Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches



I have an assortment of news this time as i have had a few snippets sent to me Thank you for those that did . Gemma took Starvon Cryptic Spyda to Swka under judge Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter they no longer have classes there  and was only Nsc which she awarded to Spyda .Years ago we had classes there and when we lost ccs they promised to keep the classes but was only for 1 yr  then they dropped them i used to go regularly  with my boys over the years i used to like the Chepstow venue shame they lost it . Steve Zbilut took Starvon Deja Vu to Oxford Limit Show under the Judge Tony Mcquilken ,Sophie took her in a big class for the open stakes and came 3rd , well done ,look out dad your gonna be replaced as Emilies handler .Couple of weeks ago i was watching Bargain Hunt when what should appear on the screen but 2 vallhunds ,i only caught a glimse of her but im sure it was Fiona .The camera did close ups of the smiley vallhunds .They werent camera shy . 

Jo has said they have said Goodbye to their Gilli ,6 months after her cancer diagnosis , She  came from Leonie Darling  before her tragic accident  . Gilli , Dlarah Summer Rain ,  was the dam of the breed record holder Kassie ,Ch Rumour Has It who also has gone over the bridge too ,they will be racing about together,Gilli  was also dam of Ch Starvon Vanquish, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici ,Ch Starvon Valley of Dreams.And the X litter . She gave a lot to the Starvon kennels im sure you will join me in passing  on our sympathies to Jo and Ada .

Rosemary Jackson , Jo Day ,Stella Coombes and Britt-Marie Young  ran a well organised Breed Seminar ,Wendy and Lynn provided the dogs .Im sure everyone enjoyed it and learnt a lot .With the new  Kennel Club JCF  there will be only Breed Appreciation days  instead of seminars .I much prefer the old way of doing your seminars judging all of the required numbers of vallhunds and gaining your experience the good old hands - on  way .

I had a message from Carol Day To update me on 8 1/2 yrs old  Briar, Greymantle Ariel .She started the year in agility Grade 2 classes, In July  she competed and won  her Grade 2  level and so moved into the Grade 3 class where she competed for the 1st competition at that level  and won ,and so now is competing in Grade 4 .Carol is rightly very proud ,Congratulations .

Im sure the commitee would like to thank the volounteers who manned the Discover Dogs stand , its always a tiring but enjoyable day , we all love to chat about our special dogs .

Sharon Lee is proud of her import puppy Sophia  ,i dont know her full name , she has passed her Kc puppy foundation course .

At Skc  Robin Newhouse judged Nsc  which included 4 valls . Kim Offord  won Rd with Meddobe Inspector Morse and Kerry Diamond  won Rb  with Ch Eriksfjord Aurora  Charm . 

Poor Debbie Howe was in a really bad car accident another car crashed into her and her car is a right off. Luckily the dogs were okay and luckily Debbie has escaped with Whip Lash painful of course but could of been worse ,can replace a car .

Joanne is now collecting Christmas picture greetings and snippets for the christmas newsletter, any club members wishing to put in a Christmas ad in the winter newsletter this year, last submission date is December the 6th. Cost is £5 for a page with the money going to SVS Welfare Fund. Also if any members would like to submit an article, submission deadline is Dec 4th for those.



I am so sorry it’s been so long, those that know me will I have spent quite a while in hospital again, think I'm jinxed, especially at Windsor. So I will start with some basic results which you will mostly be aware of but just in case will put them here, sorry again for the delay.

Blackpool judge Christina Chapman. Dcc & Bob was Tony & Sandra Drinkwater’s Galerita Goji Berrie, Rdcc Louise Paterson’s & Karen Kennedy’s ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin. Bcc Kerry Diamond Eriksfjord Aurora Charm, Rbcc Domna & Richard Dodd’s Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. Best Junior Leing & Graham Simpson’s Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme. Windsor judge Joanne Day, Dcc Sharon Sibley’s Thorjakker Hundi Homnelvik, Rdcc Rosemary Peacock-Jackson’s Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme. Bcc & Bob Pat Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha, Rcc Wendy Amon’s Pepperthyme Theodora. Bp Mel Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel of Kitsam, Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking. East of England judge Meg Purnel-Carpenter, Dcc Louise Paterson’s & Karen Kennedy’s ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Rdcc +Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm. Bcc (her Magic 3rd) & Bob Domna +Richard Dodd’s Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tannellis, Rbcc Pat Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha .

National Working+Pb  judge Melanie Harris, Dcc & Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc wendy Sharman’s & Lucy Wikmark’s Trident Frodo. Bcc Tony & Sandra Drinkwater’s Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie, Rbcc Kerry Diamond’s Eriksfjord Aurura Charm. Bp Marion Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel, Bv Penny Lewis’s Ch Starvon Vanquish.  Also for the 1st Time SVS Champ show at the same venue following on Judge Chris Millard and ironically had the same cc results that Melanie chose. Dcc +Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm. Bcc Tony +Sandra’s Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie, Rbcc Judith Rand’s Hurstfield Renen Dancer at Kintalis. Bp Marion Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel, Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm.

Next results from Leeds judge Zena Thorne Andrews. Dcc Louise Paterson’s & Karen Kennedy’s ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Rdcc  Louise Paterson’s Candace the Scandinavian. Bcc Kerry Diamond’s Eriksfjord Aurora Charm, Rbcc Louise Paterson’s Irch Eriksfjord Charmed.      

At Paignton although only Nsc, judge was Steve Hall  and once again Debbie Howes Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici won Bnsc. I expect other breeds in nsc must be willing swedish vallhunds to get classes again as for several years I’ve lost count how many times Rayda won Bnsc and since he last went every year since Alfie has won. We used to have classes there so who knows. Rd Cherie Hackney Starvon Bring it on, Bb was Mrs Poultons Meddobe Spice Girl, Rbb was Debbie Howes Pepperthyme on a Rainbow. Next came Bournemouth (no ccs again, we used to yares ago) judge was Darren Clarke and he chose Gemma Perry and my Starvon Cryptic Spyda for Bd +Bob, Rd was Cherie Hackney’s Starvon All About Me. Bb was Debbie Howe’s Pepperthyme on a Rainbow and Rb also Debbie’s Danga Diva X Dotter (imp), No pups no vets.

