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Crufts 2024

Firstly my thanks to the exhibitors for coming, its is always disappointing when there is a change of
judge, and I had visions of massive absentees. Thankfully on the day there were only 3 out of 62 entries
for which I am very grateful.
I would like to send my best wishes to Sue Hewart –Chambers the elected judge, if it’s any consolation
she had drawn the biggest entry in this breed for sometime.
I would like to thank Tom Mather and the Crufts committee for the appointment, also I am grateful to
Andrea at the KC for making all the arrangements in double quick time.
Last and by no means least my two excellent stewards Colin and Michelle who kept the ring moving in a
most efficient and friendly manner. It was a pleasure to be in their company.
It has been 9 years since I last judged the breed at Crufts, and 3 years since I last awarded CC’s in the
breed. I found this a most challenging but very enjoyable appointment, and certainly the highlight of my
judging career to date.
Movement was very disappointing particularly behind, so many flipped a hock or moved close behind.
There were also far too many nervous exhibits although I appreciate Crufts can be a very noisy and alien
environment. I tried to be sensitive in my table examination, and all allowed me to go over them which
was very gratifying.
Type was very varied it was like judging any variety vallhund, they were all shapes and sizes. Some I felt
were far too long in the body, others were far too compact, and many of the bitches were far too small
and fine, something I highlighted last time I judged.
Heads were very much improved, not one bad mouth and coats were of the correct texture, just a
couple of soft ones, and a borderline longcoat which I didn’t place . Also a few of the bitches were
shedding, but I could at least see they had the required soft undercoat.
It was also good to see a number of natural stub tails in the entry, this is an important breed
characteristic which should be preserved at all costs.
It was also good to see a number of imported dogs making their mark in the entry, this can only be good
news for the breed in this country, and increases the genetic diversity with new bloodlines.
My thanks to exhibitors for the sporting way in which they took my awards. I hope the many overseas
exhibitors enjoyed showing at the biggest, and as far as I am concerned best dogshow in the world.
One of my pleasures as a judge is looking through the catalogue after judging, and reviewing the
breeding of placed exhibits, where appropriate I have included this information in my critique.

Veteran Dog 1.
1ST (Lee’s) Eriksfjord Brave Charm
The star of the show as far as I am concerned, it’s difficult to believe this dog is 9 yrs old as he certainly
doesn’t show, or act his age. He is of ideal size and proportions. Has a lovely wedge shaped masculine
head, with an exceptional square profiled muzzle of the correct size. His front is good with a nice depth
of chest, good spring of rib, solid topline which he kept on the move. He has a good texture to his coat
with a good mask and harness markings. He has nice rear angulation with a good bend of stifle. His
movement was outstanding he flowed effortlessly around the ring, really driving from behind and
covering the ground well. Most of all he has the most delightful personality, friendly, active and eager to
please, in fact his long tail held proudly over his back never stopped wagging. CC and BOB, Best
Veteran. This was his second CC and I hope he is soon made up, he did the breed proud in the group.
Puppy Dog(1).
1ST ( Linney’s) Aescwine Bottom Dollar
A very raw 9mth old with a stub tail. He was very anxious to start with, but soon regained his composure
once his handler got control of his nerves. He has a lovely shape to his head with a good eye shape and
colour. Has a full white collar which is well within that allowed in the UK standard, and I thought was
most attractive. Well off for bone, nice front, correct rear angulation, good coat texture. He rises a bit
over his loin at present, and appears a bit long in the back, but all the essentials are there. I would be
interested to see him in a years time, once he has tightened all through. Moved well enough to take best
Junior Dog(1)
1ST (Howe’s) Valaller The Photographer
Alone but deserved his place, a 12mth very outgoing dog with a long stub tail and an attractive
red/yellow/grey coat of the correct texture with close fitting topcoat. He has a very nice wedge shaped
head, good muzzle front and sternum. His chest is still developing but the shape is correct. Well layed
shoulders, solid topline and a nice broad slope to his croup. Good rear angulation enabled him to move
very soundly. Closely related to my BCC winner both parents being Swedish Imports
Post Graduate Dog(5,1)
1ST (Ellis’s) Kimaroffs Sidney
Another with a very nice masculine wedge shaped head, good stop, nice eye, his chest is developing
nicely. He had a good coat nice medium harsh texture, and well marked, correct croup and long tail.
