Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


Part 1

Hiya everyone I thought id do something different , I have Emailed  several of our breeders with a questionnaire and have received  4 of their replies ;    RJ ,Rosemary Jackson ,  Kirkholme.   J D, Jo Day  Starvon.  SD ,Sandra Drinkwater ,Galerita.  DD ,  Domna Dodd ,Tanellis.    Questions  1 - 10


Q1, what first attracted you to the breed?

RJ, we first noticed the breed when they were being shown at Maidstone, Kent, we were showing Gsds and Shelties .This was in the late 1970s.We wanted a breed that would fit in with Gsds and this smart clever breed did just that.

JD, my answer may not be along the same lines as others .I was showing my German Shepherds and I needed a new handler - along came Tim West! He was handling for me 1 day and his mum ( Ada West ) came over and told him he was needed to handle  their dogs ,let’s say I went and handled the vallhunds and that was my introduction to a breed that wriggled its way into my heart  from that day .From the off I was attracted to the general soundness  of the breed ,the character and the intelligence, the fact that as far as a vallhund is concerned there is nothing it can’t have a try at ,they may not be brilliant at everything but will give their all to have a really good try ,and yes they are ever so slightly addictive .Try one you won’t be disappointed.

SD, The size and character.

DD, I wished to downsize to a breed that was similar to my Gsds then one day at a local dog show I came across the late Ted Manning with his 2 Svs.

Q2, how did you choose your affix and does it have a meaning?

RJ, My affix was a culmination of my late husband’s mother’s surname (kirkbride - Kirk) and the farm he had lived on in the Yorkshire woulds (Martinholme - Holme) Kirkholme .It was registered in 1975.

JD, It chose me - I have held a separate interest in the Starvon affix for a few years now, the affix was originally held by my late ex mother in law and ex-husband Ada and Tim West ,since the passing of his mother the affix has been transferred into Tim’s name in case he ever wants to come back into the breed which was a huge part of his life for so many years .It was something Reg wanted me to carry on the kennel name and Ada and Tim happily signed the paperwork required for me to have my own interest ,the Affix was picked  by Reg many years ago when they had just Gsds and he liked the link to gsd pedigree names  using Von with Star (Starvon) .

SD, we used to show foreign birds and we won the equivalent of Crufts in the bird world for 2 years running the bird was a greater Sulphur crested cockatoo and we took his Latin name of cacatua galerita, Galerita as our affix.

DD, I chose my Affix from my maiden name Tandis to Tanellis (Found after it’s a name of a rose)

Q3, When planning a litter, what do you look for in a stud dog?

RJ, The most important thing for me is temperament and Breed type.

JD , Old saying if it isn’t broke why fix it .We have always preferred to line breed than go for total outcross, this is our choice .We have over the years produced a consistent type of vallhund one that says Starvon ,by line breeding tight for a couple of generations then further out with 1 line retained .A dogs show record is not important it is the lines we want to keep and add ,the breed type ,if it doesn’t look like a vallhund then it’s not a vallhund .Temperament and health tests matter .We look for a dog who compliments our girls ,both her strengths and weakness taking into account the littermates and parents and their  littermates ,knowledge of your own dogs is the key to move forward. The gene pool is small as it has been for years with so few breeders in the UK and almost all the bitches used for mating being related and the same for the limited amount of stud dogs.

SD, Temperament, Health tested    and a dog that can offer quality to the breed.

DD, I look for a dog of good breed type who can complement my girl, also a good temperament.

Q4, what would you look for in a puppy as your keeper potentially for the show ring?

RJ, Again the puppy must be of good breed type, outgoing .Good head and ear set, reach of neck and topline .Ideally be good in front and behind and a good mover But puppies are puppies and they can prove you wrong and ugly ducklings can become swans .But on the whole, if you study the breeding lines you usually have a good idea.

JD, Ada always seemed to pick her keeper wet ,and in all the years I knew her she never changed her mind .I have  never picked a puppy on looking at it stacked ,it has always been hours of watching them play  , move and stand when something catches their attention .I like a balanced puppy with a good head shape and underjaw ,who looks like a mini adult  at 8-10 wks personally if everything looks promising at that age they can go through all sorts of development stages there is a really good chance they will come back .Remember  they are a slow  maturing breed and good things are worth waiting for .