Next came WKC where the judge was Dr Geoffrey Curr. His pick for Dcc (his Magic 3rd) & Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc & Bv was Penny Lewis’s  Ch Starvon Vanquish. Bcc (her Magic 3rd) was Kerry Diamond’s Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm, Rbcc Joanne Stockbridge’s Thorjakker Topsy Turvy, mother of bob so a very good day for you Joanne. Bp Mr Jones (sorry I don't know your 1st name yet) Tanellis Bloomin William and then to make your day even better under judge Espen Engh was awarded Puppy Group 4  Congratulations and welcome to our breed. Also Gemma's daughter came 2nd in ykc with Starvon Cryptic Spyda, and Gemma took him into Junior Stakes under Mr Keith Pursglove who awarded him 3rd place and Spyda also won £15 for his kitty, or lunch for Gemma & Izzy. So what a day for Vallhunds, 2 new champions a Puppy Gp 4 and a 3rd jun stakes a very good day for the breed.

Other news congratulations to Wendy Amon on Saga passing her Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Silver level. From Spitz in the park I saw a picture of Sharon & Geoff Lees Casey aka Eriksfjord Brave Charm  who from the picture of him wearing a medal so he must of won a game, possibly fastest down as I know he is quick at that. Hoping more sv will be there at next year’s spitz in the park, I know there were a few more but previous years there has been a breed stand and sv helped with the running of it so would be good if there could be a similar happening next year at the same venue, loads of fun for all spitz breeds. So another Congratulations for the 3 new champions   Ella Ch Hurstfield RenenVixen, Nova Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm & Cain Ch Valladar Call of Duty.

1 sad piece of news came from Steve Zbilut to say that his grandad Alec Mckenzie had passed away. Alec was always a very highly respected judge by all he judged, he was well known especially by the Swedish Vallhund and Whippet exhibitors. I remember one of the 1st times I took a sv under him which was at oxford open show and I was warned I didnt need to panic to get there as previous to us he had whippets, I soon saw what they meant there were masses of whippets and as I always saw with him he gave every exhibit the same time and attention. It was obvious the respect everyone had for him, even people leaving the ring unplaced were still all smiling and happy. Over the years I think I’ve had all my val’s under him, although I have to say the year at LKA when he gave Rayda DCC + BOB + then we went into the group winning his 1st group placing of group 4. But always I left the ring happy, placed or not that's the kind of respect everyone had for him. He used to come to Chieveley to watch the sv shows for years. It was so sad that he developed dementia and it was obviously extra hard for Steve’s nan and family to care for him. Steve used to handle his grandads vallhund when he was a boy I believe she was a moonsfield from Paulline Harrild. I send my sincere condolences to the whole family; he’s probably up there chatting with Reg West about all the vallhund. Rip Alec x



1st of all your reminder  to enter the Swedish Vallhund Championship Show ,judge Dr Chris Millard (Karmore)  and National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show, judge Mrs Melanie Harris (Candace). The 1st time for the opportunity to enter 2 championship shows on the same day at the same place at Three Counties Showground at Malvern ,and to top it all Both Judges are Breed Specialists .You may not get the same opportunity again ..so get your entries in please .At the SVS  show there are special prizes again and a raffle,  so feel free to not only buy the tickets but if you would like to donate a prize it will be very welcome.  There are also 3 special classes  judge is Jackie Tune (Rotalma)    
Another event for you all is the Spitz in the Park  , if you look on the Southern Finnish Lapphund website you will find all about the events planned for the weekend from Friday July 20th to Sunday 22nd .There are various activities on offer,  on the Sunday it is the Spitzolympics  which is in teams doing fun races.Those of you that have been before can tell you all about the fun to be had, I'm not sure if any camping spots are left so you will need to contact the group.It is held at a new venue this year, Padworth Village Hall , Reading  RG7 4 HY.

Results from Banbury ,Starvon Cryptic Spyda owned by Gemma and Myself was BOB and he also won Pastoral Group 2. Spyda  was also in the Junior Handling class with Gemma's daughter Izzy and they came 1st .A shame when they put on breed classes but only one dog entered.

The next  was Southern Counties Championship show ,the judge was from Finland, Mr Reino  Korpela ,He found his Best Dog and BOB in mine + Gemma's Starvon Cryptic Spyda , RBD and  BV was Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking Shcm.  BB was awarded to Debbie Howe's Pepperthyme On A Rainbow  and RBB was Steve and Sam Zbilut and Yacomen  Starvon Deja Vu. There were no puppies.

At 3 Counties the judge was Barry Croft and he chose for his BOB and  BV Vicky Allsops Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking Shcm, RBD was Lynn Pallatina Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me  , BB was Karen Hackney's ,Starvon Dreams Are Maid .
 Mal Allen's  Alfie ,Kintalis Tumbling of Kitsam    and also his brother Arlo owned by Charlotte Watkinson  have both already passed their Puppy Foundation courses, Well Done , Now for the Bronze Good Citizens. Helen Bennett's Barley ,Bowkol Dragon Haki won a 2nd out of 21 at an agility show at Bilsthorpe ,really well done. Another sport our breed do very well in.

 At Taunton Open show where Vallhunds were in NSC pastoral ,our judge was Mr Brian John Essenhigh.  He found his BNSC in Cherry Hackney's Starvon Bring It On.  As 6 of the 10 entries were Swedish Vallhunds, they have given us classes for next year .If you have a dog with a CC and is 14 months old and you want to enter a stakes out of the available Puppy ,Graduate and Open which class would you enter ? We thought obviously Open ,  but according to the judge he should not be in this stakes as he was way too young and then ignored him !!! BIS judge!!  Whats your thoughts , could hardly say won a CC so Gemma just said it's the only one he could go in .