Correctly sized hocks. Nicely muscled and shown in good condition. He needs to tighten in front but a
sound mover.
2ND (Richards and Chapppell’s) Starvon Eez The One of Palostras
Nearly 2yrs old and giving a bit away in maturity to winner, light grey but most attractive, liked his size
and proportions. Good head ,front and sternum .Good reach of neck and nice shoulders. Chest needs
time to develop further, He had very nice markings, solid topline, liked his stub tail and rear assembly.
Sound mover , just needs time to mature.
Limit Dog(3,1)
1ST (Spry’s) Westorps Wild Thing to Pepperthyme (Imp Swe)
Liked this 3yr old dog for his excellent type and proportions, good head and very nice eye shape and
colour. Good front and correct sternum, very good depth to his correctly shaped chest. He had a good
length to his rib cage and a good tuck up. He has a rock solid topline, broad slope to his croup with a
stub tail. Correct rear angulation, nicely muscled with a good coat texture. Sound mover. Another
Swedish import making his mark over here.
2ND (Linney’s) Cecil vom Bruggener Land mit Aescwine (Imp Deu)
A very nice 4yr old dog, well marked with a good coat texture has a very good head and eye. He has a
very nice front. Correct lay of shoulder, shown in hard condition .Liked his temperament with a happy full
tail. Sound mover just preferred proportions of winner. Another Import and father of best puppy.
Open Dog(13)
1ST (Pallatina’s) Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya
This boy headed a very strong class. As his name suggests he is darker than most but still correct.
6.5yrs old and I would suggest he is fully mature. He has a lovely head shape and expression, good
stop, correct scissor bite ,very good square muzzle of the correct length. Nice sternum with an
impressive depth to his well shaped chest. Level topline, good coat and a full tail. Excellent rear
angulation enabled him to move soundly, very accurate behind. Sire of winner of junior bitch and her
placed litter sisters, so he is producing the goods. RCC.
2ND (Ludwig’s) De/dk/int Ch Danga's D'loui X-Son
Close up to winner, and no surprise that he is a multi- titled Champion. 6yrs old and another mature male
with an impressive shape and depth to his chest. He has a masculine head with medium sized ears of
good shape, nice stop, good bite, correct front with good sternum, excellent harsh close fitting coat, very
good topline. Correctly sized hocks, and good bend of stifle. Good muscle tone. Moved very soundly,
just preferred winners size. Another Swedish bred import.
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog(2,1)
Entries: 2 Absentees: 1
1ST (Lee’s) Eriksfjord Brave Charm.
Still moving and showing his heart out most impressive.
Veteran Bitch(5,1)
1ST (Dodd’s) Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis
This lovely girl l headed a very strong class. 9yrs old with a full tail and very typical of a lovely size and
proportions. She has a very beautiful head with a lovely oval eye shape, and very dark brown eyes
giving a soft feminine expression. She has a very nice front with an excellent reach of neck, and good
shoulder angles enabled her to move soundly, but I would like more positive rear action.
2ND (Diamond’s) Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm ShCM (Miss K Diamond)
 Another lovely example of good size and correct proportions, 8yr old grey sable with good coat and
markings. She has a lovely shape to her chest and good depth. Rock solid topline which she held on the
move, nice broad croup and good rear end. Sound mover just preferred winner’s size and front.
