak RBCC at Windsor Championship Show. Congratulations also to Stella Coombes who has posted to say Qash has just won out of Grade 3 in agility .


 Prior  to writing the results from National Working and Pastoral breeds, I just want to say how disappointed I am to hear of a couple of issues at the show. First  I have heard  of  exhibitors critising other fellow exhibitor's dogs quite loudly in front of interested new people. Come on now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but  not at ringside. We had that years ago and had it putting off newcomers, let's not repeat it .If you must have your opinion then move away from the ring side or say it later. We want to encourage new people, not put them off.  Also I was told of a dog lunging out at another dog passing on the benching. If your dog is a bit iffy at the benches, please be extra careful. Basically ours is a lovely breed with lovely people, so let's not spoil peoples views. 

Results from National Working and Pastoral Breeds where our judge this year was Mrs Karen Kennedy,  another breed specialist . She awarded the  DCC and BV to Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm . RCC  was Wendy Amon's multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme. BCC and BOB went to Wendy Amon's Ch Pepperthyme Theodora,  with RBCC going to Pat Drinkwater's Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira . BP was Tony and Sandra Drinkwater's homebred  Galerita Goji Berrie . Best veteran was Vicky's boy Zeb, who went on to win Veteran Group 4.


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