I'm sure you all don't need me to warn you that  if you can't keep your hand on the pavement for  10 seconds then it's too hot for your dogs to walk on! Signs to watch out for with your dog are  Lethargy ,Vomiting,Sunken eyes, less urination ,Sticky gums ,lack of co-ordination, excess panting and drooling .Always carry water on a walk  for them. Adders and ticks are out in abundance so check for them as well when out and about.


May 2018

Now for some catching up as I'm trying the method of collecting news for a month and then printing plenty for people to read, rather than just each week per show.


We will start with WELKS, where breed specialist Raye Parry was judging. It was so wet and cold we were judged inside . For her DCC and BOB she chose Gemma Perry and myself's Starvon Cryptic Spyda, his 1st CC, RCC was Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme, BCC her Golden 3rd went to a happy Pat Drinwater's Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira, proving how our older vals are still up for CC's, she is 10 years old. RBCC was Karen Phillip's Ch Starvon Willamina. BP was Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's youngster  Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme. Another fabulous thing, although was right the other end of the showground of course,  Gemma's daughter Izzy handled Spyda for the 1st time in the show ring ,she usually shows her etts , and thrilled us all when she won the YKC stakes,qualifying them for the finals at next years Crufts.When they were in the ring the t annoy went berserk, screeching,  awful as was next to ring and made the dogs jump. Instantly every junior handler in the ring forgot about the judge etc and worked on re steadying their dogs.  I was proud of them all, great handlers for the future.

Next was Birmingham National,  the judge was Gerrard Jipping  from Holland I believe .It was certainly Vicky's day as he awarded Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm  the DCC,BOB and at 10 yrs old BV and as they have a veteran group too, was hard on Vicky  after her treatment .But they went into both groups with Zeb narrowed down to last 6 in the veteran group .

RDCC was awarded to Louise Paterson's Ch Candace the Scandinavian , handled I believe by his previous owner Melanie Harris.  BCC  was  Tony +Sandra Drinkwater's Ch Hollie Berrie and RBCC was Kim Offord's  Rusurn Cradle of Love at Kimaroff, there were no puppies. Unfortunately for now we seem to have run out of puppies till the next kids on the block are old enough for the show ring.


Next was SKC with Jan Wilton, another breed specialist. Her choice for DCC was Rosemary Peacock -Jackson's  Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme , RDCC was Tony and Sandra Drinkwater's Galerita Goji Berrie , and BCC and BOB was Tony and Sandra's Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie .


Closer to home at Christchurch +New Forest Open Show,  Britt-Marie Young awarded BOB to Gemma with Starvon Cryptic Spyda and Darren Clarke awarded him Gp 4 .


Lisa Thomas wrote to me about her dog Rollo,Bowkol Suidhe Biorach. Lisa says she always wanted a dog growing up but had to wait until she and her partner had got a place and were able to have one ,She did some studying on what breed they wanted ie, smart ,active , independent etc. Before deciding for definite they  went to Fiona's to meet her 4 adults and the pups, and her heart was won over. After taking him home, she's taught him little tricks and commands ,taken him to see cars, people ,dogs,shops and used sound cds .She has found him so bright and eager to learn everything . He passed his puppy , kC Good Citizens bronze ,silver and now training for gold .They have been enjoying agility with him, completing courses even though Lisa had gone wrong . Lisa is also maybe gonna try Flyball at some point .Positives is Rollo is enthusiastic, negative is his excitement meaning a lot of barking ,thank you Lisa.


Wendy Amon entered Suffolk Agricultural show, unfortunately Ch  Mystarz Lavish Loitsu  was the only entry as they only had one open class.The judge was Kris Kingsley who awarded her BOB. The long wait  before the group has meant Wendy is not sure if she will enter next year .The group judge was Sharon Ashdown and she gave Saga Group 4 but only rosettes for 1st and 2nd . That's a big shame , have to say our show, Christchurch and New Forest, over ran this year but that won't happen next year and our group rosettes are 1-4 .


I've heard that Chris Millard's Hurstfield Time For a Tale (Rayda's Daughter )  has won BVIS again at Penzance and District show, which qualifies her for the Top Dog of Cornwall competition again next year.



Sorry I have had time out for various reasons but I'm back now . Already it has been a very busy year, so i will give an update . 

We started off the year with the sad loss of our President, Jacqui Bayliss, after a long strong brave fight ,a devastating loss for her Family the Breed and her friends .Jacqui taught me a lot of what I know about our lovely breed and of course she had bred my Metz and Rayda, for which i will always be grateful .She did so much for the breed.I especially wish to thank Dr Chris Mallard for the perfect tribute to her in the Our Dogs paper.You were the best person to write it . Thank you Chris .


Manchester Championship show judge was Dianna Spavin, whose main winners were DCC Debbie Howe's  Starvon Veni Vidi Vici  , BCC was Kerry Diamond's  Eriksfjord Aurora Charm . BP  was Joanne Stockbridge's  Valladar Call of Duty ,BV was Byrne's Eriksfjord Jumping Bean.


Next was Chichester +Dist . AVNSC judge was Pat Hutchinson,  she awarded BNSC  and Puppy group 1 to Gemma Perry and my  Starvon Cryptic Spyda  and to top it off  he went BPIS  under judge Cristina Chapman.

The next big event was Crufts, where our judge was Robin Newhouse. He awarded DCC and BOB to Lynn Pallatina's ,Starvon All Eyes On Me ,this was his magic 3rd CC giving him his crown .Such an excellent show to make it more special.Loki is Lynn's 1st show dog ,what a start and still only a youngster. I had awarded his 1st CC  back at the club show in Oct ,his 2nd was at LKA ,so 3 Champioship shows 3CCs + 3 BOBs so a perfect crown .BCC was awarded to Mrs Johannesson's , Dangas Asta x Dotter jw so well worth their trip across the water ,guessing we might see this pair again next year. RDCC was awarded to Jan Wilton's Meddobes Spices Endeavour ,RBCC and BV was awarded to Ada +Tim West's Ch Starvon Rumour Has It and Best puppy was won by Steve Zilbert + Sam Yacomens , Starvon Deja Vu .What a lovely welcome back in the breed rings for Steve, as he used to show his grandad's dogs when he was only young,not that your old. His Grandad would be so proud .

