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By Lyn Etches


Hi everyone and Thanks to those people that have sent me your news as i say you send me your results showing, agility, anything you would like its Your Breed Notes and il print it.

From Jan Wilton ( Meddobe )

At Barking & Dist (i havent got the judges names) there were Swedish Vallhund classes  but only 3 entered with 1abs, Morse 'Meddobe Endeavour' was awarded Bob and her newest pup just 6 months old Minka 'Meddobe Anna Travis' Was Rbob & Bp. The next day was Whitstable & Dist, here they were in Nsc, Morse won Bnsc & Minka was Bpnsc then went on to also win Puppy Gp 3. Next they went to East Kent Canine again there was only Nsc and she only took Minka on her own. She won Best Puppy nsc then went and won Group 1, what a good start for her very Well Done. Some of you newer exhibitors may not know Jan yet. Jan showed her 1st vallhund 'Hurstfield Dee' over 28 yrs ago and she told me she found a lot of differences in todays open show scene, Thank you Jan.


Chris Millard went to Penzance show and he took Raydas lovely daughter Bora 'Hurstfield Time for a Tail' where she won Bob & Gp 4, her Breed judge was Sandra Smith. Then Trudi Baird judged Veteran where Bora won again  and then Icing on the cake she won Reserve Best veteran in show by judge Carolyn Fry, which in turn has qualified her again for Top Dog of Cornwall. Very well done nice to see especially at her age, i believe she is nearly 13.


Steve Zbilut sent me the news from Camberley & Dist. Again it was Nsc & the judge was Celia Vines. Steve said he was so proud to watch his daughter Sophie handling Emile 'Starvon Deja Vu'. Emilie showed so well for her & Sophie handled her perfectly. Out of an entry of 15 Emilie & Sophie won Bnsc & then Group 2. Your great-grandad will looking down watching you with Pride and remembering all Steve when he handled his Moonsfield Tjina Very  Well done. It's great to see the youngsters in the rings with sv,my daughter started when she was possibly about Sophie age. The youngsters are our future.

Next came Saturday 24th with results from 3 ends of the South.

At the Nordic held at Coventry, i used to love that one but trouble is it now clashes but never mind. Im sure you had a good day obviously we have classes there as this show literally has classes for All Nordic breeds reg with the kc im not sure if they had import. The Judge For sv was Mrs Sue Bird (Bridus). Her choice for Bob was Jo Day, Ada West & Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's Lex 'Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme'. Rbob was Lynn Pallatina's littermate Zeno 'Starvon Dark Knight', who also came 4th in rbob stakes. Bp was Domna Dodds Pippa 'Tanellis Bloomin Primrose', from her 1st litter. Best Veteran was Karen's Ayla 'Ch Starvon Willamina'. Then Toni Jackson (Elbereth) judged Bis followed by Bpis and really pleased to say Domnas Pippa won Res Best PUPPY IN SHOW. Excellant result very well done.

Then in the middle of the 3 shows was The Top Dogs of Dorset Finals. This was a mixture of feelings as this was the 1st time that Rayda 'Ch Hurstfield Rayda shcm' had stayed at home. He has been in it every year of his show career starting with Res Top Puppy in Dorset, followed with several wins. I had to hand over his last trophy that he has been holding for the Top Veteran in Dorset so actually he had finished still at the top, Bless him he can enjoy his retirement although he still looks worthy of another cc.

With this competition if they qualify as a pup then they go in puppy so they are usually up to 20 months. Gemma Perry & I took our Spyda 'Starvon Cryptic Spyda' under the judge Lynn Campbell (has St Poodles ) for this competition, its run on knockout rounds ie 1 against 1. There were high entries in each puppy, veteran and Adults, also a really tasty roast meal & sweets between Veteran & Adult. Spyda went into his 1st pair & showed his socks off as he went though every round then finished up with Reserve Top Puppy in Dorset, which we were thrilled with. He also qualified for the adult so again showing well but then lost the round against an equally lovely dog, but of course we are proud anyway. All in all a fab day, if you qualify for Top Dog in your county then try it.

Then down at Truro, Jo Day sent me the results from Cherie Hackney. Her judge for the day was. Melinda Thomas  and she awarded her Blue 'Starvon Bring it On' Bob & then he went on to win Group 1, Well done Cherie. Im not sure if this was the same judge. When i spoke with Jo she also told me she was very proud of the whole team a good day for Starvon indeed.

I also want to thank Victoria  for adopting a Romanian rescue Vallhund lookalike from Battersea.

Joanne is now collecting Christmas picture greetings and snippets for the christmas newsletter, any club members wishing to put in a Christmas ad in the winter newsletter this year, last submission date is December the 6th. Cost is £5 for a page with the money going to SVS Welfare Fund. Also if any members would like to submit an article, submission deadline is Dec 4th for those.


Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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