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Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches




 Hiya everyone Im betting like me you have had enough rain to  last a lifetime  its a good job Valls are generally not bothered about rain with their teflon coats shame our bodies are not teflon coated.

Results from Working and Pastoral breeds of Wales, The judge for valls was Debbie Stansbury  sadly there are no ccs so always a small entry a beautiful venue in the sun but such a long route , not sure if they have enforced the 20mph on some roads .

Bd + Bob  Debbie Howe , Creasy . Rd Debbies, Luka , Bb Julie Price ,Malin , Bp Julies, Viktor

Puppy  ,1st Julie Price Viktor , Valltineya Starlight Rodeo , Jun 1st  Debbie Howes Creasy ; Valaller the Photographer . 2nd  Julie Price Malin , Valltineya Galadriel .3rd   Fernandez +Hobbs Noomi ,Valaller Copyright .4th Alessia Longi + Federico Francescato ,Flori, Valaller Paparazzi .L ,Kirsty Ellis Trev,Kimaroffs Sydney.   O +Rd  Debbie Howes  Luka ,Lukas  Jollyson of Valaller (imp)


 Some news of events to come .Svs Breed Appreciation day with Mce held at Cambridge on 13 th October contact our Secretary  Sharon Sibley for more info and to book either just the morning or all day for both,

Spitz in the Park is happening again this summer 20th,21st July  a chance to have fun with your valls .

Message from Royal Cheshire show they are holding a 2 day Premier show with classes for all breeds 18th June Non sporting ,which is us and 19th june Sporting .Several stakes classes inc a heat for Kcjw competition .The bonus being the show is amid the large Agricultural show .

  Welks dog show is sadly 1 of the shows that we have lost ccs at such a shame as we have picked our numbers back up with most of the puppies born now old enough to compete and several new exhibitors .

Our replacement  judge was Mr Tony Alcock  . (hope Penny feels better soon )

Vd  1st Gemma Perry and my Spyda ,Ch Starvon Cryptic  Spyda   Pd  1st Kyle Jones  Odin ,Valltineya Red Redemption  ,2nd Julie Price  Viktor ,Valltineya  Starlight Rodeo, litter brothers .. Jun 1st  Debbie Howe Creasy ,Valaller the Photographer ,  L 1st ,Gemma and my Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison  , 2nd Louise Paterson Kai ,Eriksfjord Kairissimo  .O 1st Kyle Jones Blaze , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William .

Bd  Kyle Jones , Blaze  , . Rd +Bpd  Kyle Jones Odin  , Gemma and my  Bvd Spyda.

Vb Louise Paterson , Angelica ,  Ir Ch Eriksfjord Celestial Charm . Pb joint owners Lynn Pallatina +Cath handled by Lynn , 1st Bella , Valltineya Lasso Your Dreams . Jun 1st. Kate Biss Rhu, Valaller  Strike a Pose .2nd , Txell Fernandez +Duncan Hobbs  Noomi, Valaller Copyright 3rd, Lynn Palatina   Kysha , Valltineya Plot Twist  4th  Alessia Longhi  +Federico Francescato   Flori ,  Valaller Paparazzi .5th Julie Price   Malin ,  Valltineya Galadreil limit  1st  Louise Patterson Minty , Starvon Fits The Standard   O 1st Sophie ,Steve ,Sam Zbilutz  Skye , Ch Ohanaway Shes a Rebel  .2nd Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Hoochie ,Ch Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou  3rd Kate Biss Skye , ValallerRainmaker

Bb  +Bp  Lynn Pallatina  Bella    Rb  Sophie ,Steve ,Sams  Skye  Vb Louise Angelica .

Bob  Lynns Bella Rbob  Kyles  Blaze    Bpib Lynns Bella   Bvib  Gemma  and my Spyda 

Bob , Bpib and Bv all showed well in group although unplaced .

  Send me your news ,some have said they will but havent yet



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