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East of England Agricultural Society  Thursday 6 July 2023
Swedish Vallhund

Many Thanks to everyone who contributed to making my first CC appointment so enjoyable even Thor bashing his hammer and lighting up the sky couldn't spoil my day with the little Viking Dogs. The exhibitors battled through the challenging conditions with good humour and the resilience of the Swedish Vallhund themselves  It was a honour to judge at the last East of England Championship Show and I thank the Officers and Committee for their invitation. Thank you to my stewards without them giving up their time, shows could not go ahead. Overall temperaments and mouths were excellent. 

Yearling Dog
1. Drinkwater's Ch Danga's Norton Junkerson in Galerita (Imp Swe) A young man that I found to be excellent throughout but as no dog is perfect to be ultra critical I would prefer a slightly darker eye. A masculine wedge shaped head with a medium brown eye . Good earset. Correct scissor bite. A good reach of neck into a level topline His body proportions are excellent . He is a picture in profile a dog of excellent balance. Movement is sound and purposeful with good drive. Pleased to award him DCC and BOB.

Graduate Dog
1. Spry's Westrops Wild Thing to Pepperthyme
Quality male of 2 years 8 mths who just needs time to mature as he has many admirable qualities. Breed typical head with lovely dark eye and well placed ears Correct bite. His overall construction is very good, his chest is long and he is well ribbed . Level backline into strong rear quarters Moved out well 

Open Dog
1. Jones' Ch Tanellis Bloomin William , a male I have admired from being a youngster and at 5 years old he is in his prime. A substantial male with good bone. He has an excellent wedge shaped head with correct ears/eyes. Correct dentition. Good body proportions with correct harness markings . Level topline and good angles fore and aft. This boy has character in abundance and likes to announce his presence....he's a Vallhund. Moved well. A close decision today but I just preferred the youngsters overall balance .Happy to award him the RDCC.
2. Drinkwater's Frau Fortuna Aslan (Imp Fin) a mature male of 3 years with plenty of substance. Strong masculine head , Well balanced with good top line and strong loin. Moved soundly.
3. Strong & Clinton's Ch Ohanaway Having A Blast  at Mackjama

Minor Puppy Bitch
1. Pallantina's Valltineya Plot Twist Young lady of 7 months , feminine breed typical head, good bite , mobile pricked ears correct eye shape but I would prefer a darker eye. Body wise she has good proportions and adequate bone. Movement is still loose but expected at just 7 months.
Puppy Bitch
1. Amon's Pepperthyme Wild Fire Puppy of 11 months who impressed on entering the ring and didn't disappoint. Lovely wedge shaped head with correct eye and ears . Strong neck with correct front. Well laid shoulder into a level top line. Well muscled rear quarters. Tight feet. Moved well when settled. I was pleased to award her the Reserve CC.
2. Pallantina's Valltineya Plot Twist
3. Cameron & Woods Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil 

Yearling Bitch
1. Sibley's Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla 16mth female of good breed type, very feminine. Head of pleasing proportions with a medium brown eye and correctly placed ears. Top line needs to strengthen but this is a slow maturing breed so would like to see her again once mature. Moved well
Limit Bitch
1. Barnes & King's Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou Youngster of 15mths with lots to like. A young lady with lots of ring presence. Correct head with fabulous expression. Body proportions are excellent giving a lovely profile of the. Correct ratios. Standing on good feet, she moves well with drive. Still very much a baby and I am sure she has a very bright future. Pleased to award her crowning CC 
2. Amon's Pepperthyme A Star is Born Another lovely bitch of 3 years old Feminine head with medium eye . Correct ratio with harness markings present.Moved well. Just preferred ear carriage of winner
3.Antieul & Stockbridge & Sibley's Feuervale's Torchwood (Imp Che)

Open Bitch
1. Dodd's Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose Female of 5 years. A mature substantial girl with a lovely wedge shaped head. Good ear shape and colour , correct ear placement and shape. Excellent front assembly. Slight dip at the wither but her top line continues into a strong loin and muscled rear quarters. Moved well.
2. Day's Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme
Smaller female of excellent proportions and breed type, very feminine. In profile she is so balanced but today she decided showing was not on her agenda and refused to move for her handler. Such a shame.

