Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


A large selection of show news for you all starting with 3 Counties, with no ccs on offer our judge was Mrs Gail Hussey.  She chose for her Bd & Bob Lynn Pallatina’s ‘Loki’ Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me,   her Rd was also Lynn’s ‘Zeno’ Starvon The Dark Knight. Bb & Bv was Louise Paterson’s ‘Kayla’ Eriksfjord Charmed. No Rb as only 1 bitch entered.    

Next came Blackpool where our judge was Mrs Liz Cartledge. This lady is the one we have to thank for bringing our lovely breed to us in the UK, and obviously a breed specialist and so it was such a shame it was another low entry. The trouble is Blackpool is so far for a lot of our exhibitors, she was obviously still happy with the exhibits as no w/h.  Liz chose for her Dcc, Bob & Best jun Kyle Jones’s ‘Blaze’ Tanellis Bloomin William. This young dog has given Kyle such a good start in the breed. Bcc was awarded to Blaze’s dam, Domna & Richard Dodd’s ‘Ellie’ Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. Rdcc was Louise Paterson & Karen Kennedy’s ‘Rocky’ Chirch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin. Rbcc was the litter sister to Dcc, Domna &Richard Dodd’s ‘Pippa’ Tanellis Bloomin Primrose.

Next came Windsor where our judge was Mr Voss (Norway), Dcc  was awarded to Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Morse’ Meddobe Spices Endeavour His 3rd Cc, Rdcc was Kyle Jones’s ‘Blaze’ Tanellis Bloomin William. Bcc was another of Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Minka’ (Littermate Of Dcc) Meddobe Anna Travis, Rbcc was Wendy Amon’s Ch Pepperthyme Theodora, Bv was Karen Powney’s Eriksfjord Jazz Bunny .

Next came East of England and other breed specialist Mrs Britt-Marie Young. She chose for her Dcc & Bob Gemma Perry & Mine ‘Spyda  Starvon Cryptic Spyda, this was his magic 3rd thank you all for your congratulation messages. Rdcc was Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Morse’ Meddobes Spices Endeavour. Bcc was Jan & Derek’s ‘Minka’ Meddobe Anna Travis, Rbcc & Bv was Jo Day & Ada West’s Yosemite Swift River at Starvon. Spec Beg was Mr Doug Pazienza & Mr Andrew Dobinson’s ‘Tippi’ Pepperthyme Cloud Burst, she also came 3rd in Pets as Therapy stakes. Jo told us and our judge that Britt- Marie made up Spyda’s mum the last time she judged so that’s interesting. It was a very good day for team Spyda as first thing Gemma’s daughter Izzy paired with spyda in the Ykc (Youth Kennel Club) members stakes to win, which has qualified them into the finals at Crufts 2020. The Gemma took Spyda into Kcgc (Kennel club good citizens) class where he came 3rd and we finished the day with a quick trip to Dorchester in Dorset for Izzy army cadets training weekend to take another section for her Duke of edingborough award, we were just in time for the coach and she completed her 1 and 2 stars.

Next came National Working & Pastoral breeds and our judge was Mr Richard Kinsey. He chose for his Dcc & Bv Louise Paterson & Ada West’s ‘Teddy’ Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking. Rdcc was Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Morse’ Meddobe Spices Endeavour, for his Bcc & Bob he chose Jan & Derek’s   ‘Minka’ Meddobe Anna Trevis. I received a message from a highly delighted Jan to let me know the results especially as this was her 3rd cc in a row making her a champion, congratulations again. Rbcc was awarded to Debbie Howe’s ‘Leica’ Dangas Diva x Dotter of Valaller (imp).

Steve Zbilut stopped on his way home at a compnion show the judge was Colin Bowden and he awarded ‘Emilie’ Starvon Deja Vu Bis. The following day Steve & Sam’s son Thomas raised £313 in a Race for Life, well done Thomas for completing and raising all that money. Kerry Diamond took ‘Nova’ Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm to Annandale open show, the judge was Mr Paul Conway & she won Bnsc, Gp 1 then Rbis well done. Meanwhile Debbie Howe took Alfie, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici  to Yeovil open show in nsc, Unfortunately  the judge was overheard clearly to say to his steward "and how am i supposed to judge this lot" there was a Pmd, Shelties, Lanc heelers & Alfie, he won Bv. Thats really bad as to judge nsc he has to also be qualified to judge the group. Alfie had won the veteran stakes under  Laureen Woods. Sharon Lee took her two, ‘Casey’ Eriksfjord Brave Charm and ‘Sophie’ her import (i dont know her ped name) to take part in their club’s Hooper Tournament.  Sharon was proud to say both passed their Silver Hooper’s award and Sophie had a 2nd in Barreler’s. I dont know anything about these 2 activities, perhaps Sharon would send me some info to share with us describing the event.

Lastly just a reminder that this coming week is SITP, Spitz in the park. I believe this is the 4th it’s a fabulous event  and the purpose is to encourage All spitz breeds to get together for lots of fun Saturday19th and Sunday 20th you can camp overnight and take part in the Sat eve quiz night. My personal favourite is on the Sunday the Spitzolympics where teams compete against each other, some teams have all the same breed and some are mixed you just get together on the day. There is a variety of things going on, So far this event has raised Several Thousand Pounds for charity inc AHT so don’t be shy, come along to Padworth Village hall, Reading.  

Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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