Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


1st of all your reminder  to enter the Swedish Vallhund Championship Show ,judge Dr Chris Millard (Karmore)  and National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show, judge Mrs Melanie Harris (Candace). The 1st time for the opportunity to enter 2 championship shows on the same day at the same place at Three Counties Showground at Malvern ,and to top it all Both Judges are Breed Specialists .You may not get the same opportunity again ..so get your entries in please .At the SVS  show there are special prizes again and a raffle,  so feel free to not only buy the tickets but if you would like to donate a prize it will be very welcome.  There are also 3 special classes  judge is Jackie Tune (Rotalma)    
Another event for you all is the Spitz in the Park  , if you look on the Southern Finnish Lapphund website you will find all about the events planned for the weekend from Friday July 20th to Sunday 22nd .There are various activities on offer,  on the Sunday it is the Spitzolympics  which is in teams doing fun races.Those of you that have been before can tell you all about the fun to be had, I'm not sure if any camping spots are left so you will need to contact the group.It is held at a new venue this year, Padworth Village Hall , Reading  RG7 4 HY.

Results from Banbury ,Starvon Cryptic Spyda owned by Gemma and Myself was BOB and he also won Pastoral Group 2. Spyda  was also in the Junior Handling class with Gemma's daughter Izzy and they came 1st .A shame when they put on breed classes but only one dog entered.

The next  was Southern Counties Championship show ,the judge was from Finland, Mr Reino  Korpela ,He found his Best Dog and BOB in mine + Gemma's Starvon Cryptic Spyda , RBD and  BV was Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking Shcm.  BB was awarded to Debbie Howe's Pepperthyme On A Rainbow  and RBB was Steve and Sam Zbilut and Yacomen  Starvon Deja Vu. There were no puppies.

At 3 Counties the judge was Barry Croft and he chose for his BOB and  BV Vicky Allsops Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking Shcm, RBD was Lynn Pallatina Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me  , BB was Karen Hackney's ,Starvon Dreams Are Maid .
 Mal Allen's  Alfie ,Kintalis Tumbling of Kitsam    and also his brother Arlo owned by Charlotte Watkinson  have both already passed their Puppy Foundation courses, Well Done , Now for the Bronze Good Citizens. Helen Bennett's Barley ,Bowkol Dragon Haki won a 2nd out of 21 at an agility show at Bilsthorpe ,really well done. Another sport our breed do very well in.

 At Taunton Open show where Vallhunds were in NSC pastoral ,our judge was Mr Brian John Essenhigh.  He found his BNSC in Cherry Hackney's Starvon Bring It On.  As 6 of the 10 entries were Swedish Vallhunds, they have given us classes for next year .If you have a dog with a CC and is 14 months old and you want to enter a stakes out of the available Puppy ,Graduate and Open which class would you enter ? We thought obviously Open ,  but according to the judge he should not be in this stakes as he was way too young and then ignored him !!! BIS judge!!  Whats your thoughts , could hardly say won a CC so Gemma just said it's the only one he could go in .

I'm sure you all don't need me to warn you that  if you can't keep your hand on the pavement for  10 seconds then it's too hot for your dogs to walk on! Signs to watch out for with your dog are  Lethargy ,Vomiting,Sunken eyes, less urination ,Sticky gums ,lack of co-ordination, excess panting and drooling .Always carry water on a walk  for them. Adders and ticks are out in abundance so check for them as well when out and about.



Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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