Also a Big Thank You to all of the kind and important volunteers who manned our " viking " stand in the Discover Dogs section .This is the perfect place to "talk nonstop about our lovely versatile breed " Criteria is just for friendly dogs, unfazed by things ,Gemma and I did a stint with Rayda and Spyda and this was useful in as much as life span with a puppy and a 13 1/2 yrs ,and they loved it, doing tricks with the children and loads of cuddles. All being well we will do again next year . Each stint is for half a day as it is surprisingly tiring , obviously the weekends are the busiest . There is also Discover Dogs at London in October, so if you feel like it's for you and your vallhund ,not just show dogs, pets too,please contact our Secretary Sharon Sibley.


Results from Oxford where we had change of judge and BOB went to Karen +Marvyn's Katrina Des Fummes Du Nord, they were unable to stay for group . BP and Puppy group 3  was Gemma and my  Spyda. They had some absent judges so classes were all shuffled around but what lovely gifts they gave out and the further you got there was links to add on .I stepped in to steward and they gave me one too, which was very nice of them as I was quite happy to help out. I know the problems of not enough stewards being a chief steward too.


News from Cornwall from Dr Chris Millard  and Hurstfield Time For a Tail had qualified for Top Veteran in Cornwall. At the event she won her section then challenged and Won Top Dog Of Cornwall at 12 yrs old,  proudly following in Daddy Rayda's footsteps,as He had Won Top Veteran in Dorset a couple months ago so proud of her .

The Swedish Vallhund Society Open show was held in a new venue .Our Judge was Wendy Sharman.  For her BD and BIS  she chose Mrs Rosie Peacock-Jackson's Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme , BB+RBIS+BOS  Wendy chose Wendy Amon's Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme .RD and BVIS was Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm (imp),Res BV was Wendy Amon's Nl ch Onderaan De Gele Berg Ylra at Pepperthyme( imp). BPIS  was Lynn Pallatina's Starvon The Dark Knight  ,who is the son of the BIS. RBPIS  was Mr +Mrs Stewart's  Starvon Cudya Shudya Wudya  .The special classes were judged by Mark Kennel , Sp/Junior was  Joanne's ,Vallader Call of Duty .Sp/pg was Karen Phillip's Katrinas Des Fumees Du Nord (imp).Sp/open was  Louise Paterson + Karen kennedy's Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin .


Right now, all of you, whatever you do or any news with your vallhunds, let me know your stories and results. It's down to you to contact me, if you don't tell me I can't write it so get your pens handy .


Hey an extra piece of news just in time, Joanne Stockbridge went to Working +Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship show and won BOB with her 13 month old Vallader Call of Duty  and then in the group, under Britt -Marie Young, he was awarded GROUP 4 Excellent,congratulations Joanne .



Results from last Championship show of year, LKA, the judge was Dave Weller. This is the  last but 1 qualifier , as Manchester  in January is also a qualifier for Crufts and with all the puppies out there old enough to show they were approximately half the entry, a  shame as there were  7 absentees . Louise Paterson's Kiki , Ch Irch,Eriksfjord Magic Bean Irjch12ejw was awarded BCC , BOB and Best Veteran, I've heard this was her retirement show, is that correct as she's only 9, perhaps Louise you could verify this for me?DCC was awarded to Lynn Pallatinya's Loki, Starvon All Eyes On Me at Valtineya, who ,as most of you remember was my DCC and BOB at the SVS club show. RDCC was  Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy's  Ch Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin .RBCC was awarded to Jo Day and Ada West's Starvon Yakety Yak .Best puppy was Lynn Pallatinya's  Starvon Dark Knight .I haven't heard if anyone had any success in any stakes.

Back home in Bournemouth Gemma Perry and my Spyda ,Starvon Cyptic Spyda, has just been lightly shown ,as we don't want to overdo a puppy so he's just been to 4 shows including  LKA, but he has been entered in ours and another local club's matches, at both qualifying for the finals at Christmas .Thrilled to say at Poole Club he won Puppy of the Year. At the Christmas finals at CNFC, where they hold their competition differently whereby the challenge is puppies and adults together. So we were extra pleased  when he won reserve Dog of the Year, only beaten by a very nice adult Sheltie .


News from Domna Dodd  who had attended Wealdstone and Northolt  Open show . The judge for AVNSC was Sharon Ashdown and she awarded Best Not Separately Classified and Group 2 to Ella , Hurstfield Renen Vixen . Steve Zbilut was also there with Emile , Starvon Deja Vu and she won BNSC puppy plus Pg 3 .  Ella had also won the Open stakes under Howard Ogden.


With all the snow and ice around about please be sure to wash your dogs paws and lower legs after road walks even if you only have to cross a road  with all the salt put down .The salt used can  irritate their paws causing them to lick them and ingest the salt which could make them ill. The amount that can be fatal is only between 1-9 and 3-7 grams per kilo body size.The symptoms can occur up to 72 hrs later , most common is sickness and diarrhea. Also  if any of your dogs have longish hair on their feet between toes etc they can collect lumps of snow ,slide it off don't pull it .Be very careful of the icy cold, especially puppies and your oldies ,I personally keep a towel on my hall radiator to rub them dry after a walk . If your really concerned give them a little warm water and some sugar for energy .If really concerned ring your vet .


When travelling in icy conditions the government are advising  you to be prepared .They suggest taking the following. ; A Shovel, Flask ,Food ,Wellies , Rock salt , Hi viz jacket , Blanket and a torch , I thought it was very sensible advice .  Mind you I did get some odd looks on the bus .


Wishing everyone A Happy and Healthy 2018



Well that was another good weekend for all the new puppies just coming out into the show ring. Making for  some happy owners- new and old ,I mean previous exhibitors not that they are old lol .


Starting  with the Nordic, the judge was Vicky Allsop , It  was lovely to see 5 puppies in the ring , all between 6 and 8 months old. 3 were out of the same litter .Vicky chose  Sharon and Geoff Lee's Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm from Open  for her  BOB.  She gave Joanne Stockbridge Best Puppy and RBOB with Cain, Valladar Call of Duty.