Veteran Bitch
Three fabulous Veterans, a credit to their owners.
1. Amon's Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme  Almost 8 years old and in her prime. Excellent wedge shaped head with pleasing expression. Eyes of correct shape and colour . Well situated ears. Body proportions good but top line is just showing her age. Moved well.
2. Drinkwater's Trykeira Daleesha Another quality female with many of the qualities of the winner Just preferred the overall ring presence of the winner.
3. Paterson's Ir Ch Eriksford Celestial Charm

Jackie Tune


National Dog Show 

4th of May 2023

Class 978 JD (2 Entries) 
1st: PERRY, Mrs Gemma & ETCHES, Mrs L.   Starvon Easy on the I Edison. Promising youngster with a lovely head, dark oval eyes, good earset, good bite and typical expression, well made in body, level back, good bone and hind angulation. Moved out so well. Should have a rosy future. 
2nd:  RICHARDS, Mrs L.   Starvon Eez the One of Palostras. I note that he is litter brother to above, so alike and similar notes apply, 1 above won this class today on being slightly more mature and also he gave that little bit extra on the move.   No doubt they will changes places many times in the future as they mature on.

Class 979 YD (2 Entries) 
1st: DRINKWATER, Mr & Mrs A & S.   Ch Danga's Norton Junkerson In Galerita (Imp Swe) Lovely male of 22 months. Nicely balanced overall. Good in head, with correct bite, dark eye and lovely expression. Could have used his ears more. Level back and well made hindquarters, good muscletone. Coat in good order. Moved positively and soundly round the ring. 
2nd:  RICHARDS, Mrs L Starvon Eez the One of Palostras. As previous class.

Class 982 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0.  A lovely class of five champions.
1st: PERRY, Mrs Gemma & ETCHES, Mrs L Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda.  Six year old mature dog who appealed in outline,  well balanced overall  and in good coat and condition. He has a lovely wedge shaped head,  correct dentition, dark oval eye, typical expression,  used his ears and was very attentive, good markings, Good depth of chest, well ribbed, level back, good muscle tone and good angulation front and rear. He put a lot of effort into his movement, which was sound, moving true in front and with thrusting hind action.  DCC & BOB. Delighted to see him  shortlisted in the Group,
2nd:  PALLATINA, Miss L Starvon Dark Knight With Valltineya.  Another six year old mature male. A fraction shorter in back to above.  Very alert and watchful and well made overall.  Good in head with well defined stop, good bite, expressive eyes, good earset  and ears. Level topline, well off for substance. Well made hindquarters. Moved proudly and well round the ring.RDCC.
3rd: STRONG, Mr M & STRONG, Mrs Jo & CLINTON, Miss Amy Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama

Class 987 JB (1 Entries) 
1st: BARNES, Ms L & KING, Miss I Starvon Fame Awaits For Izlou
Well presented youngster, only 14 months old, oozing quality and with great ring presence and of a good type.  She is very feminine and sound to go over. Lovely head, correct dentition, dark expressive eyes and good earset, and attentive of her handler, well made in front and  good reach of neck and level back, coat of good texture, good hind angulation. Moved so well round  the ring in harmony with her handler it was a delight to see. Should do well. BCC.

Class 991 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: DAY, Mrs Joanna.  Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme.  Feminine bitch aged six, mature, balanced  and well put together.  Lovely head and expression, dark eyes and correct bite.  Level topline, Good forechest, angulation and bone.  Free and active on the move. BRCC.

