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The Nordic Show

Swedish Vallhunds: Firstly, I would like to thank The Nordic Show organisers for the opportunity to judge this show. Secondly, the Swedish Vallhund Society for supporting the classes with such lovely rosettes. The entry was higher than some championship shows so I was informed. Lastly, I’m grateful to the SV exhibitors who entered under me. Thank you so much for letting me go over your lovely dogs. I had a very enjoyable day, all exhibits were very well presented. Movement was better in the older classes, however, the puppies were young and enjoying their freedom in the ring. As I only judge one show a year, it was good to see how the breed is progressing. As the SV is a slow maturing breed it takes time for them to mature, especially in the forechest and some need to mature in the forechest. Mouths were nice and clean which is always a good sign of healthy loved dogs.  It was lovely to see a number of new dogs coming through that I hadn’t seen before. 

P (2) 1 Valaller Rainchild,Lovely sweet bitch, good rear driving action, nice body shape, good wedge head. Showed well and was happy on the table. Lovely expression. Still very young at 8 months.BP. 2 Valaller Rainchasher, Litter sister to class winner, obviously related. 8 months old. Good wedge shaped head, very feminmine with finer body shape. Developing well, but needs more ringcraft practice to really show herself. It will be interesting to see how these two puppies develop over time. 

J (2)1 Valaller Rainchild 2 Valaller Raincasher

PG (3/1) 1 Tanellis Bloom Primrose, Great outline, well handed, good solid construction, lovely head and expression. On the move she didn’t disappoint with a driving rear movement. Strong neck with good shoulder placement with a lovely maintained coat. Well presented.RBOB.  2 Danga’s Diva x-Dotter of Valaller (Imp Swe) Dark coloured bitch with lovely expression with good head. Strong construction with good movement. Movement not as strong as the winner on the day. These two dogs could easily change places, and I predict they will. 

L (3/2) 1 Pepperthyme on a Rainbow, Strong vallhund in type, strong topline, good expression, good construction with effortless movement around the ring, light coloured bitch. 2 Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya, Robust strong dog, lovely expression, dark colour with good coat condition, good topline, good driving front and rear action, neat feet. 3 Starvon Deja Vu 

OD (3/2) 1 Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me At Valltineya, Great outline and stood proud with the correct expression and ears, he was my BOB, this dog was typical Starvon breeding with a strong ring presence and showed his socks off.Dark eye, correct deep chest. Driving movement. Another dog in excellent condition. 

OB (1) 1 Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen At Tanellis, Strong outline,strong head, with dark eyes, good movement with strong fore & hind action. Excellent condition. 

V (1) 1 Ch Starvon Willamina, Another Starvon breeding still looking in great condition at 8 years old. Feminimne expression, solid bitch in every department enjoying her day out. Strong fore and hind rear movement driving around the ring. BV

Judge: Mark Kennell




I’d like to thank Richmond for inviting me to judge at one of my favourite venues. Thank you to my steward Gemma Perry and of course a big Thank you to all exhibitors for bringing your dogs under me. It was a pleasure to find stronger toplines and mostly correct harsh coats, good dentition although some could do with cleaning.

Dcc + Bob - NlCh Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern.

Rdcc + Bvib - Ch Irch  Eriksford Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin.

Bcc - Starvon Déjà vu.

Rbcc + Bvb - Yosemite Swift River at Starvon.


VD  /3 (1abs)  Ms L Paterson and Mrs K Kennedy, ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, 8 1/2yrs Masculine dog with correct harness markings and mask and  ratios, Good topline and powerful driving action from a fully sound  and balanced body. Rcc + Bvib.

2nd, Ms D Howe, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici,  also 8 1/2 yrs, A dog I have always loved unfortunately his mind was not on the game at hand, I understand he has a bitch at home is in full season. Fully masculine boy excellent for type, correct balance body, correct markings all through still a lovely shape, shame he didn’t show his best today.

PGD /  2  (1abs) 1st  Mr & Mrs Hackney, Starvon Bring It On, 2 1/2 yrs, A paler coloured dog but still correct and with correct mask and harness markings. Would like to see him moving out freer as it would improve his shape as his topline appears incorrect but moving out more will show his true topline.