Leng Simpson took her's and Graham's puppy Gunnar ,Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme to Stockport and Gunnar won BOB  with Group 2  and Best Puppy with Group 1. I know the judge was Mr P Greenway  , but I'm not sure if he was group judge too.Then at Stroud  new owner and exhibitor Mrs Karen Hackney , Cherie Hackney's  daughter in law,  won BNSC  puppy with Tuva, Starvon Dreams are Maid ,great start for them both to give them confidence . Lynn Pallatina  took her two to a show where Zeno ,Starvon Dark Knight won BNSC puppy  and then Puppy Group 1  and Loki , Starvon All Eyes on Me won Reserve BNSC under judge Sue  Nichols-Ward .


Gemma sent me a film clip that she took of Spyda ,Starvon Cryptic Spyda  down the beach the day after Nordic ,with her springer spaniel Murphy he was having a whale of a time jumping the waves and running about in the sea. We are lucky being so close to the sea ,only 5 minutes from Gemma's.


It will be a fab sight at LKA on the 9th December, with all the puppies in the ring. It  sounds as if they will be at least half the entry of 25 for judge Dave Weller!  It will be like it was in the past when we used to have decent size classes,so much better with more than 1 puppy in a class and I'm sure they will all do a lot of swopping and changing places and have class sizes worth winning. Just remember you Always take the Best dog/bitch home. There's always another day, another judge.



Well it has been a busy and successful weekend for vallhunds across the country . First on  Sat 11-11-17 im sure all the other shows held the 2 minutes silence in memory of all the lost soldiers and animals during  the war and this being the date war ended 


Its great that more vallhunds  are getting more good results  due to more judges recognising the breed and knowing more breed standards . First Kerry Diamond's  results from Scotland .Nova ,Eriksfjord Aurora  was in AVNSC  Pastoral  and the judge ,Mr R Sansom (Byermoor),  awarded her Reserve Best Bitch, Well done . Then Gemma took our Spyda , Starvon Cryptic Spyda to Poole Limit show under judge Vicky Wand, where he won pastoral puppy and Puppy group 1.


At Huntingdonshire  Canine Society Open  Show the  judge was  Mr  Iain  Forbes  and he awarded Best of Breed  to Domna & Richard Dodds Ella , Hurstfield Renen Vixen and then under the group judge Liz Woodward she gave her Group 3  , Kim Offord   won Reserve Bob with Rusern Cradle of Love .Well done to you both.


Steve Zbilut & Sam Yacomen took Emelie , Starvon Deja Vu ,to her 1st Open Show at Witney & District. Colin Woodward judged NSC Pastoral  and he awarded her Best Pastoral Puppy Not Classified and Reserve NSC  too and Puppy Group 1. Mick House awarded her Reserve Best Puppy in Show, what a start for her at her 1st show . It was the first time back in the ring after 25 years and what a comeback .Steve used to have Moonsfield Tjina,  a reluctant showgirl ,who they lost at 16 yrs old, what a great age, bred by Pauline Harrild. Steve used to go to the shows with his Grandad who most of you will remember  Alec Mckenzie,he was always an extremely well respected judge who I entered most of my vallhunds under for his opinion ,what he didn't know wasn't worth knowing. It's so very sad he is now suffering  with Dementia and he dosen't leave the house now .When they visit with Emilie he always likes to go over her, it must be a very emotional time for the family .Dementia is such a cruel disease .I remember seeing them at Oxford show only a few years ago  and he saw Rayda. His face lit up and he went over him  thoroughly for a few moments, he then stood up and wandered off and I was told of his dementia .So sad but he still knew his dogs and who Rayda was , Hugs to all the family .


Cherie Hackney went to  Plymouth and District Open Show , Ash ,Starvon All About Me,  won BOB under Edith Prior and Pastoral Group 4 under Raye  Parry. Her puppy Blue was Best Puppy in Breed  and then went onto Puppy Group 1 . Raye used to show her vallhunds when they were younger, I don't know if she still has any now .


At Penzance show Chris Millard's girl Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz for Karmore (Imp Can) won BOB out of an entry of 6 and Cherie Hackney won BP and Puppy Group 3 with Blue, Starvon Bring It On. The judge was Juliet Cooper.


Then Gemma and myself  took Rayda , Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda Shcm and our Lapphund and one of Gemma's ETT to the Top Dog,Top Veteran and  Top Puppy of Dorset competitions under judge Mr Richard Stafford , he himself has gundogs but we were all impressed with his obvious knowledge of breeds (so many different breeds).If you see him judging do go under him not just because he liked mine , he knew what all the breeds were .Last year I was handling Rayda myself but unfortunately I was unable to this time so Gemma once again handled both my boys well ( first time for her with a Lapphund ) I'm proud to say Rayda took Top Veteran in Dorset for the 2nd year running and the judge asked the proverbial "How old ?" twice . Thank you again Gemma.It was getting quite warm in the hall but luckily my husband came and picked up Rayda and Kracker and took them home to share his play day visit with Spyda .Then we had a lovely meal and  enjoyed Top Dog which included her puppy Paddy who was in that as well as he had won a CC this summer . All in all it was a well run event .


The next day Gemma ,her daughter Izzy with her ETT and myself went to Guildford Open show .Spyda ,Starvon Cryptic Spyda went under Allyson King  who awarded him 2nd ,behind an Aussie , unfortunately we had only just got there in time  he didn't have time to settle so he wanted to play on the sand   He also went into a very large Minor Puppy Dog stakes where he was narrowed down and then placed 5th . It was very,very cold and a bitter wind outside, although was under cover at Ardingly  the ends were open and there were gaps under the doors on the stakes side so was a hoot watching all 4 puppy stakes  as most of the  puppies passing the gaps were the wind was blowing through the sandy type surface was leaping and prancing trying to play  .Mental note if going to this type of venue you  need to have time to settle first, but hey he enjoyed himself and the lapphund pup was funnier .


