2018 Show Judge 2019 Judge
20/1/18 MANCHESTER MS D SPAVIN 17/1/19 Jeff Horwell
08/03/18 CRUFTS Mr K R Newhouse 8/3/19 Mrs K V Gilliland
21/04/18 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Mr G Hill 20/4/19  
27/04/18 WELKS MRS R PARRY 27/04/19 Kevin Young
13/5/18 BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL Mr Gerard Jipping 9/5/19 Mrs T L Jackson
18/5/18 SKC Jan Wilton 18/5/19 KS Wilberg
27/5/18 BATH MRS C VINES 25/5/19 Mr A J Drinkwater
2/6/18 SOUTHERN COUNTIES Reino Korpela (Finland) 1/6/19  
8/6/18 THREE COUNTIES Mr B M Croft 8/6/19  
24/06/18 BLACKPOOL Mrs G C Chapman 23/06/19 Mrs C E Cartledge
30/06/18 WINDSOR Mrs J Day 28/06/19  
08/07/18 EAST OF ENGLAND Mrs M J Purnell-Carpenter 5/7/19 Mrs BME Young
14/07/18 NWPB Mrs M Harris 13/7/19 Mr RC Kinsey
14/07/18 SVS Mr C J Millard   Mrs R Peacock-Jackson
29/7/18 LEEDS Zena Thorn Andrews 26/7/19 Mr S W Hall
18/8/18 WKC Dr G Curr 17/8/19 Mrs S Hewart-Chambers
8/9/18 RICHMOND Mrs DA Kenis Pordham 7/9/19  
15/09/18 DARLINGTON Mr A wight 14/9/19 Mr AAR Doedijns
15/12/18 LKA Mrs M Bryant 15/12/19 Mrs L Loney
8/4/18 SVS OPEN SHOW   6/4/19 Mrs V Allsop
21/9/18 THAME  (Supported)      


  24th February 2018 Okehampton & District Canine Society Christine Ellis  
  4th march 2018 Oxfordshire Canine Society John Scanlan  
  18th March 2018 Retford Canine Society Domna Dodd  
  25th March 2018 Bridgwater & District Canine Society Clare Burnett  
  31st March 2018 Bristol & District Dog Club CELIA VINES  
  8th April 2018 Crystal Palace canine Association Ms Marion Sargent  
  22nd April 2018 Llanelli & District Canine Society Mrs C. Davies  
  7th May 2018 North West Canine Association Karen Powney  
  7th May 2018 Banbury and District Canine Asscociation (Supported) Ann Hardy  
  20th May 2018 Christchurch and New Forest Britt-Marie Young  
  17 June 2018 Chepstow & DCS MARK HALES  
  8 July 2018 Poole Canine Club  MR. P. MATFIN  
  14 July 2018 Pembrokeshire Canine Assoc  MRS JUDITH ROBIN-SMITH  
  29 July 2018 Dorset County CS MR. M. LIGHT  
  20th Sept 2018 Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society (Supported) Helen Bull (Stonedragon)  
  10th Nov 2018 Huntingdonshire Canine Society Mr Tim Ball (Kaitak)  
  24th Nov 2018 The Nordic Show (Supported) Mrs Sue Bird (Bridus)  
  2nd Dec Burton-on-Trent Kennel Association Anne Hardy  (Amhard)  
  27th Dec Wealdstone & Northholt Canine Society Penny Roberts (Archaeus)  


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