LD / 3, 1st  Mr and Mrs Lee, Eriksfjord Brave Charm, 3 yrs, another fully masculine boy with a good wedge shaped head and correct mask and harness markings, strong in bone and with good harness markings, moved well, great to see him back in the ring he is maturing well.

2nd Mrs Peacock- Jackson, 2 1/2 yrs, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme. A lighter built dog than 1st but still correct with good wedge head with mask and good shoulders with correct ratios and good movement, just needing time to mature.

3rd Mr & Mrs Hackney Starvon All About Me, 3 1/2 yrs. Lovely head and correct markings not moving his best today.

OD / 2, 1st Ms Z Fithern & Mr Russel, NlCh Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern, 5yrs, handled by owners sister, Handsome mature all male dog. Correct mask on wedge shaped head with dark eyes, good ear set, harsh textured coat and good harness markings. Well angulated shoulders, deep chest strong body and topline, excellant muscle which powered him around the ring with plenty of drive. Exactly what I was looking for Dcc & Bob.

2nd Mr & Mrs Wilton’s, Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour, 3yrs. Smart youngster, correct wedge head, moved very well just preferred the maturity of 1st. He needs more time, as we know this is a slow maturing breed.

VB /1st  Mrs Day, Yosemite Swift River at Starvon, 7 ½ yrs. A really dark bitch but still very feminine she has markings although fainter, she has correct proportions and sound she  moved really well for the young lady just paired with her and handling for her owner today she had to take accept Rcc giving way to her daughter from Pg.

Jun/ 1, Mr & Mrs Wilton, Meddobe Anna Travis,17 mths, Feminine bitch, correct wedge head, lovely dark eyes, and harness markings, moved really well just needs time of course to mature up 1 for the future im sure.

PGB /3 1st  Mr Zbilut & Ms Yacomen, Starvon  Déjà vu, 2 1/2 yrs, Ultra feminine bitch with correct wedge head, correct eyes, lighter coloured body but still with mask and harness markings. Although young she is very together and her body is already quite mature with a good forechest and rear moved with drive, keeping topline well, happy to award her Bcc over her mother. She has a good partnership with her young handler who knows how to get the best out of her.

2nd Ms Howe, Dangas Diva X  Dotter of Valaller (imp), Darker coloured bitch but quite striking ultra-feminine with a beautiful side profile and good markings she moved well, she just needs some time for the rest of her body development, 1 indeed for the future who I will watch.

3rd Ms Linney, Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily, Coming on nicely Just out of Jun so will obviously need more time.

LB/ 1st  Mrs Day, Mrs West & Mrs  Jackson, Starvon Binit,Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme, 2 1/2 yrs,  she had been attacked by a dog on the benches and this understandably upset her which made her difficult to assess on her movement. I did however go over her and also saw flashes of her movement, such a shame as constructionally she is correct and feminine, luckily she has a very capable handler who will work with her to restore her confidence.

OB 2 (2abs)

Judge - Lyn Etches                                                     


East of England Championship Dog Show

Friday 5th July 2019

Swedish Vallhunds

Thank you for a quality entry but I was a little disappointed with the low entry. So sad to see the entries dropping in this lovely breed, one of my favourite breeds going back to the late 80’s when entries were high. On a positive note it was lovely to see some promising youngsters and to see some of the oldies still going strong in true vallhund fashion and venturing out.  I would have liked to have judged outside on the grass as the dogs seem to move better on grass and come alive. I was very happy with the overall quality of the dogs entered. Heads were in general good, with dark pigmentation good earsets, masks and good bites. A few coats could have been better, but it is a seasonal thing, shapes varied, but still within the standard and some toplines were on the soft side, a few could have had a little better forward reach and hind action. Please do not move too fast. And temperaments as always were super.  


JD 1. JONES’ TANELLIS BLOOMIN WILLIAM. Handsome fifteen month old youngster showing lots of promise, soundly made, good wedgeshaped head and mask, good ear set and carriage, correct bite, attentive of handler on the stand, good bone, level back, good in front and rear, sound on the move but would just have liked a little more enthusiasm. Showing lots of promise, should do well.


