The Swedish Vallhund Society Open Show

Wendy Sharman 

8th April 2018

31 Dogs – 2 absentees 

My thanks to the Swedish Vallhund Society for the honour of inviting me to judge the 2018 Open Show and the exhibitors for entering their dogs and accepting my placings. I would also like to extend my thanks to Lynne Etches, my long-suffering steward, who kept the ring in order. There was a lovely atmosphere throughout the day. Shame about the weather but I managed to complete the judging before the rain got the better of us!


Dentition was good apart from a few that need some attention to cleaning. Whilst I think there has been improvement in our breed, front quarters, particularly wide chests, slack elbows and slightly steep shoulders leading towards a hackney movement are in need of attention. It would be good to see improvement in toplines too.



1. BVD & BVIS Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking (IMP SWE) ShCM: What a lovely boy for his 11 years exuding a workmanlike air about him.  An overall dark grey in colour with a close lying coarse coat. Very masculine head, lovely dark eyes giving an excellent expression. Good ear set and shape. Very positive on the move with good drive holding his topline firm and can present a level topline standing too.

2. Dodd’s Starvon Talk of the Town: Another lovely veteran of 8½ years. Quality correct tight coat. Well put together although topline could be a little better. Another one that moved well.


CLASS 2 MINOR PUPPY DOG (no entries)



1. BPD & BPIS Pallatina’s Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya: This young man should have a bright future. Overall presentation and construction is excellent. Good close coarse coat, excellent topline, well set and carried ears. Good eye shape and colour. Moved firmly both fore and aft.

2. Peacock-Jackson’s Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme: Another lovely boy with a stunning coat colour. Eyes could be a shade darker. Topline is not as good as first but time is on his side for this. A little unsettled in movement both front and rear today.

3. Perry & Etches’ Starvon Cryptic Spyda.



1. Hackney’s Starvon Bring It On: Presented an excellent overall picture. Good eye shape and colour with excellent cheek and saddle markings. A few wrinkles that should disappear as he matures. Good reach of neck into well-laid shoulders. Topline could be a little straighter. Correct close, coarse coat. His movement was by far the best in this class.

2. Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty: Another good young male of excellent type.  Held his topline well on the move, firm back, correct coarse coat of good colour with typical markings. Moved well.

3. Cliffen’s Mystarz Muzik McCoy.



Drinkwater’s Galerita Goji Berrie:16 months male of good colour and markings. Overall well balanced. Stands well in all 4 corners, a touch wide in front. Excellent topline complemented by a curly tail. Good head, eyes and ears. Beautifully presented and moved well.


CLASS 6 POST GRADUATE DOG (2 – 1 absent)

1. Allsop’s Eldhastens Fabel Firestorm at Thornevald (IMP SWE): A lovely friendly fella carrying a bit too much weight that was affecting his movement today. Well proportioned, good head and expression and reach of neck. Eyes excellent for both shape and colour and ears well set and nice size. Excellent spring of rib. Great close lying coat of good colour and good markings.



1. Sibley’s Thornjakker Hundi Homnelvik: A really happy boy with excellent movement. Correct coat of good colour. Masculine head and expression, eyes of good colour and shape, good ear set and excellent topline whilst standing and moving.

2. Hackney’s Starvon All About Me: In second place today because his movement and topline were not as good as the 1st. Excellent head, eyes and ears, good reach of neck. Coarse close coat of good colour.



A very good class.

1. BD & BIS Peacock-Jackson’s Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme: This guy made his entrance into the ring and begged to be noticed! A very striking colour with good markings and excellent correct coat. Overall a well balanced dog. Masculine head and expression, good eye shape and colour, well set ears. Good reach of neck leading to a strong back with level topline. He was very fluid on the move driving well from behind. A credit to his breeder and owner.  

2. Amon’s Ch Ch SWED Ch FIN Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (IMP SWE) Another excellent male presenting a well balanced outline. Excellent head, eyes and ears leading to a good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and a strong back. Good spring of rib. Topline is a touch high at the rear. Excellent movement and unlucky to meet the 1st today.

3. Paterson & Kennedy’s Ch IR Ch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfvin.



Two lovely seniors. A close decision, first just had the edge on movement.

1. BVB & RBVIS Amon’s NL CH Onderaan De Gele Berg Yira at Pepperthyme (IMP NLD) A very happy lady and wonderful in all respects for her 10 years. Firm well held topline and super movement. A great gal!

2. Drinkwater’s Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira: Another quality lady with lovely coat colour of good quality. She just did not move quite as well as 1st in front.





1. BPB & RBPIS Stewart’s Starvon Cudya Shudya Wudya: A beautiful young female with a correct coat of good quality and colour. Feminine head, lovely expressive eyes with good colour and set. Ears good shape and set. Well presented. There is room for improvement in her movement as she was a little unsettled today. I learned that both owner and puppy were at their very first show and suggested that some more ring training regarding movement would show this young lady’s full potential.

2. Zbilut & Yacomen’s Starvon Deja Vu: Another lovely puppy. Good head and ears. Her expression was spoiled by her eyes being a little round rather than oval. Good coat, strong back. Good topline held both standing and on the move. Moved well.

3. Hackney’s Starvon Dreams are Maid.  





1. Cameron & Woods’ Bowkol Am Buachaille: Nicely put together and a happy girl. Excellent head, well set and carried ears and eyes of good colour and shape. Close lying coat. Excellent head and saddle markings. Moved well although a little wide in front.



1. RBB Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha: A beautiful and very fit female in great condition. Impeccable movement and a joy to watch.  Lovely close-lying short and weatherproof coat. Lovely feminine head and typical expression. Good reach of neck leading to an  excellent topline and tail.  Moved with drive.

2. Phillips’ Katrina Des Fumees Du Nord (IMP BEL): Unfortunately, this female was carrying a little too much weight today and did not want to be in unison with her handler. A feminine bitch with friendly, sweet expression formed by her excellent eyes and ears. Overall a good type but her movement was spoiled today by being overweight.



1. Day’s Starvon Zeva: A well proportioned female. Lovely head and expression. Good ears and eyes. Good reach of neck leading to a sound topline rising a little towards the rear. Coat of good quality with typical desired markings. Moved positively around the ring with good drive from behind.



Close decision, 1st and 2nd could easily swap places!

1. BB & RBIS & BOSIS Amon’s Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme: Lovely femine bitch in sound condition. Well proportioned body and with good outline. Stands well in all four corners. Lovely feminine expression. Eyes of good shape and colour. Ears well set and carried. Excellent reach of neck leading to a strong back and good topline. Close lying short coat of excellent quality. Moved soundly.

2. Amon’s Ch Pepperthyme Theodora: Another lovely feminine bitch with coat of  good colour and close lying. Excellent topline. Sound on the move.

3. Day & West’s Starvon Yakety Yak



Wendy Sharman (Naraena)



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