Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


Results from last Championship show of year, LKA, the judge was Dave Weller. This is the  last but 1 qualifier , as Manchester  in January is also a qualifier for Crufts and with all the puppies out there old enough to show they were approximately half the entry, a  shame as there were  7 absentees . Louise Paterson's Kiki , Ch Irch,Eriksfjord Magic Bean Irjch12ejw was awarded BCC , BOB and Best Veteran, I've heard this was her retirement show, is that correct as she's only 9, perhaps Louise you could verify this for me?DCC was awarded to Lynn Pallatinya's Loki, Starvon All Eyes On Me at Valtineya, who ,as most of you remember was my DCC and BOB at the SVS club show. RDCC was  Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy's  Ch Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin .RBCC was awarded to Jo Day and Ada West's Starvon Yakety Yak .Best puppy was Lynn Pallatinya's  Starvon Dark Knight .I haven't heard if anyone had any success in any stakes.

Back home in Bournemouth Gemma Perry and my Spyda ,Starvon Cyptic Spyda, has just been lightly shown ,as we don't want to overdo a puppy so he's just been to 4 shows including  LKA, but he has been entered in ours and another local club's matches, at both qualifying for the finals at Christmas .Thrilled to say at Poole Club he won Puppy of the Year. At the Christmas finals at CNFC, where they hold their competition differently whereby the challenge is puppies and adults together. So we were extra pleased  when he won reserve Dog of the Year, only beaten by a very nice adult Sheltie .


News from Domna Dodd  who had attended Wealdstone and Northolt  Open show . The judge for AVNSC was Sharon Ashdown and she awarded Best Not Separately Classified and Group 2 to Ella , Hurstfield Renen Vixen . Steve Zbilut was also there with Emile , Starvon Deja Vu and she won BNSC puppy plus Pg 3 .  Ella had also won the Open stakes under Howard Ogden.


With all the snow and ice around about please be sure to wash your dogs paws and lower legs after road walks even if you only have to cross a road  with all the salt put down .The salt used can  irritate their paws causing them to lick them and ingest the salt which could make them ill. The amount that can be fatal is only between 1-9 and 3-7 grams per kilo body size.The symptoms can occur up to 72 hrs later , most common is sickness and diarrhea. Also  if any of your dogs have longish hair on their feet between toes etc they can collect lumps of snow ,slide it off don't pull it .Be very careful of the icy cold, especially puppies and your oldies ,I personally keep a towel on my hall radiator to rub them dry after a walk . If your really concerned give them a little warm water and some sugar for energy .If really concerned ring your vet .


When travelling in icy conditions the government are advising  you to be prepared .They suggest taking the following. ; A Shovel, Flask ,Food ,Wellies , Rock salt , Hi viz jacket , Blanket and a torch , I thought it was very sensible advice .  Mind you I did get some odd looks on the bus .


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Wishing everyone A Happy and Healthy 2018


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