Sharon Sibley wishes to remind all SVS members to please let her know by 26th November if you want to reserve a page for your Christmas greetings in the Winter Newsletter. A whole page for a £5 donation to welfare.




Apologies for delay  . News from Wendy Amon  from Sheringham and District where there were Swedish Vallhund classes and the judge was Karen Powney. She awarded  Buse, Multi Ch Svedala Billy Busevader at Pepperthyme BOB, £ 5 prize money and a badge, and his daughter Saga, Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme  RBOB . Buse was unplaced in the group, Saga won pastoral RBOB challenge under Irene Green .


A sad message  from Melanie Harris ," We have had to say goodbye to Sid , Ch Canace Hermes . Sid was just over 15 yrs, old age had just caught up with him .   During his show career Sid won 14 CCs , 6 RCCs, a Group 3 and Group 4 at Championship shows and BOB at Crufts 2009. He wasTop Vallhund in 2007 and 2008 and represented the breed at the Contest of Champions in 2008 and 2009 .  Above all Sid was a great dog to live with, kind and gentle but could hold his own and one look to those boisterious Aussies was enough to keep them in line . For the 1st time in nearly 30 years there is only 1 vallhund in our home  ....... Run free Sid x "


So sad when we have to say goodbye at the end of their lives  I remember the show days with Sid  and  my Metz in the ring  and send  hugs to Mel and Brian    Run free on that Rainbow Bridge with all the other vallhunds .


I won't give results of the club show as I have already put them on here, other than just to thank everyone again for such a large entry after this summer's low entries. I was thrilled and very happy .I was waiting to add on results from Midland Counties but there weren't  any Vallhunds entered this year.


At  Discover Dogs held at the ExCel Centre in London, Gemma Perry with Spyda and myself with Rayda manned the stand on the Saturday morning. It was very busy and we enjoyed chatting about our beloved valls (I'm sure I could talk all day about them lol ) It was especially good when asked about pups and older dogs and they were able to see one of 6 months old and one that's 13 1/3 yrs plus the 2 colours and when Domna and Richard Dodd came for the afternoon shift they had one with a tail, Ella, and one with a natural bob, Rupert  so the public had plenty of variety  to see. I was also impressed by children not only asking if they could stroke them but that they also asked good questions about the breed. The Sunday morning session was covered by Jo Day with Kassie,Indi and Lexi and Sunday afternoon was manned by Sharon Sibley, her daughter Rosa and her sister Vicki with her husband Chris,  Sharon's niece Grace and nephew James with Ralph and Dizzi.This leads me on to say that Sharon is needing volounteers to man the stand for Discover Dogs at Crufts 2018. The stand needs to be covered for morning and afternoon shifts as the Kennel Club feels it is too tiring in the heat etc for the dogs and handlers to do all day on their own .Please don't think that we only accept dogs that are shown, at this year's Crufts the stand was also manned by pet owners and their dogs, who really enjoyed themselves. We only ask that if you volunteer you know your Vallhund is good tempered and likes children as they love to stroke them . So please think seriously about volunteering as 4 days is a lot to cover .


Following this the next day  Spyda , Starvon Cryptic Spyda went to Poole limit show  where he won best Pastoral puppy and he thoroughly enjoyed himself,  He also won Best puppy in match at Poole club and at Christchurch and New Forest match .


After all those awful hurricanes  and the wild fire destruction  in America  its good to read the AKC have donated a large sum of money and also a relief trailer to help out in the disaster areas plus donations from clubs ,exhibitors and organisations and animal lovers. 100% of money raised is going for general pet care and supplies needed to help the displaced pets while their families  rebuild and find themselves in a position to have them back .They have also donated much needed supplies and cash grants to the major animal shelters  for more info go to www. akcreunite.org .  My heart goes out to those people that have lost so much .


Just one more thing now that Autumn is here beware of such things as acorns , conkers, fungi, autumn crocus, chrysanthemums and clematis as they can cause stomach upset  , kidney and liver problems .Also compost piles can hold toxins too.



Sorry for the delay with these notes  but I've plenty of assorted news for you all.

I'Il start with news from Stella Coombes of Qash , Ch Mystarz Flyer of the Future, who has taken part in his first Grade 4 agility competition. He had a clear round but was  just out of the line up . Stella has just completed her first KC Agility judging appointment, I hope you enjoyed your day .
News from the Irish circuit with Louise Patterson and Rocky, Ch and IrCh Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny, who won Bob and Group 3 at Killarney.

Kerry Diamond  took  Nova, Eriksford Aurora Charm, to Lothian Canine Club  Open Show and she won best AVNSC and group 2 .

Next results from Richmond Championship show, where again only a small entry of 11 for Mr Dan Ericsson.  He selected Vicky Allsop's Zeb , Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm,  for DCC, BV and BOB. RDCC was mine and Jacqui Bayliss' Rayda ,Ch Hurstfield  Red Rayda shcm . BCC was Wendy Amon's Saga , Mystarz Lavish Loitsa to Pepperthyme , RBCC  was Domna and Richard Dodd's Elsa , Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tannellis  and BP was  Kim Offord's  Rusern Cradle of Love (sorry I dont know her pet name ). 

Next message came from Cherie Hackney. She took her boys to a North Devon open show  Ash ,Starvon All About Me won BNSC and Gp 2  under Colin Richardson . Meanwhile they also ran a companion show where the judge was Chloe Woolacott  and at his first time in the ring  Blue , Starvon Bring It On,  won BPIS. Apparently he showed like an expert according to Cherie.

My next message came from Joanne Stockbridge "  We took the dogs on holiday to Essex in a caravan and Cain was well behaved and he gave his mum Fay some peace as his friend Xander ,a  Lhasa  Apso  came too. They had lots of fun playing on the  beach and visiting a stately home. On the homeward journey  we took them to Cotswold Wildlife Park  as they allow dogs in, useful to know . Fay is so used to coming to work with me where I am the small animal technician but Cain was facinated with the squirrels, penguins  and he also barked at some pigs ."

