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By Lyn Etches

Sorry this is a late one but I wanted to include Lka results, I will start with some snippets I have been told about mostly show results. Jo Day took Ziva, Starvon Ziva, to Gravesend and Medway under Russel Jones and he awarded her Bob and Group 4. Sharon and Geoff Lees Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm, were at a Hoopers comp and won a 1st in Barrelers, clears in Tunnelers and Touch and go. Sounds intriguing perhaps Sharon would like to write a piece about these activities, I know about hoopers just not the others. At W+Pb of Scotland under judge Rob Sanson Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm was awarded Bob. Sophie Zbilut took Emilie to Walsall Kennel Association under Colin Woodward and they won Bnsc and shortlisted in a large group and at Camberly open show Sophie won Best j/h. At Minehead under judge Dawn Woodley, Debbie Howe took her puppy Quinn, Valaller Rain Child and she was awarded Bnsc and Group 3. At Penzance open show Chris Millard took Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz and judge Paul England awarded her Bob and Gp 4, Talek her son, Karmore Cornish Gift was Rbob.  Anneka Scholes and Jet, Jet Set On High, had an amazing weekend at the British Agility Championships and the came 2nd overall in small novice.

I had a very interesting article written by  Wendy Amon as I felt others like myself  would love to hear about this ..

Mantrailing is a handler using a dog on a harness and long line to follow a scent trail of a person. Trailing comes natural to dogs - they use their amazing sense of smell to follow animal trails all the time, however, to stay focused on one trail and to follow a human trail is not so natural and is something that has to be taught.The micro movements whilst on the move and following a trail you cannot see is challenging but has its rewards and builds up great teamwork with you and your dog. Dogs of any age or breed can do mantrailing as it’s a low impact sport, they work for whatever reward is their favourite, be that a toy or food, to them it’s a game and finding the person will give them their reward.

I have started to work my 3.5 year old Saga in mantrailing she is very methodical in the way she works. I’m amazed at how she just knows what and who she is to find, she checks out other people on route but just carries on past them until she finds her goal, to her this is food based, most dogs we have worked alongside use food, but one dog loved his tug toy, so its knowing what your dog works best for.

I recommend this sport to anyone who wants to build up a good bond with their dog or just to have fun, it is so rewarding and the Vallhund just love a job to do.

Thank you Wendy a great piece which may inspire people to try it and see another way to increase their bonds and just to add Saga is a show dog too Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme so proving another way our breed are so versatile too and Saga has also passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Test.

Results from Lka where our judge was David Cavill, He found his Dcc & Bob in Lynn Pallatina’s younger dog his 1st cc, Zeno, Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya. Rdcc was Mr & Mrs Bradley-Upton Bowkol Dragon Rider, Im sorry i don’t know your 1st names or pet name. Bcc Debbie Howe’s Leica, also her 1st, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller (imp). Rbcc  was Kerry Diamond’s Nova, Ch Eriksfjord  Aurora Charm Shcm. Bp was Debbie’s quinn, Valaller Rainchild, Bv was Joanne Stockbridge’s, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar . Congratulations everyone. Just in case anyone reading the catalogue/results it was printers that did the add ons to Spyda’s name lol and we did get it changed before judging.

I will just add that there are a few spaces left on the clubs Bad day (Breed Appreciation day) with a Mce (Multiple choice exam) on Sunday 15th March, you need to contact our Secretary Sharon Sibley if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on our lovely breed. Dates for your diaries, our Open Show is on 11/4/20 and our champ show is on 11/10/20. All info on these will be in the next breed notes in the New Year. I will leave you with my wishes for you all to have a lovely Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2020 and please send me your news for Your Breed Notes 


Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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