SD, Attitude, outgoing, good proportions.

DD, A puppy with good character, good flowing movement and level back followed by clear markings and colour.

Q5, within your lines is there a particular Dog / Bitch who you feel has had a major influence in your kennel?

RJ, Our foundation bitch Mildane Lupe of Kirkholme has to be my "jewel in the crown”. We were so lucky to have her .She was by Ryslip Rustibuss of Norsled x Akkevall Zamba .Bred by Hazel and Jack Cranham she gave us many generations including 3 Champions in 1 litter, Ch K Harald, Ch K Oskar owned by Marge Dickinson and Ch K Eva of Palostras, owned by Louise Richards .She hated showing but was a super brood bitch.

JD ,This is a hard 1 as over the years we have been blessed with so many who have left a mark including those who didn’t go in the show ring  but produced  so well ,Ch Starvon Smashed Again, from a litter of 7 sired by Svedala Troll Olle out of Ch Skamsen Lady of Starvon a mating that just worked Alfie was a stud dog sired 7 litters and for us his stamp can be seen generations later ,Alicia ,was litter sister to Ch Starvon Altessa ,never shown but a wonderful producing brood and huge favorite of Reg, Fast forward to the arrival from Australia of Dlarah Summer Rain born in 2007 .A bitch who Ada and I had a few words over more than once, In her 1st litter she gave us Kassie and Wagg  and then had 3 litters with the same male ,lovely puppies and without her repeating the matings we wouldn’t have had Ch Starvon Xtra Special who gave us Starvon Ziva who in turn gave Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme .But me personally still think it was a waste of such an honest type of bitch was bred to both please the eye and produce .But hey if we all agreed all the time it would be boring .

SD, Ch Bodeneis Eko Eccles, Eko.

DD, My current bitch Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis,   Without Ella there wouldn’t be Tanellis   SV.

Q6, which do you feel is the best you have bred   1st choice    2nd choice?

RJ We has bred some super dogs that have not only been very successful in the show ring but have also introduced people to this super breed and have made much loved pets. 1 Litter brothers Ch K  Harald and Oskar ,2 ,Ch Kirkholme Ernst who was the grandson of Harald.

JD , Male ,Ch Starvon Lucky Lad at Valdivar ,always has been and will take something very special to change my opinion on this he was very tightly bred but for me oozed quality and breed type a dog before his time.

Female Ch Starvon Rumour Has it without a doubt it has to be Kassie a real 1 of a kind , who sadly took it too far and never had a proper season so never produced a litter.( I too loved her she was stunning ) Once she was on her feet she was a mini vallhund and never went off just got better and better  and was a lovely girl to be around ,and there have been so many other amazing dogs and bitches in my life .

SD , Ch  Galerita Hollie Berrie  ,Holly.

DD   1st   Tanellis Bloomin Primrose  ,Pippa , 2nd  Tanellis Bloomin William  ,Blaze .

Q7 ,which has been your most admired vallhund ,not bred by you ,worldwide past or present  ?

RJ , My ideal vallhund has always been Ch Norsled Mac and present day Ch/Swed/FinCh Svedala Billy Busvader  at Pepperthyme  (imp Sweden )

JD  I must start with the bitch I adored and in fact I wanted to send a message to her owner asking to buy her. Multi titled Fennican Geeba Gerbara ,Ada actually bought Amch and Ch Skyview Crimson Flyer at Starvon as he was a Geeba grandson .he was only used 3x. Time after time I come back to the Fennican vallhunds from the 90s always seeming to catch my eye for consistency of type and as this affix added vallhunds to their gsds in the late 80s they definitely produced some beautiful dogs in my opinion ,Seeing Skogsbygens Nora Supernova enter the ring at Crufts a few years ago ,did make me think wow ,we need some bitches like her over here I was impressed with her overall quality ,movement and attitude I will follow her offspring with interest .I’d better stop now or I will be here all day  .