Class 992 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: RICHARDS, Mrs L Fantasi Lucy Locket of Palostras (Imp USA). 14 years old and still in top form and it looked like she enjoyed her day out.  She was attentive of her handler at all times.  Good shape and type, good  substance, enough neckline and good earset. Good coat texture.  .Performed very well for one of her age, moved well and positively round the ring.  BV

Britt-Marie Young


Crufts 2023

Firstly I would like to thank the Crufts Show Committee for giving me this appointment, plus all their hospitality, it was such an honour and I enjoyed my day, even though it was a very long one.
I would also like to thank my stewards Hilary and Marcia for their invaluable help in making the ring run so smoothly, thank you ladies.
But the biggest thanks is to all the exhibitors for their entries and sportsmanship and the way they took my decisions and for getting through in the dreadful weather, no absentee’s!
Overall today I thought the depth of quality was in the males, but I found some very nice bitches. O looking back over my notes of the last twice I have judged your breeds I was pleased to find a number of dogs that I had placed and thought highly of in all the age range. What I really was looking for was an animal who was fit for the job intended and for me all my winners fitted the bill.
Shoulders appeared to be a problem, to many slightly upright, which so makes the front movement incorrect and sometimes a little sloppy, these points made were paramount in my decisions. No bad mouths and all eyes although slightly varying were of a good colour, I was most impressed with feet, niot once did I think “awful feet”, so I have not mentioned these in my critiques as my winners all had good ones, coats on the whole were correct.  A couple of the youngsters showed nerves, but I tried to give them the time to settle, as Crufts is not an easy show for youngsters with the lighting, carpet and noise! My winners pleased me, and I was delighted and proud to see my BOB shortlisted in the group.
DCC Drinkwaters Danga Norton Junkerson in Galerita
RDCC Pallantina Ch Starvons All Eyes On Me at Vallinyea
BCC Hislop & Dolan Tanellis Colina
RCC Day Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme
BOB Drinkwater Danga Norton Junkerson in Galerita (Swe Imp)
BP Etches & Perry Starvon Easy On The I Edison
BV Pallantina Ch Starvons All Eyes On Me at Vallinyea

Veteran Dog
1st Pallentina Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltieya
I see from notes on previous shows I have judged this boy twice before so and placed him 2nd the first time followed by BOB the next time I judged, was so pleased to find him again ,congratulations to his owner for the way they both looked, a great achievement. 7 year old male of fabulous breed type, very workman like strong correct but not overdone head correct dentition eyes and ear set giving a terrific expression, lovely balanced reach of neck into well laid shoulders, therefore correct front deep chest, well- constructed body good spring of rib, correct length, strong driving back end, powerful hocks .In good condition, showed himself off like the showman he is.  Pleased to award him the RCC.
2nd Cunningham-Schneeberger In Ch/HR/SLO Ch Kuskvillan’s Dunder
8.5 year old male of very good breed type, much to like about him correct head shape, but I preferred the stronger head of one, correct dentition and eyes well placed ears correct reach of neck shoulders good deep chested so has a correct front  construction and balanced good well bodied good spring of rib  strong driving rear end. Moved out well.

PD (4) 
I see in my catalogue that these 3 boys are litter brothers what a fabulous litter, congratulations to their breeder, and I see they are out of the bitch I gave the RCC today.
1st Etches and Perry Mesdames Starvon Easy On The I Edison
What a well named boy he is exactly that, he is showing so much promise for the future. Today for me he scored in his correct and well balanced head dentition and eyes and ear set correct, giving him a bright and alert expression, correct length of neck well- muscled good lay back of shoulders therefore a straight front, depth of chest developing well -constructed throughout ribs springing nicely strong hocks powerful movement, correct coat well presented and handled. Certainly a boy for the future. Delighted to give him BP
2nd Chapman and Chapple Starvon Eez The One of Paiostras
Another boy who I liked a lot, loved his correct and balanced head with good dentition correct eyes and lovely ear set strong neck into good shoulders chest developing nicely giving him a correct front, balanced body throughout and he has but on the move he does not have the solid rear drive of one, but this will come, another boy to watch.
3r Denton & Mills Starvon Enter the Dragon.
So like his litter mates in so many ways, he has the same attributes in head and body construction but not as mature today not as one with his handler on the move so not driving out as well, but 3 very nice boys.

1st R&C SETOofP
2nd R&T SETD
3rd Ring Starvon Fit for a King
Placed R in the previous class, nicely balanced boy again good in head and expression a little straight in shoulder therefor lost his topline on the move, but he was much more settled in this class so keep working with him.

PG (1)
1st Linney Aescwine Little A
Stood alone in this class, but well deserved his first place, a boy of good breed type correctly balanced head dentition and eyes good used his ears well, good length of neck chest developing into a straight front well bodied and once settled his movement was true, handler needs to learn to pace herself with him and also develop animation.

