Judge – Lyn Etches

BEST IN SHOW - Starvon all eyes on me at Valltineya

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Mystarz lavish loitsu to Pepperthyme

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Danga's diva x-dotter of Valaller (imp SWE)

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - CH Starvon Roumour has it



1st - Starvon Bring It On

2nd - Starvon Because we can at Soullaria



1st - Starvon Because we can at Soullaria



1st - Meddobe spice's endeavour



1st - Eriksfjord brave charm

2nd - Pepperthyme winter storm

3rd - Eldhastens fable firestorm at Thornevald

Res - Starvon all about me

VHC - Meddobe Charles Dickens



1st - Starvon all eyes on me at Valltineya

2nd - Thorjakker hundi homnelvik



1st - CH IR CH Eriksfjord chilled bunny for Jarlalfvin

2nd - CH CH SWED CH FIN Svedala billy busvader at Pepperthyme

3rd - CH Pepperthyme golden noble at Kirkholme

4th - CH Starvon vanquish ShCM



1st - CH Eldhastens bobbo viking (imp SWE) ShCM

2nd - Starvon talk of the town

3rd - Meddobe torsten


DOG CC - Starvon all eyes on me at Valltineya

DOG RES CC - Eriksfjord brave charm

DOG PUPPY - Starvon Bring It On

DOG VETERAN - CH Eldhastens bobbo viking (imp SWE) ShCM





1st - Starvon binit sinit dunit with Kirkholme



1st - Danga's diva x-dotter of Valaller (imp SWE)

2nd - Rusern cradel of love at Kimaroff



1st - Eriksfjord aurora charm

2nd - Thorjakker hjorta harstad



1st - Katrina des fumees du nord (imp BEL)

2nd - Thorjakker hjorta harstad



1st - Mystarz lavish loitsu to Pepperthyme

2nd - Starvon yakety yak

3rd - Hurstfield renen vixen at Tanellis



1st - CH Galerita hollie berrie

2nd - CH Pepperthyme Theodora

3rd - CH Starvon willamina

Res - Thorjakker topsey turvy at Valladar

VHC - Karmore cornish maid



1st - CH Starvon Roumour has it

2nd - Onderaan de gele berg yira at Pepperthyme (imp NLD) 

3rd - CH IR CH Eriksfjord magik bean


BITCH CC - Mystarz lavish loitsu to Pepperthyme

BITCH RES CC - Starvon yakety yak

BITCH PUPPY - Danga's diva x-dotter of Valaller (imp SWE)

BITCH VETERAN - CH Starvon Roumour has it



Judge – Britt-Marie Young

BEST IN SHOW - Ch. Starvon Wishful Thinking

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Ch. Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltineya

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Ch. Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM



1st Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltineya

2nd Eriksfjord Brave Charm

3rd Starvon All About Me



1st Thorjakker  Ordlaf Orsa



1st  Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern

2nd Mystarz Jaunty Jaegar

3rd Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme



1st  Ch. Starvon Wishful Thinking

2nd  Ch/Sw/Fin. Ch. Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (Imp. Sw.)

3rd  Starvon Xpress Delivery at Coningsbear ShCM



1st Ch. Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM

2nd Ch. Candace the Scandinavian

3rd Starvon Talk of the Town





1st Eriksfjord Aurora Charm

2nd Eriksfjord Celestial Charm


PUPPY BITCH  (4,1)  

1st Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme

2nd Mystarz Lavish Laji

3rd Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha



1st  Rusern Douglas Dragonfly



1st  Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis



1st Starvon Ziva

2nd Katrina Des Fumees du Nord. (Imp. Belg.)


LIMIT BITCH  (5,1)  

1st Karmore Cornish Maid

2nd Hurstfield Renen Dancer at Kintalis

3rd Pepperthyme on a Rainbow


OPEN BITCH  (6,1)  

1st Starvon Valley of Dreams

2nd Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar

3rd Ch. Pepperthyme Theodora



1st Ch. Starvon Rumour has it

2nd Ch. Mystarz Azzuro Gold ShCM

3rd Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira


Sunday 2nd October 2016.