SD , Ch  Fennican  Geeba Gerbera

DD , Ch Starvon Lucky Lad at Valdivar

Q8, what do feel is the most challenging thing facing breeders in the UK ?

RJ ,The most challenging thing to face breeders in the UK is the breeders themselves .To keep breed type and that wonderful working mind breeders  must be open-minded and work together .We are so lucky that this breed is still such a natural breed and we have all worked hard to keep unchanged .It is a good learning curve to go and see litters and study pedigrees and discuss breeding .But please try and keep breed type and temperament.

JD, We have so few breeders left due to so many factors ,many breeders lo longer keep the numbers they used to ,  the majority of the breeding bitches and active stud dogs are related and because of a few breeders we seem to be in a circle .Over the years for whatever reason there have been imports who have not been used for the benefit of the breed ,there have been breeders who wouldn’t allow any of their dogs/bitches used to be bred on from .I am becoming aware about the rising number of tailed vallhunds and personally note ,note the personally bit , Think we need to remember ours is a breed which naturally can be born with a stub or tail .We cannot rustle a miracle dog/bitch out of fresh air  worldwide it’s not out there ,importing is so much easier nowadays. But research must be done on what is being imported. Do I see a light at the end of a tunnel ?If the breeders we have worldwide  work together and possibly bring a male here for 1 year or 2   to use on a couple of good bitches who are unrelated to each other as possible. Maybe the same with a bitch to come over in whelp and be returned in whelp .I don’t know there are so few breeders it is not just fresh vallhund bloodlines we need new breeders who will keep our breed going into the future as none of us are getting  younger .

SD, Lack of different stud dogs used.

DD, not  having enough bloodlines that breeders can use to keep the breed healthy for future generations .

Q9.What has been your proudest moment as a breeder

RJ, Best of breed at Crufts with Kirkholme Harald which I think was his 2nd cc  ,and his brother Ch Kirkholme   getting   Bob there  too  another year.

JD  So many things as a breeder make me proud , owners faces when they win a class,cc,make up their do, today so many people are doing so much more with their vallhunds only today I received a message regarding the vallhund who won Bob at Crufts this year ,to let me know he had passed another scent work test and he is off to mantrailing tomorrow. Happy owners whose dogs have given them so much pleasure and opened a new chapter in their lives, I’m proud when an owner breeds their 1st litter and gets experiences  so many take for granted .I’m happy to walk my girls across a field and be proud of the fact in my eyes they look and act as a sv .

SD Making Hollie   into a champion  and all of her top awards  ,CH Galerita Hollie Berrie .

DD When the young Tanellis Bloomin William won the Rcc at Crufts  19 with his owner .

Q10 ,what advice would give to a New /Future breeder .

RJ   To new /future breeders I would say glean as much information as you can about the lines of the dogs you want to breed from .Ask questions talk to other breeders .You will find people in the breed who are willing to be mentors  .Listen  sift it through your head and stop and look at the dogs in the ring ,Its useful if you can see progeny from stud dogs If the dog isn’t shown go and see him at home .Most of all if you don’t get what you want 1st time ,be honest and start again .Good luck you will need it .

JD To start with stock that fits the standard bred from stock that fits the standard ,me and my sayings  ,can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear .Study the lines behind your girl find out as much as you can about her littermates ,parents ,grandparents and their littermates .Don’t be afraid to ask questions from more than 1 person  you never stop learning  .

SD To think before you do it and make sure you can take back all puppies you have bred .

DD   Ask loads of questions from experienced breeders who have been around for a while .Read the Breed Standard that is the Blueprint of the breed. I myself enjoy reading pedigrees just to see where my dogs are from. Good luck.





Part 2

I will start with another 2 Breeders Question answers;

One from Dr Chris Milliard, Hurstmore and One from Jan Wilton, Meddobe Thank you both x.


1) What first attracted you to the breed?