LD (2)
1stDrinkwater Danga’s Norton Junkerson in Galerita (Swe Imp)
I judged this boy in a puppy group last year and placed him 2nd, apparently I said to his handler that I would love to judge him against his own breed, well my wish came true and he did not disappoint.  Strong workman like boy, so correctly made and balanced throughout, loved his strong masculine head so well balanced good dentition correct eyes ears set on well but on the table he did not use them, but they came up on the move correct length of neck well-muscled into good shoulders strong developed chest and a straight front, body of correct length, well ribbed and mature, strong driving rear end, moved out well especially when asked to go on a full length of lead. Was a pleasure to give him the CC and BOB, I knew by his handlers face that this was the special one. So pleased and proud to see him shortlisted in the group big congratulations. Sorry I missed it on the night.
2nd Linney Cecil von Bruggener mit Aescwine (Imp Deu)
This boy has lots to like about him and was unlucky to come up against a very in form boy, although I found his head balanced and everything correct for me it is not strong enough. He has a good neck and shoulders and a straight front not the development in his chest as one, slightly longer cast therefore could lose his topline on the move and his backend movement not as strong. Good coat again more animation needed on the move.

OD (5)
1st Jones Tanellis Bloomin William.
Overall a very well balanced boy, I liked his head and expression dentition and eyes correct, good ear carriage, correct length of neck well laid back shoulders chest could be more pronounced but he is good in front, body balanced with a good spring of rib moved well a true specimen of the breed.
2nd Pallantina Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya 
This boy spoke Vallhund male to me loved his head and expression dentition and eyes correct ear set good, correct neck into well laid shoulders strong roomy chest giving him a great front, body balanced throughout, but this is where my problem came, as he was carrying too much weight, but he has so many attributes I liked that I was happy to give him this place, still moved out well, coat correct and well handled. Without the excess weight who knows what might have happened.
3rd Strong  & Clinton Ch Ohanaway Having a blast at Mackjama.
Third of three very nice specimens of your breed, again strong masculine head with a great expression well- constructed throughout but for me he was not driving as well as the two above him again in lovely condition and well handled.

GCDS (2)

VB (3)
1st Cunningham& Cunningham-Schneeberger & Cunningham
IntCh/hrCh/dkCh/deCh Chipsmaker’s Hello Mary Lou.
Can’t tell you how many times I corrected this ladies owners names and then her titles, still hoping I got it right.
This lady was 13 years old, and could not be overlooked, of very good breed type, pretty feminine head with everything correct, eyes starting to cloud a little but this did not distract, she is extremely well constructed throughout, on the smaller side which I am sure helped her flowing movement, In lovely condition for her age, well presented and handled.
2n Diamond Ch Eriksford Aurora Charm ShCM
7 years old and looking good, lovely head and expression everything was correct, good length of neck ,good chest room into a true front, well balanced body good spring of rib driving well at the back, will hold veteran well in the future.
3rdRichards Fantasi Lucy Locket of Palostrasa (Imp USA)
Another real old lady of 14, and for her age she is in lovely condition a credit to her owner, she is a true Vallhund throughout, feminine head with good expression everything else as it should be, well constructed body, a little sluggish on the move but she was enjoying her day out.

PB (3)
1s Barnes  & King Starvon Fame Awaits for Iziou.
Lovely bitch scored in her pretty feminine correct head with everything correct, lovely expression she is one day older than my PD winner, and not as mature correctly made body spring of rib developing nicely uses her hocks well on the move strong rear action, a definite to watch for the future. 
2nd Ms F & Mr T Cameron & Woods Bowkoi Awesome Yggdrasil
Another really nice young bitch of 8 months, many of the same attributes as the one above, which made it a difficult decision between the first 2, but I felt she was not as positive on the move as the one above, but definitely one to watch.
3r Dodd Chiosmakers Fredrika Stanhammar of Tanellis
The absolute baby of this class but so promising, showed a few nerves at first but once she settled she was fine, lovely feminine head with such a pretty expression, teeth and eyes both correct, well set ears correct reach of neck into a well-constructed body good movement both front and rear  she just needs time, interesting one to follow..