Thank you very much to the Committee for inviting me and thank you to the exhibitors for such a lovely entry of 43 dogs. It was a lovely, sunny day with the ring outside, which I so much prefer, because the dogs show themselves off much better than inside a Hall.  I have seen the breed develop over the years and I think they are doing very well overall and have greatly improved.  The Swedish Vallhund is a breed who matures with age, just getting better and better, so please keep taking your oldies out. They need to be seen.  Temperaments have always been good and so they were today.  There were only a couple who did not like to stand on the table but once on the ground they were back to normal. There were several different types today, but all with something to like and admire.   Construction in general was very good and fronts have improved, and I liked the lay of shoulders in most dogs and reach of neck.   Bites and teeth were excellent with very white and clean teeth.  Chins could have been better in some.  Quite a few were out of coat, and because of the overall high quality I had to take that into consideration too.  Movement was generally very good in profile but coming and going could have been better in a few.  I also like to see the dogs showing a little of their own personality/character, which some did very well.   One thing which has increased   seems to be the number of lighter eye and the shape of eye.   Dark and oval gives the correct expression, too light an eye and some bordering on round and some too small an eye does not. Sometimes the colour of the eye follows the colour of the coat, but never too light.   I would also have liked some dogs with a little more bone and more masculinity.


PD (3) 1.   Pallatina’s Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltineya. Masculine 11 months old of a very good type and size, sturdy and firm in body, well balanced and well-constructed, good in head, mask, eye and bite, level topline, sound and active on the move, in good coat, very outgoing, one to watch. BPinShow.  2. Lee’s Eriksfjord Brave Charm.  Eight months old outgoing puppy who impressed on the move, dark eye, good dentition, nicely balanced with level topline, sound in front and rear, well-muscled.  3.Hackney’s Starvon All About Me.

PGD (2,1) Sibley’s Thorjakker  Ordlaf Orsa.  Two years old and still maturing, needs more time. Pleasing overall in profile and type, good coat texture, level topline, needs more substance and chest needs to drop, well-muscled in h/q.  Very positive on the move.

Limit Dog (4) 1. Fithern & Russel’s Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern.  Promising youngster, nearly 2 years old, good breed type and conformation, well made head, exc. bite, oval eye, good earset, good reach of neck, good fore and aft and quality of coat, very active and sound movement.  Should do well.  2. Coombe’s Mystarz Jaunty Jaegar. Another promising dog I liked. Fraction smaller.  Similar notes apply, I was nitpicking and in the end felt no. 1 had the edge on movement and overall performance on the day.  3. Peacock-Jackson’s Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme.

Open Dog (4) What a lovely class to judge. 1. Paterson & West’s Ch. Starvon Wishful Thinking.   All quality male, who at six years has come into his own.  Balanced in outline.  Exc. head, dark oval eye, exc. bite and   mask, correct ear set.  Sound to go over, good reach of neck, well made front and rear, level back, In good coat. Displayed free and active movement with good forward reach and powering so well from rear. Lovely character, was in top form today and worked hard to get the CC & BIS   2. Amon’s Ch/Sw/Fin. Ch. Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (Imp. Sw.)  Another top quality male, I liked very much, Six years old and of a very good breed type and conformation.  Appealing in outline, also sound to go over and good in head department, front and rear. Harsh coat.  Close decision.  No. 1. had the edge on overall movement and was more animated. 3. Price’s Starvon Xpress Delivery at Coningsbear ShCM.