LD. 1. PEACOCK-JACKSON’s STARVON DOUBLE AGENT AT KIRKHOLME.  Two year old of a good shape and good reach of neck, nicely angulated in front, Topline a little soft on the stand but level on the move,  well bent stifle.  Lovely wedge shaped head, oval eye, alert expression, good earset and bite. Good markings. Still developing. Moved soundly.


OD. (2) 1. ETCHES & PERRY’s  STARVON CRYPTIC SPYDA. Two years old, well put together giving a sturdy and  balanced outline, wedge shaped head with good underjaw and mask,  oval eye and alert expression, well angulated front, good bone and  well made in rear with well bent stifle and  good hocks,  firm and level back, good depth of chest and just right for substance, in good coat and condition. Active and free on the move with  good hind action. DCC & BOB

2. WILTON’s MEDDOBE SPICE'S ENDEAVOUR. Another two year old quality male, longer in back to 1.   Pleasing in head,dark eye,  good earset and attentive, dark pigment and correct dentition. Good in front with good forechest,  good bone for frame, level topline,  well knuckled up feet, Active and sound on the move. RDCC. 


VD (3,1)1. KENNEDY & PATERSON’s CH/IR CH ERIKSFJORD CHILLED BUNNY FOR JARLALFVIN. Well made eight year old presenting a  pleasing outline and shown in good coat and condition,  masc. head, dark oval eye and dark pigment, firm and level topline, good depth of chest, good bone, active and free on the move with good sidegait.

2. AMON’s  CH/SWED/FIN CH SVEDALA BILLY BUSVADER AT PEPPERTHYME (IMP Swe) Nine years old and so relaxed, one I have judged before and like, of a good breed type, good proportions and substance.  Lovely wedge shaped head eye,and ear set, moved calmly and soundly round the ring, but lacked that typical vallhund sparkle today.


JB 1. WILTON’s MEDDOBE ANNA TRAVIS. Lovely fifteen month old youngster of a good breed type, super outline with everything fitting so well together, feminine with dark oval eye and good earset using her ears and with alert expression, well made in front and rear, well sprung ribs, sound in body and movement seen from all angles, and she had that extra sparkle on the move. More to come of her no doubt. BCC. 


PGB 1. PAZIENZA & DOBINSON’s PEPPERTHYME CLOUD BURST. Nicely balanced 4 year old who needs to settle in the ring and on the move. Feminine with dark eye and pigment and good mask, good bite, good neckline  well bent stifles and good muscle tone. Needs more time. 


LB. 1. PEACOCK-JACKSON & WEST’s STARVON BINIT SINIT DUNIT WITH KIRKHOLME. Well proportioned two year old feminine bitch,still maturing,  coat of good texture, good forechest, good angulation  front and rear, good neckline, level topline dark eye, good bite, free and active on the move.   


OB. 1. AMON’s  -  CH MYSTARZ LAVISH LOITSU TO PEPPERTHYME. Three year old bitch of good breed type, well made overall, feminine wedgeshaped head, dark eye, good bite, good mask and attentive expression,  lovely neckline, well made hind quarters, level back moved steadily and soundly with good strides, Close decision for RCC. But preferred overall performance of the veteran winner.


VB.(2) 1. DAY & WEST’s YOSEMITE SWIFT RIVER AT STARVON. Lovely girl of seven years, in good condition for age, presenting a balanced outline, wedgeshaped head, dark pigment, oval eye, inquisitive expression, used her ears,  firm and level topline, good forechest, good substance, coat a little on the soft side, good bone, well bent stifles,  free, active and sound on the move. RCC

2. PATERSON’s IR CH ERIKSFJORD CHARMED.  Another lovely seven year old who enjoyed her day, slightly shorter in back, Feminine head, with dark eye and pigment, good ear set and alert expression,  good in front and lovely neckline, moderate stifles, good substance, very active on the move, preferred front and rear movement of 1.

SPB. 1.  PAZIENZA & DOBINSON  -  PEPPERTHYME CLOUD BURST. Moved better in this class.