Chris, I met Nicky Gascoigne and Ch Rosern Forever at a show and I was hooked, lovely temperament, active, alert and an intelligent breed, with an easy to care for coat and an ideal size

Ja , We had Dobermanns at the time and were looking for a small but robust breed that would fit in with our Dobermanns .After quite some time we came across the Swedish Vallhund and we bought our 1st vallhund in 1984


2) How did you choose your affix and does it have a meaning?

Chris, My affix came about because I had westies and wanted a Scottish name also I was studying Geology at university and found some Cambrian (4600 million years old) rocks in western Scotland called Karmore beds.

Jan,  We had moved to the Medway and were debating whether or not to breed our Dobermann bitch so we decided to apply to the Kc for Meddobe which is part of Medway and part Dobermann, we have had our affix since  1981 .


3) When planning a litter what do you look for in a stud dog?

Chris, I don’t consider myself as a breeder as I have only had 2 litters ,but any stud dog should complement the bitch in terms of pedigree ,not have the same faults  but have virtues you wish to introduce into your lines .Also relevant health tests ,have good breed type  and good temperament and sound movement .

Jan, We look to see offspring the dog has produced ,also we like to keep our lines going by using dogs that were in our original breeding program within their lines .We look for dogs that produce puppies with good bone ,size ,markings and most important have the required health check certificates .


4) What do you look for in a potential puppy to keep for showing?

Chris, Good construction and movement and outgoing temperament, I always pick puppies when wet and then at 6 weeks.

Jan,  Size (not too small ) and plenty of bone ,good length  of neck and level topline ,nice head with good  ear set , a good shoulder placement .I prefer well defined markings  but that is not always the case ,a descent rear angulation .It is very hard to get it right as puppies change considerably whilst growing on .


5) Within your lines is there a particular Dog/Bitch who you feel has had a major influence in your kennel?

Chris, Can Ch Vastgota Rainmaker he is a lovely size, great topline and reach of neck and a sound mover and like most male vallhunds has a wonderful temperament.

Jan,  Ch Kirkholme Harald   and Hurstfield Dee at Meddobe .


6) Which do you feel are  the best you have bred   1st choice  2nd choice .?

Chris, 1st choice Hedra ,Karmore Cornish Design  lightly shown but is a very famine girl with a good head and sound movement  she loves to work she has her Kennel club Gold good citizen and has taken to agility well. .2nd choice  Zanta , Karmore Cornish Maid ,she won well in the ring ,a lovely sized bitch with a solid topline and excellent depth to chest and very sound movement .I was very pleased when she won the Rcc the last time Jacqui Bayliss judged  the 2nd I believe .

Jan, 1st, Ch Meddobe Alexis ,owned by Wendy Amon ,she was her 1st vallhund .2nd , Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour.


7) Which has been your most admired vallhund not bred by you worldwide past or present ?

Chris ,There have been so many but here  is a short list , in dogs Can Ch Vastgota Rainmaker and Int Ch Rapp. Bitches, Multi Ch Fennican Geeba Gerbera ,I gave her Best veteran and Bis at the Finnish specialty and she took my breath away ,so full of breed type and exceptionally sound . My ideal vallhund though would be Multi Ch Skogsbygdens  Nora Supernova .I have never judged her but have seen her many times at Swedish shows her head ,,reach of neck and topline were superb and her movement exceptional .

Jan . Without a doubt Norsled Mac owned by the late June Pearce  and shown by Susie .


8) What do you feel is the most challenging  thing facing breeding in the UK?

Chris , It has to be our very limited breedlines ,we urgently need new  lines in the UK. Unfortunately in a few generations we will be facing major health issues it’s a problem that’s worldwide .The way forward is international cooperation and in the UK I would like to see  the breed club and the Kc develop a breeders symposium to address this issue .

Jan , Trying to get it right regarding the size and of course the breed standard. Breeding for the sake of breeding is not good without looking into the background of said dog/bitch before breeding. When in doubt  seek advice  from someone that has the knowledge of the breed  and the insight  of the pedigree of dogs from the past.


9) What has been your proudest moment as a breeder ?

Chris , Difficult as I have been lucky to have had a few , but it has to be making up Ch Hurstfield Mabel at Karmore into the 1st Tailed Champion as a veteran at the Club Champ show .

