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By Lyn Etches

Welcome to the latest breed notes I hope everyone is getting rich now with no show entries, fuel to shows etc., Don’t worry next year we will all be poor again but richer to be back. I for one am sure I’m not alone , will look forward to it as I miss seeing everyone and catching up, it’s not the same just on fb but hey if it keeps us all safe so that we are all together again it will be worth it. With 2 litters now settled in their new homes and their keepers kept at home the other litter should be in their new homes soon too. Shame for those that are destined for the show rings  that unless shows are lifted before this time next April/May they will miss puppy careers but they will all take the junior classes by storm  so that will be worth waiting for. Plenty of time to train them just don’t over train make it fun just few minutes at a time ours is such a long lived breed I only retired my old boy when he was virtually 14 yrs.  vallhunds are generally so versatile they won’t bother about  being in a show ring they will take it in their stride .I don’t think the club show is completely out the window as its in  October  ill update you on that nearer the time. New puppy owners don’t forget I’m sure all of your breeders said feel free to contact them if you have any questions re care of your pups and as lockdown is partially lifted you can always  take your pups to see what you can, Pets at home are generally happy for you to walk round with your puppy in a trolley  put a towel in there for pup to sit in most garden centers  allow them too, gives chance to see as much as possible. I have sat on benches beside  busy parts of roads so they see lorries etc.,  sounds cd's are good for them too as include fireworks, thunderstorms etc.  If not make noises to sound and desensitize them metal food bowls are good to drop occasionally get dented though. Our breed is pretty tough anyway. Just have fun with them most important

Excellent news from Rosemary Jackson her dog Trev, aka Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme who as a lot of you know is in training with scent work, he has just passed his scent class test on line at Scent work UK Many Congratulations from me for more examples of our versatile breed.

Lynn Pallatina has sent a piece on Zen, Starvon Dark Knight.

As not many people are aware of my illness I will keep it short and sweet. Zeno is in training to become a psychiatric assistance dog, enabling me to have more independence and a better quality of life. Zeno started his training at 1 year old with Basic obedience, he had to be well socialized with all aspects of daily life and learn to ignore any distractions that come our way, from other dogs ,people ,objects  his focus has to be on me at all times while working .He is currently learning to task as to qualify he has to perform 3 specific tasks to aid this handler. Zeno is learning deep pressure therapy, finding an exit and distraction work so far, more will be added as time goes by. Zeno enjoys his work as to him its 1 big game, he is due to start his public assess soon which will enable him to attend more places with me, he has been a pleasure to work with and has been easy to train. I look forward to continuing his training and getting him qualified hopefully later this year. Lock down has put a lot of his training on hold unfortunately, but we aim to get back soon.

I have the results from the o/l fun show organized by Sophie Linney and Lynn Pallatina

Class 1 Puppy Pawfection - judge, Kerry Diamond, It was very hard they are all cute  1st  Ernie - Gemma Perry .2nd Bear - Jo Strong , 3rd Sprocket -Neil Haslam.

Class 2, 6-12mths - judge Vicky Allsop .1st Ursa -Fiona Cameron,2nd Stig- Catrine Yhuel ,3rd Beni-Sophie Linney.

Class 3 Versatility - Fiona Cameron  1st Emilie -Steve Zbilut , 2nd Rollo- Lisa Goosey , 3rd Spyda -Gemma Perry  / Class 4 Golden Oldies , Paul Comway ,Thank you to all ,1st Rayda almost 16yrs - Gemma Perry , 2nd Chubby -Kara Pauls , 3rd Sparkle - Mel Harris.

Class  5 Versatile - Sophie Zbilut,  Fiona Cameron’s dog herding Picked this 1 as it shows a vallhund doing what they were bred for cow herding ,Beautiful face seems to love what she’s doing,   2nd Zeno  working - Lynn Pallatina.

Class  6 Pawfect Helpers- Sharon Sibley,   1st Rollo -Lisa Goosey, 2nd Maya-Chris Jones, 3rd  Castiel-Wakefield.

Class  7 Doppelganger - Aymz  Hickenbotham,   This made me laugh so much absolutely brilliant, 1st  Rollo   as Elvis  - Lisa Goosey  , 2nd Rio as Gene Simmons - Scott  Shaw.

Class 8 Isolation Kit ,Helen Bennett   This has not been easy as everyone  is brilliant in my book , 1st  Nova  with her collection of assorted cans of drink , 2nd Rio - scott Shaw. 

Class 9  Childs  Best Friend - Marri  Khalaj   1st Sprocket and Austin -  Neil Haslam ,  2nd Castiel and Jess - Carrier Wakeford  ,  3rd Skye and Sophie Zbilut.

Class 10  Fancy Dress - Domna Dodd ,1st Greta as Princess Leia  , 2nd  Barley -Back to school , 3rd  Skye.

Class 11 - Best trick , Carol Gravely , I was crying with laughter ,1st  Helen Bennett and Barley Hat trick , 2nd Jen Clarke and Gunner Horse riding, 3rd Lisa Goosey and Rollo performing a Sausagerollo.

Class 12 Best pack - Joanne Stockbridge , Loved all the entries tough choice picking a winner they all looked good. 1st Louise Harts pack, 2nd Lynn Pallatina's pack and 3rd Marri Khalaj pack.

Best in show judges were Morgan Looker who kindly donated Bis prize, and Sophie and Lynn. Their combined  Best in show goes to the winner of Childs Best  Friend  Sprocket & Austin -  Neil Haslam  Congratulations  to all  and thank you for organizing this fun show, stay safe everyone  and send me your  news.

Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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