Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


Wow I have to start on that excellent Swedish Vallhund Feature in last week’s Our Dogs, Excellent for so many to contribute to it to.  Many Thanks  to Liz Cartlidge on The backbone of the British Vallhund , who we also Thank for bringing the Vallhunds to the UK in the 1st place ,Thanks to Chris Millard for the section on the history of the breed .Jo Day for The beginning of the Vallhund Society , and the Characteristics of the breed  ,Rosemary Peacock Jacksons piece on Judging the breed , Fiona Cameron wrote an article on herding ,Sami Bull on her journey with Daz  ,and all the Owners who wrote on living with the breed  with everyone showing from how people 1st met the breed  and added them to the their family and how versatile the breed is Showing ,Scent work with Mantrailing , Agility , Pets as Therapy . I can honestly say  a lot of these dogs do a variety of the activities, Breed standard and  importantly Health and welfare by Joanne Stockbridge and of course All the fabulous vallhunds pictured plus of course The committee whose hard work linked it all together  plus as mentioned some of these also writing an article . Thank you Our dogs for featuring SV.

       Joanne Stockbridge, our health rep has been hard at work again as there is no longer AHT a sad loss. The latest info on the Retinopathy testing .Joanne has contacted Animal DNA Diagnostics and they are now offering the tests for retinopathy, she has emailed the Kc about having the results reported directly to them as was done by AHT, she suggests maybe until they have set up results would need to be scanned and emailed to the kc to be put on the database .Update from kc they have contacted the lab and regarding results to be sent to them directly. They are currently updating the website so the new lab won’t show up on there yet until the update is done. another update; the assured breeders scheme won’t offer the discount with this new lab.

      News from Zoe Fithern to say Inga has made her proud as she has passed her stage 1 and 2 lowland rescue search dog. Assessments today part of her journey to become a Rescue search dog .It was a very wet day and they had some Thunder but she worked on and found her Misper, thanks to all who came and helped in the rain for the evaluations. Once again Zoe this time with her SV search and rescue dog Dash, she was really pleased with Dash’s 3rd place with a clean sweep on level 2 marks 99.35, with Scentwork UK.

     Our new (well sort of new )  Jo Strong took Bear to a special show training day with  Southampton club where the trainer was Michael Craig a great handler/trainer  and she  thoroughly enjoyed herself  and felt  he was a great  help to her and she learnt a lot other than Bear  she has whippets   so enjoyed how different it was to show a vall . Well done Jo.


Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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