Britt-Marie Young (Judge)


Critique for the judging of Swedish Vallhunds at Bath Championship Show on Saturday 25th May 2019.

Judge  Mr. A. Drinkwater (Galerita)


Thank you for my nice entry.  I had some very nice dogs which made the judging a pleasure. I hope you all enjoyed the day and thank you for giving the winners a good applause.


PGD - 4 entries 0 abs

1st Peacock-Jackson, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme.

Nice Masculine head with good eye and ear carriage. Pleasing expression correct scissor bite. Good forechest, well off for bone, nice feet good shoulders going into a good topline held on the move.

2nd Simpson, Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme.

Another nice dog slightly smaller than 1 but of good quality. Nice head and expression, dark eye of good shape. Nicely defined muzzle, correct dentition with good pigmentation. Good topline well held on the move.

3rd Allen, Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel of Kitsam.


LD - 1 entry 0 abs

1st Hackney, Starvon All About Me.

Nice head and expression, nicely carried ears, good eye of shape and colour. Correct dentition. Good bone and substance, good angulation. Moved well.


OD - 4 entries 0 abs

1st Wilton, Meddobe Spice’s Endeavour.

2 year old dog of very good quality.  Nice masculine head with well carried ears, nice eye, correct dentition with very good pigmentation.  Strong neck going into a good forechest, strong legs and Good feet. Good markings. Level topline held on the move, good angulation. Moved effortlessly around the ring Dog CC and BOB.

2nd Stockbridge, Ch Valladar Call Of Duty.

Another lovely dog of good size and substance.  Nice strong head with well carried ears, nice eye correct scissor bite with good pigmentation. Good forechest very well off for bone, good feet.  Nice level topline Well held. Moved well.  RDCC

3rd Perry/Etches, Starvon Cryptic Spyda.


VD - 1 entry 0 abs

1st Howe, Ch Starvon Veni Vida Vici ShCM.

8 year old dog of good bone and substance.  Nice head with attentive expression.  Good shaped eye and colour, good pigmentation and scissor bite.  Good forechest, good topline. Moved well.  BVD & BV in breed.


JB -2 entries 0 abs

1st Wilton, Meddobe Anna Travis.

14 month old bitch of good type. Nice head and expression, well carried ears, nice eye. Good bite and dark pigmentation. Strong neck, good forechest, well off for bone, good angulation. Moved well.

2nd Dodd, Tanellis Bloomin Primrose.

Another nice young bitch shown in good condition. Nice pleasing head, correct scissor bite. Good markings, good front and feet. Good topline.  Moved well


PGB - 3 entries 0 abs

1st Poulton, Meddobe Spice Girl.

Litter sister to dog CC winner. A very nice bitch of good quality. Very attentive expression, good eye of shape and colour. Correct scissor bite. Good front and good feet. Good topine held on the move.

2nd Zbilut, Starvon Déjà vu.

Larger bitch than 1. Nice head, well carried ears correct shaped eye and colour.  Correct scissor bite. Good forechest, strong bone, good feet.  Could benefit from a little less weight. 

3rd Hackney, Starvon Dreams are Maid.


LB - 2 entries 0 abs

1st Day/West & Peacock-Jackson, Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme.

A very nice type of lively bitch. Lovely head with nice expression. Dark eye correct dentition with good pigmentation. Good forechest, well off for bone and good feet.  Good angulatitons all round. Good topline. Moved well

2nd Howe, Danga’s Diva X Dotter of Valaller (Imp)

A very nice bitch darker in colour than 1. Nice head Good eye and ear carriage.  Correct dentition. Good muzzle and mask. Good topline moved OK.


OB - 3 entries 1 abs

1st Dodd, Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis

Flashy bitch of good overall quality.  Good coat with dark overlay.  Very good head and expression dark eye of good shape, correct dentition. Good pigmentation.  Good forechest good bone and feet. Good shoulder placement, level topline, good angles Moved and handled very well.  BCC & BOS

2nd Phillips, Ch Starvon Willamina.