Jan , Three come to mind , 1 seeing a dog we have bred get its first  CC from our first litter, Ch Meddobe Dees Defender at Drois ,owned by the late Sue Burgess ; Ch Kirkholme Harold - Hurstfield Dee at Meddobe . 2 seeing Wendy Amon winning Bob Crufts with Ch Meddobe Alexis and Taggies dad Ch Hildrek Trygg Terje at Meddobe winning the Drcc. and being awarded the Drcc at Crufts  2018 with Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour ,Morse when he was a junior .


10) What advice would you give to a  New / Future breeder ?

Chris ,  Ask many people for advice , learn about pedigrees and what is behind your stock. Be very self-critical of your own stock and take time to learn about the breed .Have a list of prospective owners before breeding  and be prepared to take puppies back ,if you can’t don’t breed. Health test all breeding stock and aim to only use stock of good breed type ,sound construction and excellent temperament .Finally and for me most importantly  remember we are thee guardians of this breed and for the time we are involved with it ,we should all aim to leave it in a better state than when we first became involved with it .

Jan , Don’t rush into breeding without looking into the breed  and knowing what you want Do your  best to keep to the breed standard and most of all have all the health checks done before hand and make sure that the Dog/Bitch you decide on also has all the required health checks and that you are happy with the results .If you do not have homes for all your pups ,be prepared to keep them .If unsure seek help .


Thank you both , Chris also sent me the following piece ,

Hi Lyn very interesting breed notes this week (the last ones) , although it was a shame more people didn’t respond ,how many were asked. I think we have a problem with breeders cooperating together over here and would like a proper breeding strategy developed ,maybe the Kc should get involved as we have dwindling bloodlines in a few years time we will have nowhere to go .It’s interesting that in Sweden they are promoting low inbreeding co-efficient , but this needs to take place in conjunction with health testing although with the Aht in financial difficulties that’s going to be an issue over here.

Some of the comments brought back  some very happy memories ,when I first came into the breed we all used to visit every litter and I remember Jacqui Bayliss  getting me to examine each puppy and discuss its virtues and faults , a very good grounding for later judging and breeding litters ,we all used to share pedigrees and work out matings. In those days there were no computer  programmers to help and we were often up to the wee small hours handwriting them out .I have been very lucky in that I have known most of the early dogs in our pedigrees  such  as Ryslip Rustibuss, Akkeval Zamba  and Snakkens Kikkan .I also remember seeing Starvon Atlantic on my first trip to Sweden , later on Ribston , Rodagardens Risto , Rapp , Garmalda, Degerdoris and many others .We really have a global vallhund community it would be great to see further cooperation with everyone .


Proud owner Rosemary Peacock -Jackson  had another good result with Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme  passed another scentwork test and has started Manwork too  ,Brains and beauty  Bob at Crufts 2020, Congratulations Rosemary  x

Another proud owner Debbie Howe  ,amazing photographer as we all know sent in my favorite photo  of  Quinn  ( Valaller Rain Child )  literally flying across the beach into  a Photographic competition in a Global competition looking for a cover girl model , a couple of weeks ago she was notified she was a finalist , Debbie was pleased with that and then she has been informed that she has won the competition  making her The Orvis Cover Dog .She will be on the cover of their magazine  , plus vouchers to buy her something special .I’ve looked up the company beautiful top of the range  things for  dogs  . Congratulations who bred a proper lil superstar  Debbie x


    Thank you Rosemary  ,Jo ,Sandra, Domna, Chris and Jan   i'm sure our readers will enjoy reading this useful  info



Part 3

Good morning everyone  I have  a piece from  Steve Zbilut  regarding breeding his very 1st litter , Steve for those that do not know is  grandson of the great late  Alec Mackenzie  a fabulous ,knowledgeable and popular  judge, He had started Steve years ago as a boy handling Alecs vallhund ,  Moonsfield Tjina ,bred by Pauline Harrold .