JB (1)
 Sibley Thorjaska Jarfalla
Another one that stood alone in this class, but I really liked her, the first thing that struck me was her lovely attitude, just happy to be in the ring. She has a very pretty correct feminine head with a terrific expression, correctly made chest developing throughout a well -balanced body moved out well for her age. 

1stBorlingaus & Mcccann Pepperthyme Star Watching
Very compact 3 year old bitch, I liked her very feminine head and lovely expression, teeth and eyes good, ears correct and she used them to her advantage, lovely strong correct neck into good shoulders enough chest room correct front well balanced body with a good spring of rib, strong rear driving movement, shown well.
2ndLinney Aescwine Ampelography
This is a bitch who needs time to mature, she is correctly made and has a well- balanced feminine head again with an alert expression correct bite and eyes, good ear set which she used well, good shoulders but chest needs to develop well-constructed throughout and she moved out with purpose, lacked the maturity of one.
3rd Hogg Aescwine Areni Noir
This is another lady who needs more time to mature, I see she is the litter to the one above, again she is a nicely put together bitch and again with many of the attributes as the one above, I loved her head and dark mask gave her such a soft kind expression, she is well constructed throughout and her chest needs to deepen, perhaps not quite as well muscled which for me stopped her driving out.

1st Linney Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily
Very smart lady, who scored in head and expression, teeth and eyes correct, ears set on well and used correctly, strong neck into well laid shoulders with a deep chest, therefore a good front well matured correct length body moved out with drive retaining her topline,  I see she is the damn of 2 & 3 in the class above. Well done.
2nd Amon Pepperthyme a Star is Born
I liked this bitch very much and I was splitting hairs with one, she has many of the same attributes pretty feminine head with everything correct good ear set giving a good expression, good neck into correct shoulders chest roomy good front correctly balanced body, not moving out as clean as one. 
3rd Sibley & Stockbridge & Antileul Tannellis Bloomin Tigerlily at Aescwine
A slightly smaller bitch who was a little overawed by the occasion and noise in the ring, Pretty head and everything correct, good neck but shoulders a little upright could have more chest, front looked a little narrow therefore on the move she lost her topline and looked bum high, which affected her movement, she need time to mature and lots of encouragement.

OB (6)
What a class, such a pleasure to judge.
1st Hislop & Dolan  TanellisColina
I have never seen this bitch before, but she was worth waiting for, just lovely she is not the biggest of young ladies, but she is so well constructed from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, such a correct feminine heat everything correct, lovely ear set good strong neck into a correct layback of shoulder, deep chest and a good front, had to check her topline on the move as with her markings she could look as if she lost it, but she most certainly did not strong well balanced body and good rear driving movement, she made her handler move out with her, but she could just have kept going, was delighted to give her the CC and as with the dog this was the special one. Congratulations.
2nd Day Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme
When I was going over the bitch I recognised her and on looking back in my records I gave her a BP pre Covid days, and I am delighted to see how well she has grown on, she is another lovely bitch and again it was a very close decision between one and two, also I see she is the mother of the 3 boys in puppy dog, what a girl, I just loved everything about her, lovely head and expression everything correct, well-made throughout balanced mature body level topline good driving movement, just liked the out- going movement of one, but I do hope her 3rd comes soon, but I had great pleasure in awarding her the RCC.
3rd Bliss Valaller Rainmaker
My notes read pretty girl in a very strong class nicely put together everything as it should be, loved her head and expression well-made throughout level topline but not the drive of the two above her, but well deserved this 3rd spot, interesting one to watch out for.

1st Dodd Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose
5 year old girl in very good condition, I see she is out of the same damn as my CC winner, again congratulations. Although she stood alone she was a very worthy winner of a first place, lovely correctly balanced head all good with teeth and correct eyes good use of her ears, strong but not overdone neck into good shoulders deep chest and good front, well balanced body with a good spring of rib moved with drive but again not the flair of her half- sister.

Again thank you all so much for your entries I enjoyed my day just remember it is only one person’s opinion on the day others will do something different.