8 year old bitch not showing her age was in lovely condition.  Good head and expression, dark eye of good shape. Scissor bite. Very good forechest. Well off for bone, good feet. Good topline held on the move. RCC


VB - 1 entries 0 abs

1st Powney, Eriksfjord Jazz Bunny

7 year old bitch.  Heavier type of bitch.  Good head and expression, good eye of shape and colour.  Correct dentition.  Well of for bone, good feet.  Moved well.



March 2019

I would like to thank the Crufts committee for the very kind invitation for me to judge Swedish Vallhunds. I had a very enjoyable day I would like to thank my two stewards Joyce and Jean who did a great job and kept my ring running smoothly. Thank you to those who entered under me and especially to those exhibitors who travelled from Scandinavia and Holland. Having judged my breed in many countries over the past number of years I feel I ought to give a concise overview of where I feel the breed in the UK stands today. Temperaments on the whole were very good. Size and substance were good. Correct head shape and eyes shape were good. Ear size and carriage were also good. Also mouths in all exhibits were excellent. Coat texture on the whole was good although I found quite a number which did not have the correct harsh outer coat. The majority had the correct harness and mask  markings although some are becoming too light in colour. Markings should always be distinct. I found a few which were far too wide in front this needs to be addressed. Some had sickle hocks which rocked from side to side on the move which I found more prevalent in males. Some are becoming too short in body which coupled with bad shoulder placement and wide fronts allows the topline to rise especially from behind the withers to tail. Tail sets and carriage were good to excellent. Some have become very lazy on the move the vallhund is a herder they should move out with reach and drive and effortlessly and with animation. Lastly I feel I MUST mention I found some dogs who were dirty and had a heavy dog odour . Please this is Crufts surely if you are exhibiting at the Worlds largest and most prestigious dog show one can at least find the time to bath their dogs . Or any dog show for that matter. A vallhund is such an easy breed to bath. I find it very insulting to the breed and to the judge. Given all of the aforementioned. I was very happy with my overall winners and I was really happy to see my BOB Winner give such a good account of himself in the Big Ring. 

Well Done and Thank You
VD (6, 1)  1. Johannessons Multi Ch Fixans Gote Vast. (Sweden)  Super male 11 years old masculine head dark almond shaped eye lovely reach of neck good forechest good underline excellent topline in excellent coat and condition correct harness markings. This male has lovely ring presence  which he really extols when he is on the move  he has wonderful reach and drive. Best Veteran.  2. Patersons & Wests Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking. Nice male with correct wedged shaped head correct bite good ear size and carriage very well balanced body very good topline and tailset. The best of pigmentation throughout with excellent harness markings. Moved very freely coming and going. 3. Allsops Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking (imp Swed) 

PD NO ENTRIES  JD (2) 1. Jones Tanellis Bloomin William. Really liked this young male masculine wedged shaped head dark eye and lovely alert expression. Correct bite. Good front and lovely reach of neck has excellent body ratio and level topline. Excellent tail set held well both on the move and standing. Correct markings on both head and body. Good coat and condition. Moved very soundly and looked well in side profile. Although it was a long day for him he gave a very good account of himself in the challenge. I was very happy to award him the Res CC. 2. Allens Kintallis Tangled in Tinsel Of Kitsam. Another nice young male just preferred the expression of 1 and tended to be rather lazy on the move so would have preferred more animation on the move. That said he has a good masculine wedged shaped head and correct ear set dark correct shaped eye. Nice reach of neck. Correct bite Good body ratio and excellent tail set. In lovely coat and condition. Good harness markings.
PG (3) 1. Pallatinas Starvon The Dark Knight With Valltineya. Very smart young male took my eye with his overall body shape and correct ratio. Correct masculine wedged shaped head medium dark eye. Correct bite. lovely reach of neck good forechest correct front and tight feet. Excellent coat pigment and good harness markings. Very sound on the move. I considered him for the Res CC. 2. Peacocks - Jacksons Starvon Double Agent At Kirkholme. Another nice male Has correct wedged shaped head excellent ear set and correct bite. Alert expression correct almond shaped eye. Very nice reach of neck and good forechest. Tight feet and level topline good markings on head and body. Well handled. Tends to be slighty close behind in hock and would prefer more animation on the move.  3. Hackneys Starvon Bring It On. 
LD (5) 1. Lees Eriksfjord Brave Charm. Nice male masculine wedged shaped head correct bite and good ear set which he used really well. Excellent dark eye and alert expression excellent pigmentation throughout. Very nice balanced body level topline good tail set and good rear angulation. Won the class on his sound animated movement moved out very well with reach and drive.  2.  Ballies Pepperthyme Winter Storm. Nice male  correct wedged shaped head dark eye and correct bite. Very nice balanced body and correct ratios. Nice reach of neck and good front. Tight feet. Nice bone and substance. Good pigment. Good topline and underline. Moved a little sluggish behind and would have preferred more animation on the move.  3. Drinkwaters Galerita Goji Berrie.