Veteran Dog (4) 1. Etches & Bayliss’ Ch. Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM.  Difficult to believe that this dog now is twelve years old.  He certainly is proof that the vallhund, like a good wine gets better with age.  I have judged him before.  Exc. conformation and bone, well balanced and with a level topline, just right for substance, masculine, Typical head, oval eye, and colour in line with coat, good earset.  He had an excellent scissor bite with very clean white teeth, which is very good at his age.  He was in top form today and moved with good reach and drive from rear. RCC & BVinShow   2. Paterson’s Ch. Candace the Scandinavian. Another impressive male, I like.  Eight years old and still in good condition , Balanced in outline, Masculine and well put together,  Typical  in head, good reach of neck and level topline. Moved well.    3. Dodd’s Starvon Talk of the Town.

MPB (2) 1. Diamond’s Eriksfjord Aurora Charm.  2. Paterson’s Eriksfjord Celestial Charm. Two litter sisters, eight months old, very pretty, lovely wedgeshaped heads, oval very dark eyes, good bites, nicely balanced over all, coats coming on,  both moved soundly round the ring, no 1 was more alert and mature of the two, no doubt no. 2 will catch up and will change places in future.

PB (4,1)1. Amon’s Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme.BPB. 2. Coombes’ Mystarz Lavish Laji. Another two lovely littersisters, nine months old, good breed type, very similar, no. 1. fraction longer in back.  Good in heads with dark oval eyes, giving typical expression, both of good construction, level toplines and coats coming on well, Both very attentive and used their ears, to nitpick, just preferred hind angulation on 1 and movement , sure these two will also change places many times in future as they mature. In the challenge for BP, the male looked more mature and was a little more positive on the move.  3.  Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha.

Junior B. (1) 1. Fithern & Russell’s Rusern Douglas Dragonfly. Very pretty bitch of  12 months, going through her teenage stage at the moment,   nicely constructed overall,   level topline and good reach of neck,  good quality topcoat, but lacked undercoat, not very happy on the table but once on the ground  she was happy and moved with confidence  round the ring. Needs to mature on and gain more confidence. Her time will come.

Graduate B (1) 1. Dodd’s Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. All alone in this class but a well-deserved 1st. Feminine and outgoing youngster, appealing in outline, Pleasing in head, dark eye, good bite, inquisitive expression, ears a little wide apart, well made fore and aft, level topline and good reach of neck, harsh top coat, good positive movement.

PG Bitch (2) 1.  Day & West’s Starvon Ziva. Two year old girl who pleased overall, good type and  well balanced,  lovely head and expression, eye and mask, good earset.  Moved well round the ring.2. Phillips’ Katrina Des Fumees du Nord. (Imp. Belg.) Feminine bitch, different type from 1, pleasing in profile with a good frame and firm topline, harsh topcoat but lacked some undercoat, moved well in profile but preferred front and rear movement of 1 above.

Limit B (5,1) 1. Allsop’s  Karmore Cornish Maid.  Full of quality.  Three years old and coming into her own. Feminine with a lovely head piece, eye, bite, and mask, good set of ears which she used to advantage, well-constructed and angulated front and rear. Good reach of neck.  Coat in good order, Free and active on the more, keeping her topline level at all times. RCC. 2. Rand’s Hurstfield Renen Dancer at Kintalis. Only 22 months old, showing promise, Lovely feminine head, good ear carriage and mask, very attentive expression, well put together, sturdily built with a good neckline and level topline. Needs to mature on.  Moved well.  3. Howe’s Pepperthyme on a Rainbow.

Open B. (6,1) 1. West’s Starvon Valley of Dreams.  Feminine and mature girl, five years old,  wedge shaped head with  good mask, bite, eye and ears,  Appealing  in outline,  balanced and of good construction which showed up in her  sound movement with good forward reach and good drive from rear. Just right for substance.  And level topline.  She has really come on since last I judged her.  She has a lovely vallhund character and is very active and attentive.  She gave that little bit extra of herself today. BCC & RBIS.  I was told this was her third CC, Congratulations. 2. Stockbridge’s Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar. Another one I liked, five years old, pleasing in outline, wedgeshaped head, dark oval eyes, good mask and set of ears, good fore and aft, level topline, sound and positive movement, lacked the finish of one. 3.Amon’s  Ch. Pepperthyme Theodora.