A few years ago I decided to get back into showing and was lucky enough to be trusted by Jo Day to have our girl Emelie, Starvon Deja Vu .Although I have grown up in a dog showing family, breeding was not something I was familiar with, once Emelie was 3 years old plus had done her health tests, we then had to sort out a stud dog that we felt would complement her and be compatible. Obviously we then  had several  conversations with her breeder Jo  Day , and Jo suggested that Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda would match up very well and we appreciated all the support all the way through from her Thanks Jo  .We then approached Gemma Perry and Lyn Etches asking if they would allow us to use the lovely Spyda ,who had also done his health tests, and we were delighted when they agreed .5 weeks after the mating we met up with Gemma and Lyn for the scan and we were delighted to learn that Emelie and Spyda  were expecting 5or 6 puppies, that was such a great feeling knowing the mating was a success.  The following weeks flew by and then Emelie's temperature dropped so we knew she was going to be delivering anytime soon .After a very restless night the puppies  began to appear  one after the other ,It was a very busy morning and then an hour and a half after number 6 puppy we had a surprise number 7 .It was such a big relief when the birthing   was over , and mum and puppies were all in perfect health  and settling .When it came to sorting out  potential homes  , we have kept a bitch  ,Gemma and Lyn , and my auntie Jo was having boys  so that left 4 to sort out with new homes .I was amazed at the interest from overseas as well as here .We also had this awful Virus  thing to contend with .We found that with people being off work they thought it was the perfect time to have a puppy ,on further conversations some calls were from people who thought when they go back to work the pup will be fine left all day , 1 lady said yes she will be going back to work shortly and thought puppy will be fine left 8/9 hrs  he will be ok as he will know it’s his house  , nobody going in during the day I told her it won’t be 1 of our puppies .By the time the puppies were a few weeks old we had lined up all of the special prospective families for them and were sure they will all be loved and cared for .We are delighted that ,Skye ,Ernie, Bear and Odin are planned to be going in the show ring that will be fun 3 boys in the ring together .This was the most amazing experience for us as a family and we are grateful for the support we received Gemma and Lyn were with us every step of the way and Jo Day mentored us through it from day 1 ,Occasionally we sought advice from other breeders and they were only too willing to offer advice which goes to show how close we are as a breed .We were also lucky to have  my auntie Jo Strong on our doorstep to help with the whelping and she has a puppy ,Bear 1 of the boys .

Would we do it again? I don’t know .It was special and enjoyable but it was very tiring.

       From Steve, Sam and Sophie (Ohanaway)


Thanks Steve and fancy these 2 were playing together at Jos when they were pups who knew how their futures were to get together again and produce some gorgeous pups.


Next I received this post from Jo Strong, you may remember I had asked people to pen a piece re your new puppies in your home .Some had promised but sadly only 1 responded.


As requested I am introducing us and our new Swedish Vallhund, Bear , Ohanaway Having a Blast with Mackjama  (Starvon Deja Vu  x Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda )


Although we are first time Vallhund owners, they are not a new breed to me as my father Alec Mackenzie showed his Magnus of Mackfield back in the 80s, some of you may remember him .Most of you may know my nephew, Steve Zbilut and his family who have bred this litter, so we have been following Vallhund showing and results for a few years now.

We have been showing our whippets for many years and Steve’s daughter Sophie often comes with me to show 1 of my girls as well as her own Vallhund ,so after falling in love with the breed again it seemed a natural progression ,when Emelie was having puppies ,to also have 1 of our own  .My daughter Amy and I are looking forward to learning a different style of showing than the stacking and precise lines that we are used to in whippets and im sure Sophie and Steve will have great fun teaching us for a change and being there to take Bear to shows when we can’t make it .

Bear has been a joy to live with so far ,he is good on his lead ,has pretty sussed his recall and sleeps happily through the night in the sitting room with 2 of our older boys .He is such a little character , far more vocal than what we are used to and very demanding when he wants something but seems to learn quite quickly what he will get away with .For example when he goes to Amy’s house to stay for the day he has already learnt that if he sits by her desk and barks at her ,she will nip him out for yet another walk .My husband hopes to do something in the future with Bear that stimulates his brain and is currently looking into things like  Man trailing .

