Breed Health Coordinator - Mrs Rosemary Peacock-Jackson

Breed Health Survey Sub-Committee - Mrs Rosemary-Jackson, Jo Day, Joanne Stockbridge


The Swedish Vallhund is a hardy breed with few health problems and many living into their teenage years. Breeders are committed to health testing and make use of the schemes available to them, using the results to make responsible breeding decisions. All members of the SVS agree to have their dogs Hip Scored and Eye tested before breeding.


Click below for infomation on the few health problems that the breed can be prone to and the testing that is available for it.


Hip Dysplasia         -        Retinopathy



Below is information pertaining to breeding and its issues. These are not breed related as they can affect any and all breeds and even crosses.


COI     -    Canine Herpes      -     Temporary sterility



Health Surveys


The Swedish Vallhund Society Longevity Survey 2017-2018 OPEN - Click Here

The Swedish Vallhund Society Longevity Report 2017 - Click Here


The Swedish Vallhund Society Health Report 2018 - Click Here 


The Swedish Vallhund Society Breeding Survey - TBC


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