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It was a great honour to be invited by the Committee to judge this prestigious event and I
thank all the exhibitors for entering their dogs. There was a happy and relaxed atmosphere
around the show and quite a number of breed goodies to spend our money upon. Thank you
to the Committee for the beautiful handmade Swedish Vallhund design cushions and bottle of
Many of my decisions were close, if not nitpicking, and indicates there was plenty of quality
present on the day. The sun shone brightly after a cloudy start and it was necessary to call
the dogs into the shade of the judge’s tent when possible as the afternoon wore on. The
venue was great although I would have preferred the grass to be a little shorter as the dogs’
feet were disappearing into its length. I am grateful for Kirsty’s very able stewarding and
keeping everyone in order.
Once I had a copy of the catalogue, it was interesting to see the number of imports who
appear to be making their mark in our breed. I think only time will tell how the various lines
blend and enrich the gene pool. Having been away from the UK show scene for quite
sometime many dogs and their owners were completely unknown to me but then knowledge
of these factors makes no difference to my judging.
I was disappointed to find eyes that were either round or bordering upon being so. Teeth were
fine on the whole but some would benefit from the use of a toothbrush.
Veteran Dog - 2 (abs 1)
1st Pallatina’s Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me at Valltineya
A beautiful 7-year old male offering a strong outline. Masculine head, good eye shape and
ear placement. Strong bone, excellent topline and plentiful rib cage. To top it all, he had
wonderful movement moving with drive from behind. BVD & RBVIS
Minor Puppy Dog – 1
1st Howe’s Valaller Photographer
Just 6 months with a super temperament. Head well proportioned of good shape. Eyes of
correct set and shape and ears well placed. Good topline and set on of tail. He moved well if
a little unsettled but he has plenty of time on his side. BPD & RBPIS
Puppy Dog – no entries
Junior Dog – 2
1st Perry & Etches’ Starvon Easy On The I Edison
Coat of excellent colour, longer but close lying. Super head with good eye set and colour
producing the correct expression. Forehead wrinkled at present when ears are erect but this
should disappear as he grows. Lovely bone. Strong topline leading to a well-set stub tail that
waved with happiness. Super temperament and moved with drive.
2nd Richards & Chappell’s Starvon Ee’z The One of Palostras
Another dog with a super temperament. Good coat and colour and markings. Eyes of good
shape and colour. Excellent bone. Excellent topline. Moderate rib cage Moved well around
the ring but lost out to the first in his front movement.
Graduate Dog – 2
1st Spry’s Westorps Wild Thing To Pepperthyme (Imp Swe)
Male with excellent colouring and markings on head and body. Close lying coarse coat.
Masculine head with just enough stop, good eye shape and colour. Good length of neck
leading to an excellent topline and set on of tail. Moved well driving from the rear once he
settled into his stride.
2nd Richards & Chappell’s Starvon Ee’z The One of Palostras
see 2nd in Junior.
Post Graduate Dog – 1
1st Linney’s Aescwine Little A
Well proportioned dog, good overall outline and colouring. Well shaped head with excellent
markings. Good eye shape, set and colour. Good bone, depth of chest and ample ribcage
plus correct set on of tail. Topline could be a little stronger. Moved well both fore and aft.
Limit Dog – 1
1st Linney’s Cecil Vom Brüggener Land Mit Aescwine (Imp DEU)
A very happy soul of good temperament using his tail to demonstrate the fact. Excellent
outline, close fitting jacket of good colour. Good head for shape with good facial markings.
Moved well driving from behind but is a tad wide in front.
Open Dog – 8 (abs 1)
1st Drinkwater’s Ch Danga’s Norton Junkerson In Galerita (Imp SWE)
A male that I found hard to ignore. Body of good proportions. Close coat of good colour.
Excellent head, eye shape, set and colour plus correct ear placement. Good neck leading into
correct shoulders, strong level topline and set on of tail. Excellent bone, strong fore chest and
a very well rounded ribcage. Good movement both fore and aft, striding out in front and
driving from behind. DCC & BIS
2nd Perry & Etches’ Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda
Another good male with typical masculine head and expression. Lovely eyes for shape and
colour. Well proportioned body with good top and underline and superb bone. Close fitting
jacket of good colour. Moved with purpose, good both front and rear but not quite as good as
first in this class. Res CC & Res BIS
3rd Strong & Clinton’s Ch Ohanaway Having A Blast At Mackjama
A good male but is a little long in the loin. Eyes are good both for shape and colour. Ears are
well placed. He has good quarters. Coat of good colour. Tail is well set and carried.
Res Howe’s Danga’s Lukas Jollyson of Valaller (Imp SWE)
VHC Pallatina’s Starvon Dark Knight At Valltineya
Veteran Bitch – 4 (abs 2)
1st Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha
A spritely lady of 7 years and 10 months with a very trim body offering a beautiful outline.