I would like to thank Steve and his family for all of their help in choosing the right puppy for us and to others such as Jo Day and Mariette and Bob Fisher for all of their advice, we really appreciate it .We look forward to meeting those of you we don’t already know at a show one day in the hopefully not too distant future.

        Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clinton

Thank you Jo.


News from Debbie Howe , Quinn ,Valaller Rain Child , has been notified she is the overall winner of the new Orvis Cover Girl for their magazines ,This makes her an International canine model  her prize for herself  is a voucher for £500  of goods of Debbie’s choice  from their  upmarket  Dog equipment and goods  , Fab well done


Vicky Allsop has just informed me she entered pictures in a competition for the Roostars o/l charity show, and Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking won Bob and Zanta, Karmore Cornish Maid won Bpib.  Well done.


Swedish Vallhund Enthusiasts UK Online Show Results

Best In Show  Judge  -  Kim Offord

Best in Show -- Hippi - Annika Lunblad       Reserve Best in Show -- Bosse -  Andy Lowry

Best  Puppy in show -- Stig  Annika Lundblund  Best Veteran in Show  Buse - Wendy Amon


Veteran   -  Lynn  Pallatina

Dogs    1st  Buse  9 1/2 yrs    --  Wendy Amon  ,     2nd Rayda  16yrs --   Lyn Etches -

             3rd  Zeb   12 1/2 yrs   --   Vicky Allsop   --   4th Teddy 7yrs -- Louise Eriksfjord Paterson

Bitch     1st  Wilma   11yrs    --   Annika Lundblad ,   2nd   Fay   8yrs   --    Joanne Stockbridge

             3rd  Yira      13 yrs   --   Wendy Amon      ,   4th    Mia   10yrs  --    Darren Green


Baby Puppy under 6 month  - Joanne Stockbridge .

Dogs     1st    Stig      11wks   --  Annika Lundblad  ,  2nd  Ernie  18wks         -- Gemma Perry

             3rd   Odin  Franklin  18wks                           4th    Bear   18wks         -- Jo Strong

Bitch     1st    Flisan    18wks  --  Annika Lundblad  , 2nd   Bumble  20 wks    -- Wendy Amon

             3rd   Cora      14 wks --   Lynn Pallatina      , 4th    Winter   13 wks     --  Andy Crouch


Puppy 6 - 18 mths   -  Wendy Amon

Dogs      1st   Stig  11 mths       --  Annika Lundblad ,  2nd  Rio  14 mths      --  Scott Shaw  Bitch   1st   Artan 6 1/2 mths    --  Annika Lundblad   ,  2nd  Ursa   -- Fiona Cameron,  3rd  Hippi   8mth   --  Annika  Lundblad


 Open  18 Months Up -  Mel  Harris

Dogs      1st  Linus     --    Annika  Lundblad         2nd   King       --     Annika  Lundblad 

              3rd  Milo       --    Annika  Lundblad         4th    Pojken   --     Annika  Lundblad

Bitch      1st  Hippi     --    Annika  Lundblad        2nd   Saphira  --    Annika  Lundblad

              3rd Pippa     --    Domna  Dodd               4th    Ellen       --    Annika  Lundblad


  Champion  -  Paul  Skinner

Dogs      1st   Bosse   --    Andy Laurie                   2nd  Buse      --  Wendy  Amon

               3rd  Pojken  --    Annika Lundblad           4th   Cain       --  Joanne  Stockbridge

Bitches   1st   Loppis  --    Annika Lundblad           2nd  Stella     --   Andy     Lawrie

               3rd  Hippi    --     Annika Lundblad           4th   Ella        --   Domna Dodd


Rainbow Bridge - Karen Powney

 Dogs     1st      Tagz       Kerry Diamond                      2nd   Spike   --     Louise  Patterson

               3rd    Yngve     Annika  Lundblad

Bitches  1st   Wilma  --  Annika  Lundblad             2nd  Taggi    --     Wendy Amon

              3rd   Ellen    --  Annika  Lundblad             4th   Fenella   --    Lizzie Young


Congratulations  to all    £ 132  was raised  for charity


Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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