OD (8) 1. Pallatinas CH Starvon All Eyes On Me At Valltineya. Really liked this red male has lovely presence and nice attitude in the ring. The best of wedged shaped heads lovely almond shaped eye. lovely expression. Correct bite excellent ear carriage and excellent pigmentation. Excellent reach of neck Level topline excellend bone and substance tight feet and good rear angulation. Good tail set. Correct harness and head markings. Moved out with reach and drive. Very well handled. He proved himself in the challenge with his steady and purposeful movement holding his topine. Very happy to award him the CC and later BOB. 2. Fithrens & Russells Dutch CH Hurstfield Renen Dasher At Rusern. Masculine head correct shaped wedge with good skull and muzzle lovely dark eye and good bite correct ear set. Lovely reach of neck good forechest and depth of chest. Good front and feet.  Level topline and very nice  overall balanced body. Correct tail set. Moved very soundly coming and going.  3. Uitendaals Norinkiines Balder De Bombe.

GCDS (1) 1 . lees Eriksfjord Brave Charm.
VB. (1) 1. Stockbridges Thorjakker Topsy Turvy At Valladar. 7 years old feminine wedged shaped head correct bite and dark eye. Good ear set and soft expression. Good bone and good body shape level topline and nice rear angulation in nice coat and condition. Well marked on body and head. Moved soundly.

PB. (1) 1. Koelemans Westorps Shinning Red Star. Loved this little girl very sweet feminine puppy nice head shape and lovely alert expression dark eye correct bite  and correct ear set which she used well. Lovely red pigmentation on her head and body. Balanced body shape and level topline nice front and tight feet. Moved very well with reach and drive. Very happy to award her Best Puppy. 

JB. (2) 1. Dodds Tanellis Bloomin Primrose. Liked this young bitch very much lovely type and has a pretty feminine wedged shaped head good bite and lovely dark eye. Excellent ear set and used very well. Lovely body shape with correct ratios. Excellent topline good front and tight feet. Excellent markings. Moved very soundly with reach and drive. 2. Linneys Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily. Litter sister to 1 quite different in type. Feminine head correct bite good ear set. Good reach of neck. Level topline. For me too long in body and tends to move close behind. But has good bone and feet and nice markings.

PG (5) 1. Zbiluts & Yacomens Starvon Déjà vu. Very pretty girl feminine head and lovely expression correct bite and nice ear set lovely balanced body and correct ratios. Lovely reach of neck good shoulders and level topline good front and nice rear angulation very good tail set in lovely coat and condition moved very soundly at the correct pace. Very well handled indeed both dog and young handler did very well on such a big occasion. 2. Howes Dangas Diva X-Dotter Of Valaller (imp swed). Nice bitch feminine wedged shaped head correct bite and good ear set.  Very dark pigment though out nice body shape and size. Would prefer a tighter front. Excellent markings good tail set. Moved well but her front tended to let her down.  3. Poultons Meddobe Spice Girl.

LB (3) 1.  Koelemans Aswallens Kajsa Kornett. Very pretty bitch, darkest of eyes and lovely expression excellent ear set correct bite lovely reach of neck into good shoulders the best of body shapes and level topline good bone and feet good rear angulation excellent body and mask markings. Moved very soundly.  2. Days & Peacocks Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit With Kirkholme. Feminine head but would prefer more wedged shaped. Dark eye correct bite nice reach of neck.  Didn’t use her ears to the best advantage Would prefer a better topline.  Unfortunately she wasn’t enjoying her day and I could not fully assess her movement as she was not happy on the move.   