Veteran B (3)1. West’s Ch. Starvon Rumour has it. An old favourite of mine and now 8 years old. Exc. breed type and conformation. Lovely head, feminine and sound, moved so well round the ring. Not in her best jacket today. Her overall quality and performance won her this class. 2. Coombe’s Ch. Mystarz Azzuro Gold ShCM. Another lovely golden oldie who at 10 years of age, is still going strong, of good breed type,  a very sound bitch with a feminine head piece, good bite and markings, good depth of chest and level topline, also not in her best jacket today, moved positively with good strides round the ring.  3. Drinkwater’s Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira.


Britt-Marie Young (Judge)















BEST IN SHOW                RESERVE BEST IN SHOW                           BEST PUPPY IN SHOW      BEST VETERAN IN SHOW




1st  Thorjakker Ordlaf Orsa


1st   Lille Viking's Ivar


1st   Starvon You Got It At Coningsbear



1st   Mystarz Ice Imperial

2nd  Vastgota Hunters Moon ST


1st  StarvonTalk Of The Town      RDCC

2nd   Starvon Xpress At Coningsbear

3rd   Mystarz Jaunty Jaegar


1st   Swe/Fin Ch Svedala Billy Busvader At Pepperthyme (Imp Swe)    DCC  &  BIS

2nd  Ch Starvon Reach For The Stars

3rd  Nl Ch Stenrikas Nyfikne Napolean

Res  Hurstfield Vital Shield

VHC  Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici ShCM




1st   Starvon Ziva        BPIS


1st   Millcreek's Hightower Precious Gem Under Mystarz(Imp)


1st   Starvon You Sexy Thing



1st   Karmore Cornish Maid     RBCC

2nd   Lady Lyra

3rd  Vallier Enuf Isenuf

Res   Starvon Xtra Special


1st   Thorjakker Topsy Turvey At Valladar

2nd  Eriksfjord Dream Bunny


1st   Vastgota True Topaz For Karmore(Imp)    BCC & RBIS

2nd  Ch/IB/CS Ch Creme Delacreme Van De Kloostertuin 

3rd    SE/NL Ch Stenrikas Incredible Isa-Bella  

Res    Ch/IB/CS/NL/LU Ch Elle-Estivale Van De Kloostertuin

VHC    NL Ch Kopparas Grace


1st    Ch Toidi Moonlight Magic At Thornevald     BVIS   



7th MARCH 2015


I did not expect to be judging the club show until next year. Unfortunately, our judge, Mrs Haddon was very ill, so the KC brought me forward, instead of next year. I thank the exhibitors, who accepted my placing. I do hope they all enjoyed their day.

Since judging in 2010, back ends have improved very much, with good bend of stifle and strong short hocks. Weak ones on the day were in the minority.

My winners were super and of good quality in the many of the classes . It was hard in some cases to choose and I went of movement and that great forward reach and strong hind action, on the day.

Just a note to watch. In the early years of the breed in this country, we had a lot of bad fronts. These were referred to as either Queen Ann chairs, or Cabriolet effect.  We worked hard on getting rid of it hence, the problem was so improved, and it mostly disappeared. Now in some, it is back and please exhibitors and judge’s watch for this problem. The gene is there, it just does not need to be doubled up on. Fine bone is also a problem in some and size is also in some lacking.

Minor Puppy Dog (1 entry) 1st Sibleys Thorjakker Ordlaf Orsa,       Pleasant youngster of good character, ex top line, good reach of neck, harsh coat, good head and eye.

Puppy Dog (1 Entry) 1st Russell and Fithern Lille Viking’s Ivar, Youngster with good happy character, slightly leggy and would like more bone. Ex coat good top line. Pleasing head and eye.

Junior Dog (1 Entry) 1st Prices Starvon You Got it at Coningsbear, Strong type ex top line, strong correct stifle and hocks, pleasing head and eye, moved well with good forward reach.

