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By Lyn Etches


Lots of news for you today, I hope some of you are reading the breed notes, it would be nice to hear if you’re enjoying them.

Brilliant news from Zoe Fithern concerning Dash, Nlch Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern. Zoe proudly said he has become the 1st Search and Rescue Operational Scent Specific Trailing Swedish Vallhund in the UK. Also 1 of only 4 dogs to gain the new Skills For Justice award for operational trailing dogs. Dash will be looking for lost and vulnerable people in the south -west of England working with the police and various search and rescue groups. Also Zoe and Dash when at the British Man Trailing Academy were presented with their Skills for justice and Bma team certificates. Zoe had attended to continue the team training for the team certificate. Dash had to complete a tracking course over a 3 hours old trail, a complex trail over multiple surfaces, road crossings in high contaminations areas and with distractions he was unfazed by it all. Zoe was congratulated for displaying a professional approach and worked well as a team. Excellent news huge credit to you and Dash showing another versatile side to our breed. Congratulations.

More news from Sharon Lee, she is also proud of Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm at scentwork he has passed his scentwork level 2 with marks of 99 - 5 points. Also Sophia, her import, is in training I believe she has passed Level 1 too. Sharon is training them up for Race the Blackdog event; hopefully Sharon will send me an update with info about this event.

Also Wendy Amon and Rosemary Peacock -Jackson have also started man-trailing classes, i don’t know which dogs, it would be good to have an update on how they are doing. Fabulous to have owners getting involved in this useful training. Rosemary has proudly announced that after just 6 months training Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme has gained his Level 1 in scentwork. Excellant Congratulations.


Now for show results; At Paignton the 1st time we have had classes for a long time, and unfortunately due to the classifications of pup, jun, and open we only had a low entry and all 6 were entered in Open for our judge Darren Clarke. He chose for Bd and Bob mine and Gemma Perry’s Spyda, Ch (tbc ) Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Rd  Debbie Howes Alfie, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici, Bb and Bos was Sue Poultons Martha, Meddobe Spice Girl, Rb was Chris Milliards  Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz for Karmore. Debbie and Alfie won two 5ths in the stakes, presumbly vet and champ stakes. I spoke with the committee to request for next year  Jun, Limit, Open dog, Open bitch.  So all crossed for next year.

Next a very, very windy Bournemouth whereas the gales were so strong for that day we were not allowed in the benching tents for safety, luckily this year we had in out rings so although crowded there were parts to stand in and on the whole all was fine I found all exhibitors more than happy to squash together with good spirits shown to support all not just their own breed. Our judge was Celia Vines and she chose mine and Gemma Perry’s Spyda, Ch(tbc) Starvon Cryptic Spyda for Bd and Bob, Rd was Cherry Hackney’s Starvon Bring it On, Bb +Bos was Sophie Linney’s Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily.

At Wkc the judge was Sue Hewart-Chambers Dcc and Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Cain, Ch Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc was Lynn Pallatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon All Eyes on me. Bcc was also Joanne’s this time it was Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar, mother of Dcc, Rcc was Jan and Derek  Wilton’s Meddobe Anna Travis. Although according to results site he’s  Best puppy lol BV  was Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedys  Chich  Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin  and Sophie Zbulut  with Emile,  Starvon Deja Vu  came 4th in the Ykc handling under judge Sophie Wildig  Well done.

At Stoneleigh City of Birmingham welcomed us holding the club show there and put classes on in the main show too for us. Sharing venues is the way for the future for breed clubs it makes economic sense. The judge was Mrs Rosemary Peacock-Jackson and she chose for her Dcc and Bob Lynn Palatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me, RD was Mr and Mrs Baillie Pepperthyme Winter Storm, Bcc was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm shcm, Rbcc was Debbie Howe Leica, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller (imp). Her Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm (imp).  The special classes were judged  by Louise Paterson and her 3 main winners were, Jun, Jan and Derek Wiltons Minka, Meddobe Anna Travis.  P/g was Steve zbilut and Sam Yacamen’s Starvon Deja Vu, Open, Joanne Stockbridge’s Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar. City of Birmingham judge was Mr S Atkinson for his Bd he chose Lynn Pallatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon all Eyes on Me, Rd was Gemma Perry and my Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Bb and Bob was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm shcm, Rb was Domna and Richard Dodd’s Pippa, Tanellis Bloomin Primrose, and Bv was Joanne’s Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Truvy at Valladar. 

The following week I had the pleasure of judging at one of my favourite venues, Richmond. I chose for my Dcc and Bob Zoe Fithern and Ade Russel’s Dash, Nlch Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern handled by Zoe’s sister Susie, he looked fab in the group too.  Rdcc and Bv was Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy’s Rocky, Ch irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, shame he couldn’t stay for the vet group as Louise was unwell. Bcc was Steve Zbilut and Sam Yacomen Emile, Starvon Deja Vu. Handled perfectly as usual by Sophie Zbilut, Rbcc was the veteran bitch winner Jo Day’s Yosemite Swift River at Starvon ably handled by another young handler Izzy King. It’s so good to see younger handlers appearing in the breed rings.

Last results from the shows comes from Darlington where the judge was Mr Doedjns and he chose Dcc, Bob and Bv  to Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy’s Rocky, Chirch  Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Rdcc was Graham and Leing’s Otto, Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme. Bcc was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksford Aurora Charm, Rbcc was Kim Offords ,Rusern Cradle of Love at Kimaroff.

Finally a reminder as well as sending me your news, Sharon Sibley is asking for volunteers to man the stand at Discover Dogs  on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of October so if you like to talk about swedish vallhunds  and your dog/s have good temperaments essential as often the children like to stroke and some like to cuddle them, if so contact Sharon.   

                         Please send me all of your news not just show any stories about your vallies

Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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