Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


The start of these breed notes must of course begin with the news of the loss of Ada West, Starvon also known as The Boss she has passed over the bridge to join her beloved Reg and all of the Starvon German Shepherds and Swedish Vallhunds that have been waiting for her there plus other breeders ready for that magical show up above. Shows are not the same anymore without hearing her famous catchphrase ‘Ere guess what ... ‘etc. Jo Day has promised to carry on with the Starvon lines for them and shares the affix. Gemma and I have the last dog that she bred and so was lovely when jo was able to tell her the last dog she bred has become a champion the latest of many champions of Starvon far and wide. Jo has promised that in the next Starvon litter there will be a pup called ‘Starvon Ere ..... ‘ . My daughter Sam and I 1st met Ada & Reg  at Bath champ show i think 1991, Sam was waiting to go in the ring with her 1st vallhund a tailed puppy bitch obviously at the time we didn’t know anyone but I was horrified when this male exhibitor  had a go at her about not taking her in the ring as she had a tail. Ada and Reg stepped in against him telling him not to have a go at a youngster ( 14yrs) and said she has a vallhund and of course she can show her. Since then we became friends, of course we occasionally disagreed on things but we never fell out. When Sam a few years later was at a show with her baby son (10mths) on a hot day we were all sat ringside waiting to go in they both suddenly started laughing and proudly saying we have bought his 1st ice cream it was all over his face it was so funny but that sums them up always looking out for youngsters. Starvon vallhunds are known globally for their lovely sound temperament and good type and size. I and Gemma now own the last male she bred and it was lovely that Jo was able to tell her that he was now another champion for Starvon. I’m sure you all join me in offering the family condolences. The funeral will be held on 19th August at 1 -20, Barham Crematorium , Barham, Nr Canterbury, Kent, CT4 6QU. Dress Code Colourful, any other info contact Jo Day.


I have been given some show news for you all. Kingston open show had vallhund classes the judge was Penny Roberts and there were 3 valls present. Bob was Jan & Derek Wilton’s Morse, Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour and he also won Group 1. She said it was a long day but worth going. I previously had said Morse was littermate to Minka but she was from her repeat mating of Morse thanks for correcting me. At Minehead they had sv classes and the judge was James Adamson, Debbie Howe won Bob with Leica, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller (imp).  Rbob was Cherie Hackneys Blue, Starvon Bring It On. At Totnes & Dist the judge was Mrs Davies and she chose for Bob Debbie Howe’s Alfie Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici. Sorry not sure which of Cherie Hackneys boys were Rbob. Chris Millard went to Cambourne show at Redruth and won Bnsc and Gp 3 with Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz for Karmore, unfortunately he hadn’t entered in Pastoral veteran also. You always have to be entered in the 7 group veteran classes to challenge for Bvis, that way the final challenge of the day is 7 group winners  for Bis, 7 pups and 7 veterans the majority of shows do this now.  At Dorset County open show  the judge was Mrs A king, unfortunately  Spyda, Ch (tbc) Starvon Cryptic Spyda was the only vallhund but he did win Pastoral Gp 2 out of a large group, we were pleased with that.


News now from SITP, Spitz In The Park. A fabulous fun event for all Spitz breeds on the Saturday A complete mixture of events Inc. a Companion show, Steve Zbilut took Emile, Starvon Deja Vu into this, the previous year they had won BIs. Kc Good Citizen testing Bronze and Silver, Have a go Rally -o, Agility other interesting things followed by quiz night and supper. On the Sunday there was an Animal 1st aid course, very useful. Eye testing, have a go Agility and this time a new one on me Hoopers.  Spyda  fully enjoyed this as did Gemma’s other boy her SS Murphy, also there was Kcgc Gold testing, a Barbecue and the always fun Spitzolympics where everyone formed teams of 6  mostly the same breeds  but Gemma’s team was the Misfits with 1 sv, 1 ss and 3 spitz. Races comprise of this year  11 legged, Water race always a hoot as you hold the dogs lead in same hand as cup of water, sack race, fastest eater, fastest down etc. We met a couple of vallhunds, Ceri and her family who could only stay for the morning but they have promised next year if they can only do half a day again they will come for the afternoon, turns out he was another young starvon who was 1 of the other litters at jo’s when she had Spyda. The other one had left he was bred by Wendy. Hopefully next year there will be more sv and on that note the weekend’s dates for next year will be 17th, 18th, 19th July at the same venue held near Reading. So put that in your diary.


Results from Leeds another smaller entry for Steve Hall, he chose for his Dcc & Bob Jan and Derek Walton’s Morse, Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour. Rdcc was Karen Kennedy & Louise Paterson’s Mikey, Ch irch Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Bcc & Bv was Louise Paterson’s Kayla, Eriksfjord Charmed. Rcc went to Kerry Diamond’s Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm. There were no puppies or Spec Beguiners. Im sure Jan was thrilled to read that Morse is currently Top Swedish vallhund in breed.

Talking of low numbers I was very sad to read Liz Cartledge’s comments from Blackpool  my heart went out to her after all the work her and the late jo went to, to bring swedish vallhunds to us, it again was a small entry at this rate we could lose ccs for 20/21.


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