Next results are from Darlington. Another small entry of 9 under Mr  E  Engh . He only awarded 1 CC and she was also his BOB and BP .This was to Kim Offord's Rusern Cradle of Love.

Dont forget to enter the special classes at our Championship show under Mrs Sam Moore (Morval). Postal entries close on 18th September and online close on 23rd September. 



Some more results for you,

Results from Paignton, where we no longer have classes, I have still supported it up until a couple of years ago  and so vallhunds were in AVNSC Working and Pastoral under judge Patsy Hollings . She chose for BD and BNSC  Debbie Howe's Alfie , Ch Starvon  Veni Vidi Vici , BB was Debbie's  Rain ,Pepperthyme on a Rainbow.  BP was  Martha,  Meddobe Spice Girl, owned by new exhibitors in the ring Mr  and Mrs Poulton's. Alfie was narrowed down in the group under Jeff Horswell.  It was nice to meet new people and their puppies in the breed .Think I'm right remembering it was a very nice Eskimo dog that was RD.

Next was Bournemouth,  where I was stewarding in the stakes ring. It's such a long journey for me, took nearly 10 mins lol. The judge for us was Keith Baldwin and he chose mine and Jacqui Baylis' Rayda ,Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda shcm,  ably shown by Gemma Perry, thank you again. RD was Zoe Fithern's Dash ,Hurstfield Renen Dasher.  BB and BP  was Kim Offord's Rusern Cradle of Love ,who also came 5th in the Yearling Stakes .Cherie Hackney was there with her 2, Ash and Blue and apparently the people with Spud, although I didnt see them. Sorry to have missed you.

News from Chris Millard that Hedra , Karmore Cornish Design has passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold test ,very well done. Also Kerry Diamond took Nova ,Eriksfjord Aurora to Coatbridge ,Airdrie +District Limit show where she came 1st under Trudy Wilson for Pastoral ,and then under Marion Mulholland who awarded her BIS ,very well done too.

Next came  Welsh Kennel where David Cavill drew a very poor entry of 12, I know we don't have big entries but 12 is still very low. From the feedback  he caused a lot of unrest in his comments, especially his lack of knowledge in the breed standard regarding tails .I believe the standard was changed several years ago and it was pointed out to him by our secretary that he had mis-read the standard regarding tail length. Perhaps the matter could be resolved if KC was to enforce attendance of a breed seminar before his next appointment. He awarded DCC and BOB  to Tony and Sandra Drinkwater's Eriksfjord Taikuus .RCC was Sharon Sibley's Thorjakker Hundi Homnelvik .BCC/RCC was  withheld .  BP was Jan Wilton's Meddobe Spices Endeavor, I haven't heard if BOB or BP were narrowed down in the group .



With no Championship shows this past week I have some Open show news  . First Sharon and Geoff Lee took Casey , Eriksfjord Brave Charm ,to Dorset County Show and they won BOB and Pastoral Group 1 under Krystian Greenland . Kerry Diamond took Nova ,Eriksfjord Aurora , to Kilmarnock and District Limit show under judge  Fiona Snedden and she won Av Pastoral Open and then was  shortlisted  for BIS . Wendy Amon took  Buse , Multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme ,to East of England Ladies Kennel Society Open show .The judge was Paul Conway ,he used to have vallhunds  I can't remember if you have any now Paul, perhaps you will answer me. Buse won BNSC and Pastoral Group 1, so all in all it's good when vallhunds get recognised and doing well in groups. Well done all of you.

I had a piece sent to me from Lynn Pallatina ;

Loki , Starvon All Eyes on Me , is doing really well in agility ,He will be entering his 1st competition on 5th August .He is also going sheep herding for the 1st time later in the month .Zeno  ,Starvon  has settled in beautifully and is a wonderful addition to the household .His tail never steps wagging .He is attending puppy classes and enjoys meeting others in the club and shows great enthusiasm .He  is socialising at the agilityon Saturday's and is attending a fun show next week ,while Loki is doing his stuff in the agility ring .Thanks Lynn look forward to your follow up news.

Next news came from Izzy Perry  talking about Young Handlers Activity Camp at Lutterworth ;

Spyda ,Starvon Cryptic Spyda ,had his 1st experience of Young Handlers activity camp .He was amazing in the car for our long 4 hour drive and when we stopped at the services everyone wanted to say hello to him. At camp Spyda met a large variety of dogs and people and he took it all in his stride .He was a good boy in the caravan too. He had a go at beginners scent work , obedience and began learning some tricks , and junior handling he was funny doing some things.Everyone was impressed with his temperament and how calm he was. He was awarded the cutest dog in camp award and everyone is looking forward to see how he has grown at next years camp .Thanks Izzy. 

So well done all of you  dont be shy let me know your news. There are a lot of puppies out there now, can you please let me know their names, pet and pedigree, so I can add them to my lists, as you see I like to say their pet names too when I write for here .



Hiya, here I am again with results this time from Leeds Championship Show. Where the judge was Mrs Sandra Drinkwater (Galerita),  another breed specialist,the 3rd in a row . She chose for her DCC and BOB Wendy Amon's Buse, Multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (imp),  RDCC was Sharon Sibley's Ralph, Thorjakker Hundi Homnelvik . BCC was awarded to Domna and Richard Dodd's Ella, Hurstfield Renen Vixen and RBCC was Wendy's Peanut ,Ch Pepperthyme Theodora . BP was Jan and Derek Wilton's Meddobe Spices Endeavour . BV was Fi Cameron and Tim Wood's Castleavery Gold Gaiety for Bowkol. I'm assuming nobody was narrowed down in their groups as I haven't been told. Talking of which, if you don't email me your news I can't put it in here . 