Maggi Bryant


Manchester Ch Show 19th January 2023 

Many thanks to the exhibitors for the quality entry and for braving horrible weather, long wait for the ring and a very noisy venue. The quality was good. Dentition was good as were mask and harness marking.Temperaments were good except for a couple of exhibits. The venue didn’t help,some thought should be given to where we take youngsters until they are used to the hustle and bustle of show life. I would like to highlight that the Vallhund is a very slow maturing breed. Please remember this when showing youngsters give them time!

Puppy Dogs.(2) 
These puppies are litter brothers and it was difficult to separate them. 

1.Perry & Etches Starvon Easy On The I Edison 10mnths Super head and expression. Good neck and Topline. Body and angulation just as it should be at his age. Good in front and behind. Maybe a little loose going and coming towards but super side gait really moved well. Will follow his career with interest. RCC 

2.Richards Starvon Eez The One of Palostras very similar comments as above. On the day just not the scope of one but nevertheless a super puppy and will follow him with interest. 

Junior Dog (2) 
1. Richards Starvon Eez The One of Palostras 

2. Drinkwaters Danga’s Norton Junkerson in Galerita (imp Swe) Another lovely young dog nearly 18mths. Good head and expression, good angulation with level topline.Sound. Carrying a bit too much weight which didn’t help his movement. Would like to see him slimmer and move outside.

Open Dog (3)
1.Mr K Jones Ch Tanellis Bloomin William 4yrs Super dog just right for his age. Good head and expression,Correct markings and colour. Good neck and topline and shown in top class conditition. Sound and moved with strong active gait. This young dog has matured so well and has such a partnership with his handler. CC and BOB

2.Danga’s Lukas Jollyson of Valaller (Swed Imp)NAF 2yrs Not quite as mature as 1. Head could be stronger but this could come with maturity. Shorter in body.Good topline. Would like him to settle into his gait but this could change when show outside. Nevertheless moved well.

3. Pallatina Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya.

Puppy Bitch (2)
1. Barnes and King Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou 10mnths Very pretty bitch. Handler needs to stop baiting her as it was very difficult to check her bite!. Good head an expression . Super topline, Correct body and angulation for her age. Sound and moved well when handled at the correct pace. She got Best Puppy purely on being more steady in the ring. 

2. Cameron and Woods Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil Just 6 months and completely overawed by the noise etc. Pretty baby . Will look forward to seeing her being shown outside.

Junior Bitch (1)
1. Miss S Linney Aescwine Ampelography 16 mnths very smart girl. Feminine head and expression with correct markings. Good reach of neck and topline . Sound and moved well would just like a bit more of her.

Post Grad Bitch (2)
1. Borlinghaus & McCann Pepperthyme Star Watching nearly 3 pretty bitch. Feminine. Good markings. Fair angulation good topline. Would like more of her but sound and good on the move.

2. Howe’s Valaller Picture Perfect 2.5 years. Very difficult to assess as she really didn’t want to be in the ring or looked at on the table. Maybe better outside.

Limit Bitch
1 Amon’s Pepperthyme A Star is Born nearly 3yrs litter sister to PG winner. But a bitch with more size and substance. Feminine good head and expression. Good Markings,reach of neck and topline. One of the very few with a good harsh topcoat. Sound and moved well. RCC

Open Bitch (3)
1st Zbilut and Yacomen Ch Ohanaway Shes A Rebel nearly 3. Pretty bitch. Very feminine with good markings. Lovely shape and reach of neck.Sound. won this class on her very good side gait. CC

2nd Hislop & Dolan Tanellis Colina nearly 3. Another pretty feminine bitch good markings and body shape sound and moved well.

3 Biss Valaller Rainmaker

Veteran Bitch (2)
1. Richards Fantasie Lucy Locket of Palostras (imp USA) just a few days of her 14th birthday. Still a little show girl. Many could learn a lot from her. Still good shape sound and moved so well for her age. A great credit to her owner. Best Veteran.

2. Diamonds Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm 7 yrs giving away 7 yrs to the above. Feminine bitch but carrying too much weight. Moved well

Rosie Peacock-Jackson


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