OB. (10) 1. Uitendaals CIB CH Sharinjah Simasuu. Loved this girl very pretty feminine head correct bite and lovely expression correct wedged shaped head. lovely ear set and used well. Excellent front and good bone and feet. good fore chest and depth of chest. Lovely reach of neck into good shoulders level topline and nice rear angulation correct tail set good feet and over all very good body shape. In lovely coat and fit condition. This girl won this class on her true sound extending and driving movement she floated around the ring effortlessly in side profile she was a joy to watch I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC.  2. Johannessons Dangas Asta X-Dotter. Another very nice bitch so sound and like 1 in very fit condition feminine head but would just prefer slightly more stop dark expressive eyes correct bite and lovely ear set. Excellent reach of neck into clean shoulders and level topline good underlines and correct tail set. Lovely balanced body shape. Good markings and tight feet. Strong rear end. Aagin moved very soundly coming and going. I recalled her to challenge for the Res CC which I was very happy to award her.  3. Diamonds CH Eriksfjord Aurora Charm    

GCDS. (1) 1. Amons  CH Mystarz Lavish Loitsu To Peppertyme. Feminine bitch correct wedged shaped head alert dark eye and lovely expression. Correct bite and good ear set. Good reach of neck into nice shoulders good topline. Very nice body shape very good bone and good tail set. Correct markings.  Would have liked more animation on the move but moved soundly.

Karen Gilliland BA Hons.



Scottish Kennel Club  

May 2018

Puppy Dog: No entries

Junior Dog: 2.


Just out of puppy a very nice youngster with a good head, correct shape, eyes oval and dark. Well defined facial and harness markings. Nicely boned, of good size, nice reach of neck flowing into nice lay of shoulders. Level top line, rear angulation good, moved well.


Smaller in size than one and at the moment going through his “junior growing stage” so wasn’t at his best. Good facial and harness markings, good reach of neck. Have seen him move a lot better than he did today.

Post Graduate Dog: 1.

1st: Drinkwater’s: GALERITA GOJI BERRIE

Slightly out of coat but what he had was nice and dense with good markings. Nice head, dark in eye, correct ear carriage, good depth of chest. When on the move, good rear movement, level top line. Reserve CC.

Limit Dog: No entries.

Open Dog: 2


A dog that I have always liked, looking good and in full coat. Nice head good strong muzzle, dark oval eyes, good reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, correct front, well knuckled feet, when on the move kept his top line and had good rear movement. Dog CC

2nd: Fithern & Russell’s: BEL CH LILLE VIKING’S IVAR AT RUSERN (Imp.Che.)

Another nice dog with good markings. Oval shaped eyes, well placed ears that he used to his advantage. Longer in body than 1st. Did not move too well today.

Veteran Dog: No entries.

Puppy Bitch: No entries.

Junior Bitch: 1


Another junior that is going through her “growing stage”.

A nice bitch with a pleasant head, dark oval eyes, good ear carriage, reach of neck, lay of shoulders. Good facial and body markings. Kept her top line when on the move, moved with drive.  Once bodied up should do well, one to watch for in the future .

Post Graduate Bitch: No entries.

Limit Bitch: 2


A pretty looking bitch a bit smaller in body but proportion wise correct. Nice head with a good stop, would have liked a slightly longer muzzle. Erect ears that she used continuously, dark in eye, nicely boned and well-muscled, in good coat. Moved with plenty of drive, a  pleasure to go over. Reserve CC


Another youngster that is going through the “growing stage” and also shedding her coat.

I have seen this bitch many a time and have always liked her,her move it is a shame when one so young has to enter into Limit class. Nice shaped head, oval eyes, good ear carriage and reach of neck. Correct body proportion, 2/3, good facial and saddle markings. Did not move too well today have seen better.

Open Bitch: 1


A well matured Bitch in full coat. Good strong head, correct ear carriage, dark eyes, strong muzzle, good reach of neck, correct markings, good strong front, well boned. Good rear angulation, moved with plenty of drive. Bitch CC  


Judge: Jan Wilton    




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