Excellent close lying coat of good colour with desired markings. Feminine head and
expression, good eye shape and colour and well placed ears. Beautiful topline and set on of
tail. Strode out strongly driving from behind. BVB & BVIS
2nd Amon’s Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu To Pepperthyme
Another excellent female just 2 months younger than the first. Head of good shape and
colouring. Very solid topline with good set on of tail that was used well to express herself.
Good ribcage and well shaped feet. Lost out to first as she was carrying a little extra weight.
Minor Puppy Bitch – 4 (abs 2)
Two beautiful siblings. Difficult to choose between these two and my decision came down to
1st Biss’ Valaller Strike A Pose
Sweet puppy with lovely feminine expression and a happy demeanor. Good close coat with
excellent markings. Pleasing head with wrinkles between the ears at present that will
probably disappear when her head grows on. Well proportioned outline and good angles fore
and aft. Tail well set on. Moved well in both directions. BPB & BPIS
2nd Fernandez & Hobbs’ Valaller Copyright
Another sweet baby and litter mate to first. Close jacket of good colour. Lovely expressive
eyes giving correct expression. Ears well shaped with good placement. Her movement was a
little erratic making it hard to fully see her potential in this department.
Puppy Bitch – 2
1st McGregor & Griffin’s Valltineya Believe In Me Over Chogoris
Good overall proportions and close lying quality coat. Good head but I would like slightly more
markings around the muzzle. Excellent eyes for both shape and colour and well placed ears.
Just the right amount of bone. Full tail that was well set. Good movement in both directions.
2nd Pallatina’s Valltineya Plot Twist
Another good puppy who only lost out to first on movement and I would have preferred a
darker eye colour. Good face mask. Excellent close jacket. Well set full tail. Movement was
not quite as good as first.
Junior Bitch – 3
1st Amon’s Pepperthyme Wild Fire
A lovely feminine expression assisted by her eye shape and colour. Good top and underline.
Full tail that was well set and carried. Excellent close fitting jacket with good markings. Moved
with purpose both fore and aft.
2nd Cameron & Woods’ Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil
A close decision between these two. Close fitting jacket of good quality and colour with good
markings. Good head. Good eye shape and colour. Strode out firmly with good reach and
3rd Barnes & King’s Starvon Fame Awaits For Izlou
Graduate Bitch – 1
1st Warren’s Valaller In Focus
Beautiful bitch with an excellent short and flat lying coat of lovely colour. Head in good
proportions, correct stop, excellent facial markings, good eye shape and colour giving her a
super feminine expression. Good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Firm top and
under line and a full tail well set and curled over the back. Moved well and especially when
the pace was slowed a little. RBCC
Post Graduate Bitch – 4
1st Linney’s Aescwine Ampelography
This bitch has excellent proportions and angulation. Excellent close lying jacket of good
colour and markings. Feminine head of good shape. Pretty facial markings and a good under
jaw. Correct ear placement. Good topline, tail set and carriage. Moved well both fore and aft.
2nd Borlinghaus & McCann’s Pepperthyme Star Watching
Another lovely bitch presenting a good outline. Excellent top and under line. Good head
shape with well marked mask, good eye shape and colour. She has a full tail that is correctly
set and carried well. Moved around the ring with pride.
3rd Day’s Beidelyn Blowin Kisses In The Wind LT (Imp USA)
Res Warren’s Valaller Rainchaser
Limit Bitch – 4
1st Amon’s Pepperthyme A Star Is Born
Excellent outline. Close lying coat of good colour. Head in good proportions with feminine
expression assisted by good eye shape and colour. Lovely topline leading to a full tail that is
well set and carried. Excellent movement both front and back. BCC & BOS
2nd Cameron & Woods’ Bowkol Am Buachaille
A strong competitor who has a good outline. Feminine head with good eyes for shape and
colour. Excellent top and underline, strong forechest and good bone. Stub tail well set and
used. Moved well both coming and going.
3rd Linney’s Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily At Aescwine
Res Antieul, Stockbridge & Sibley’s Feuervale’s Torchwood (Imp CHE)
Open Bitch – 4 (abs 1)
1st Biss’ Valaller Rainmaker
Feminine head and expression. Lovely expressive eyes good for both shape and set. Well
proportioned body with good angulation front and rear. Good ribcage. Sound movement
coming and going.
2nd Zbilut & Yacomen’s Ch Ohanaway She’s A Rebel
Younger female who has a feminine head in good proportions. Coat of good quality and
colour. Stands well both back and front. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved out well.
3rd Cameron & Woods’ Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire

Wendy Sharman (Naraena) Judge



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