Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


Sorry I have had time out for various reasons but I'm back now . Already it has been a very busy year, so i will give an update . 

We started off the year with the sad loss of our President, Jacqui Bayliss, after a long strong brave fight ,a devastating loss for her Family the Breed and her friends .Jacqui taught me a lot of what I know about our lovely breed and of course she had bred my Metz and Rayda, for which i will always be grateful .She did so much for the breed.I especially wish to thank Dr Chris Mallard for the perfect tribute to her in the Our Dogs paper.You were the best person to write it . Thank you Chris .


Manchester Championship show judge was Dianna Spavin, whose main winners were DCC Debbie Howe's  Starvon Veni Vidi Vici  , BCC was Kerry Diamond's  Eriksfjord Aurora Charm . BP  was Joanne Stockbridge's  Valladar Call of Duty ,BV was Byrne's Eriksfjord Jumping Bean.


Next was Chichester +Dist . AVNSC judge was Pat Hutchinson,  she awarded BNSC  and Puppy group 1 to Gemma Perry and my  Starvon Cryptic Spyda  and to top it off  he went BPIS  under judge Cristina Chapman.

The next big event was Crufts, where our judge was Robin Newhouse. He awarded DCC and BOB to Lynn Pallatina's ,Starvon All Eyes On Me ,this was his magic 3rd CC giving him his crown .Such an excellent show to make it more special.Loki is Lynn's 1st show dog ,what a start and still only a youngster. I had awarded his 1st CC  back at the club show in Oct ,his 2nd was at LKA ,so 3 Champioship shows 3CCs + 3 BOBs so a perfect crown .BCC was awarded to Mrs Johannesson's , Dangas Asta x Dotter jw so well worth their trip across the water ,guessing we might see this pair again next year. RDCC was awarded to Jan Wilton's Meddobes Spices Endeavour ,RBCC and BV was awarded to Ada +Tim West's Ch Starvon Rumour Has It and Best puppy was won by Steve Zilbert + Sam Yacomens , Starvon Deja Vu .What a lovely welcome back in the breed rings for Steve, as he used to show his grandad's dogs when he was only young,not that your old. His Grandad would be so proud .

Also a Big Thank You to all of the kind and important volunteers who manned our " viking " stand in the Discover Dogs section .This is the perfect place to "talk nonstop about our lovely versatile breed " Criteria is just for friendly dogs, unfazed by things ,Gemma and I did a stint with Rayda and Spyda and this was useful in as much as life span with a puppy and a 13 1/2 yrs ,and they loved it, doing tricks with the children and loads of cuddles. All being well we will do again next year . Each stint is for half a day as it is surprisingly tiring , obviously the weekends are the busiest . There is also Discover Dogs at London in October, so if you feel like it's for you and your vallhund ,not just show dogs, pets too,please contact our Secretary Sharon Sibley.


Results from Oxford where we had change of judge and BOB went to Karen +Marvyn's Katrina Des Fummes Du Nord, they were unable to stay for group . BP and Puppy group 3  was Gemma and my  Spyda. They had some absent judges so classes were all shuffled around but what lovely gifts they gave out and the further you got there was links to add on .I stepped in to steward and they gave me one too, which was very nice of them as I was quite happy to help out. I know the problems of not enough stewards being a chief steward too.


News from Cornwall from Dr Chris Millard  and Hurstfield Time For a Tail had qualified for Top Veteran in Cornwall. At the event she won her section then challenged and Won Top Dog Of Cornwall at 12 yrs old,  proudly following in Daddy Rayda's footsteps,as He had Won Top Veteran in Dorset a couple months ago so proud of her .

The Swedish Vallhund Society Open show was held in a new venue .Our Judge was Wendy Sharman.  For her BD and BIS  she chose Mrs Rosie Peacock-Jackson's Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme , BB+RBIS+BOS  Wendy chose Wendy Amon's Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme .RD and BVIS was Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm (imp),Res BV was Wendy Amon's Nl ch Onderaan De Gele Berg Ylra at Pepperthyme( imp). BPIS  was Lynn Pallatina's Starvon The Dark Knight  ,who is the son of the BIS. RBPIS  was Mr +Mrs Stewart's  Starvon Cudya Shudya Wudya  .The special classes were judged by Mark Kennel , Sp/Junior was  Joanne's ,Vallader Call of Duty .Sp/pg was Karen Phillip's Katrinas Des Fumees Du Nord (imp).Sp/open was  Louise Paterson + Karen kennedy's Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin .


Right now, all of you, whatever you do or any news with your vallhunds, let me know your stories and results. It's down to you to contact me, if you don't tell me I can't write it so get your pens handy .


Hey an extra piece of news just in time, Joanne Stockbridge went to Working +Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship show and won BOB with her 13 month old Vallader Call of Duty  and then in the group, under Britt -Marie Young, he was awarded GROUP 4 Excellent,congratulations Joanne .


Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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