I was trying to work out how many puppies will be in the ring by the end of the year, it's looking like there could be 12 plus! It should be fun at LKA in December, it will be lovely to see full puppy classes, all vying to get qualified for Crufts,either there or at Manchester in January. 
This will put all qualified to be aged around 9 months by Crufts, which is not a bad age for the experience, but obviously will be a long day .It's lovely seeing all the puppy pictures of them having fun on facebook, that's how it should be. Babies being babies. Remember to do all your training in a fun way, so they will enjoy themselves. Puppies shouldn't stand like robots, okay it's ideal if they are relatively still on the table but still make it fun wth lots of rewards.
Spyda, owned in partnership by me and Gemma Perry, is enjoying being spoilt by the kids at junior handlers camp this week. I hear he's being good in the caravan,so again having a fun experience. Come on puppy owners, tell me your stories of what your puppy gets up to. I'm sure the readers would like to read of their antics and exploits, also  especially if you're a 1st time vallhund  puppy owner. 
The society is always looking for articles to put to put in the newsletter. Don't be shy,send to myself or Joanne Stockbridge (SVS Webmaster)  Stories like the funny pictures Debbie Howe put up of her new puppy falling in the stream/river. I'm sure she was pushed by Debbie's Princess Rain lol . 



 Firstly I want to give a big apology for omitting in last week's breed notes my congratulations to Jo Day and Ada West for Starvon Yakkety Yak RBCC at Windsor Championship Show. Congratulations also to Stella Coombes who has posted to say Qash has just won out of Grade 3 in agility .

 Prior  to writing the results from National Working and Pastoral breeds, I just want to say how disappointed I am to hear of a couple of issues at the show. First  I have heard  of  exhibitors critising other fellow exhibitor's dogs quite loudly in front of interested new people. Come on now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but  not at ringside. We had that years ago and had it putting off newcomers, let's not repeat it .If you must have your opinion then move away from the ring side or say it later. We want to encourage new people, not put them off.  Also I was told of a dog lunging out at another dog passing on the benching. If your dog is a bit iffy at the benches, please be extra careful. Basically ours is a lovely breed with lovely people, so let's not spoil peoples views. 

Results from National Working and Pastoral Breeds where our judge this year was Mrs Karen Kennedy,  another breed specialist . She awarded the  DCC and BV to Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm . RCC  was Wendy Amon's multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme. BCC and BOB went to Wendy Amon's Ch Pepperthyme Theodora,  with RBCC going to Pat Drinkwater's Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira . BP was Tony and Sandra Drinkwater's homebred  Galerita Goji Berrie . Best veteran was Vicky's boy Zeb, who went on to win Veteran Group 4.



I apologise for a slight delay with the show results but anyway here goes .The judge for a hot Windsor Championship Show  was Mrs Maggie Bryant .She chose for her DCC and BOB and BV Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm (imp).RDCC and BP was Mr Derek and Mrs Jan Wilton's Meddobe Spice's Endeavour ,he is on a roll Jan, you must be very pleased .BCC was Louise Paterson's CH IRCH Eriksfjord Magik Bean . Vicky and Zeb didnt do anything in the pastoral group but in the veteran group Mr Carlos Saevich awarded him Group 3. 


For those that have not seen any follow ups, I was taken to Slough hospital (don't rush to go there) , then back to Bournemouth and into Poole hospital for more examinations and x rays . They believe I had partially dislocated my hip and the loud crack everyone heard was it going back into place and the pain is from the surrounding muscles tearing .So we will see, but obviously I won't be at National Working and Pastoral Breeds this weekend, so next time I think I'm out will be at Paignton. Thank you for all the kind messages .


This past weekend was East of England Championship show, where the judge was Mr Tony Drinkwater. His choice for DCC and BOB was Wendy Amon's Multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme (imp),RDCC was Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme .BCC was Wendy Amon's Ch Pepperthyme Theadora, a very good day for you Wendy,  both CCs plus you bred the RDCC . RBCC was Domna Dodd's Hurstfield Renen Vixen ,bred by Jaquie Bayliss. Jacqui  is recovering from an operation and I'm sure you all join me to wish her well .BP was Jan  Wilton's Meddobe Spice's Endeavour .He is having a good start to his career . Best Veteran was again Vicky Allsops Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking .In  the Group ring a very pleased Wendy got Group 4 with her boy Buse.


Kerry Diamond took her Nova ,Eriksfjord Aurora to Greeenock and District Open show, under judge Mrs Rita Hughan,  and she won BNSC and Group 4 


Well done everyone  and don't be shy send me your news



Last week at Poole Open show the judge for Swedish vallhunds was Vicky Allsop. As usual I entered Rayda but I wasn't planning on taking him as I was stewarding. Unfortunately when entry numbers came up he was the only entry, so I took him and  passed him to Gemma  while I went onto my ring stewarding.  Afterwards I apologised to Vicky that I wouldn't keep him there for the group as it was major ,major hot  so got my hubbie to pick him up.


It was such a shame to have no other entries when they have put on classes. It seems more and more Open shows put on classes and only get very small entries ,also entries are getting lower at Champ shows too . I have persuaded Christchurch + New Forest to still put classes on for us to try 1 more  year, if entries are not any better then they will drop classes.


News from Blackpool under judge Mrs E Haapananemi from Finland, who chose to award the DCC to Louise Paterson and Ada West's Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking  , RDCC  was Tony and Sandra   Drinkwaters   Mastokk de Jommokk (imp).   BCC and BOB was awarded to Louise Paterson's  CH/IRCH Eriksfjord Magik Bean  and  RBCC was Kerry Diamond's  Eriksfjord Aurora Charm.  BP was Tony and Sandra's  Galerita Goji Berrie. At Blackpool they do a Junior group instead of a Veteran group and  Kerry Diamond's Eriksfjord Aurora Charm was shortlisted. Congratulations to you all.I haven't heard if anyone else was narrowed down in their respective groups so assume not .


Congratulations to Zoe Fithern and Ade Russell for receiving their Belgian champion certificate  


With the "Summer season " on us ,however long it lasts , there is obviously a higher risk of heatstroke .I'm sure you all know the signs of this  but for the benefit of new people who may not , you  need to watch for the following ; Excessive panting and drooling  , Lethargy, Vomiting ,Sunken eyes , Little or no urination ,Sticky gums and Loss of   Co-ordination.

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