2019 Show Judge 2020 Judge
17/1/19 MANCHESTER Jeff Horwell 17/1/20  
8/3/19 CRUFTS Mrs K V Gilliland 7/3/20 Mrs P J Drinkwater
20/4/19 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Mrs L Lewis 18/4/20  
27/04/19 WELKS Kevin Young 26/4/20 Mrs L Richards
9/5/19 BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL Mrs T L Jackson 8/5/20 Mr K Baldwin
18/5/19 SKC KS Wilberg 17/5/20 Mrs H Fitzgibbon
25/5/19 BATH Mr A J Drinkwater 22/5/20 Mrs T A Cousins-Brown
1/6/19 SOUTHERN COUNTIES Mrs S Bird 30/5/20  
8/6/19 THREE COUNTIES Mrs G Hussey 4/6/20  
23/06/19 BLACKPOOL Mrs C E Cartledge 28/6/20  
28/06/19 WINDSOR Mr Foss 2/7/20  
5/07/19 EAST OF ENGLAND Mrs BME Young 12/7/20  
13/07/19 NWPB Mr RC Kinsey 11/7/20  
26/7/19 LEEDS Mr S W Hall 25/7/20  
10/8/19 BOURNEMOUTH Mrs C Vines 9/8/20  
17/8/19 WKC Mrs S Hewart-Chambers 22/8/20  
31/08/19 SVS Mrs R Peacock-Jackson    
7/9/19 RICHMOND Lyn Etches 12/9/20  
14/09/19 DARLINGTON Mr AAR Doedijns 20/9/20  
15/12/19 LKA Mrs L Loney 12/12/20  
6/4/19 SVS OPEN SHOW Mrs V Allsop    


  27th Jan Coalville & District Canine Society Angie Allan  
  9th Feb Swansea & District Canine Club Malinda Thomas   
  16th Feb Gloucester & District Canine Society Jacky Cutler  
  16th Feb St Helens & District Canine Society Steve Bennett  
  23rd Feb Okehampton & District Canine Society Chris Fittus  
  24th Feb Cheltenham & District Canine Society TBA  
  3rd Mar Bridgend & District Kennel Asscociation Richard Gunn  
  3rd Mar Oxfordshire Canine Society Fay Hutchings  
  17h Mar Retford Canine Society Fran Kaye  
  30th Mar Herts & Essex Border Canine Society Del Richards  
  13th Apr Llanelli & District Canine Society MRS S. Warner  
  20th Apr Rochdale & District Canine Society Mike Vincent  
  6th May North West Canine Association Mr Edwin Miscallef  
  6th May  Banbury and District Canine Asscociation (Supported) Miss M. Hodgson  
  19th May Pollard Canine Society Mr G. Lewthwaite  
  19th June The Royal Cheshire County Show Tim Ball  
  14th July Evesham & District Canine Society Robert Greaves  
  Sept  Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society (Supported)    
  Nov  The Nordic Show (Supported)    


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