Post Graduate Dog (2 entries) 1st  Etches and Moores Mystarz Ice Imperial, Ex front and correct type. Pleasing head and eye, strong rear, ex bend of stifle with short strong hock. Moved very soundly.

2nd   Kents Vastgota Hunters Moon ST. Loved his head and eye, strong young male of correct type. Showed himself well. Good top line and correct outline. Would like better front.

Limit Dog (3 entries) 1st Dodds Starvon Talk of the Town Excellent type and correct front. With level top line, ex head and eye, correct 2-3 ratio, ex bend of stifle strong hocks. Won on more reach of neck and therefore a better shoulder placement. Res. CC

2nd  Prices Starvon Xpress Delivery at Conningsbear Sh CM,  Ex Type overall nice male, excellent head and eye. Overall pleasing Vallhund.

3rd  Coombes, Mystarz Jaunty Jaegar.

Open Dog (6 entries) 1st Amons Swe/Fin Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (imp Swe), What a super Dog. All Male and correct for type and size. Ex Head and eye, beautiful front and well laid shoulders into level top line, well-padded tight correct shaped feet. Correct ratio of 2-3 and wonderful bone and substance. Moved very soundly. Please to award him Dog CC and Best in Show.

2nd Day and Wests Ch Starvon Reach for the Stars. Another lovely male of ex type and wonderful character. Ex head and eye and correct square strong jaw, very good front, level top line, and great harsh coat. Lovely tight padded feet. Super outline.

3r  Fishers Ned Ch Stenrikas Nyfikne

Veteran Dog (3: 3Abs)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 entry)  1st Day and Wests Starvon Ziva, pleasing type sweet character, excellent mask and markings, level top line, strong hocks and moved well. Pleased to award Best Puppy in Show.

Puppy Bitch (1 entry) 1st  Coombes Millcreek’s Hightower Precious Gem under Mystarz, Typy youngster, very sweet expression. Good Mask, strong rear. 

Junior Bitch (1 entry) 1st Simpsons Starvon You Sexy Thing. Sweet girl with pleasing expression. Level top line, not a lot of coat right now but has a good tight fitting jacket which is harsh. Moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch (5 entries:1Abs) 1st  Allsops Karmore Cornish Maid. Lovely typy bitch with ex head and eye strong jaw good bone and tight feet. Great harsh coat. Level top line and moved very soundly. Res CC.

2nd  Down and Russell Lady Lyra, Not Settled, but good type and correct front. Great stifle and level top line.

3rd  Fitherns Vallier Enuf Isenuf

Limit Bitch (3 entries:1 abs)  1st  Stockbridges Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar  The more mature of the class entry. Moved well. Would like more substance on both of the exhibits.

2nd  Simpsons Eriksfjord Dream Bunny, Finer in bone than 1, level top line, tight elbows good rear.

Open Bitch (6 entries:1abs) 1st Millards Vastgota True Topaz for Karmore, strong well developed bitch of ex type.2-3 ratio. Lovely head and eye. In good coat and had excellent front with correct shaped tight feet. Moved out very strongly with excellent reach and powerful hind action. Bitch CC Res Best in Show.

2nd  Van Iperen-Hoevens Ch/IB/CS/ Ch Creme Delacreme Van De Kloostertuin ,Beautiful bitch of correct and ex type, 2-3 ratio and in good coat and mature. super head and eye. Correct front tight elbows, with ex shaped tight padded feet. Level top line and correct coat. Moved well but lost out to 1 on reach and power on the day.

3rd  Fishers SE/NL/Ch Stenrikas Incredible Isabella

Veteran Bitch  (2 entries:1abs) 1st Allsops Ch Toidi Moonlight Magic at Thornevald. 11 years young still with so much energy. Typy and in good coat. Ex head and eye and great front and rear.


Jacqui Bayliss Judge


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