Puppy Bitch(1)
1ST (Fithern and Russell’s) Ruserns Miss Adventure
Another very raw puppy of 10mths, she is a good size and is well off for bone. A bit apprehensive to
start with but soon regained her composure. Good rear angulation, her chest is the correct shape but
has yet to develop. Good coat texture and colour. She appears rather long in the back at present, and
needs to settle in movement as she is rather loose all through, as one would expect at this age. Another
I would like to see in a year’s time. I thought the dog puppy was more together all around in the
challenge for best puppy.
Junior Bitch(6)
1ST (Pallatina’s) Valltineya Plot Twist
Three bitches placed in this class were litter sisters and very similar, this one had by far the best
movement on the day. 15mths with a full tail, good size and proportions. Lovely head with good stop,
and medium sized erect ears. She had a good front and enough bone for a bitch, very nice short loin,
although her chest is yet to fully develop. She was well muscled, alert and attentive and showed very
2ND Fernandez, Martinez and Hobb’s) Valaller Copyright .
Another very nice young bitch, 12mths old, and not as advanced as winner. She is nicely constructed of
a good size, with a very nicely shaped feminine head. Good front, excellent topline. Good close fitting
double coat. Nice broad croup into long stub tail. I liked her bend of stifle this enabled her to move very
soundly around the large ring. Another who is by two Swedish imports.
Post Graduate Bitch(7)
1ST ( Patterson and Day’s) Starvon Fits The Standard at Eriksfjord
Aptly named because she is so nicely constructed. She was a very pretty 2yr old stub tailed grey sable.
Her head was a lovely shape with a white blaze and front, well within the UK standard. She has a good
front and sternum, nice shape to her chest with a good tuck up. She had a good backend and a lovely
temperament, alert, attentive and friendly. I see she is by a dog I have admired and given a CC to in the
past, small wonder I liked her. I would just like more of her, but hopefully that will come with time.
2ND (Borlinghaus and McCann’s) Pepperthyme Star Watching (Miss B & Mr P Borlinghaus &
A more mature 4yr old with a good head and particularly nice front and reach of neck. Another whose
chest is developing nicely. Solid topline, correct coat and full tail, sound mover but I preferred winners
hind action.
Limit Bitch(5),
1ST (Warren’s)Valaller in Focus
A lovely surprise finding this lovely girl. 3yrs old and a very nice size with correct proportions. She had a
lovely head, good eye shape, very nice front and a correctly sized and shaped chest. Sufficient reach of
neck, lovely lay back on shoulders. She had a very solid topline and her excellent rear angulation
enabled her to move soundly and accurately around the ring, her rear movement in particular was hard
to fault. She had a lovely harsh close fitting jacket, and enjoyed her showing looking alert and attentive at
all times. Another out of a Swedish import. Very pleased to award her the CC, close decision for BOB
but she couldn’t match the dogs enthusiastic showmanship. I learnt later this was her second CC, I hope
if there is any justice in the dogworld that she will soon be made up.
2ND (Amon’s) Pepperthyme Wild Fire
Another lovely example, but slightly smaller. She is proportionately correct for her size, 18mths old with a
full tail. Very nice head and eye, complete with cowlick, excellent front, nice shape to her chest but
needs more depth which will come with time. Nice coat texture and well muscled. She was a very sound
and accurate mover. I just preferred the overall substance and finish of winner. Another with a Swedish
Import sire.
Open Bitch(10)
1ST (Zbilut and Yacomen’s) Ch Ohanaway She's A Rebel
Headed a very strong class, with some excellent examples going cardless. This 3yr old star has a
lovely shaped feminine head, neat medium sized ears, excellent head planes, good bite and strong white
teeth. Nice front with good sternum, nicely shaped chest with correct tuck up. She has the most beautiful
mask and harness markings accentuated by her dark guard hairs that extend down the full length of her
body. Solid in topline, with a very nice bend of stifle. Good muscle tone and shown in a hard, fit
condition. She is an enthusiastic showgirl who was enjoying her day, a very sound mover covering the
ground effortlessly. Very well handled. RCC but it was a most difficult decision, just preferred the
proportions of winner.
2ND (Biss’s) Valaller Rainmaker
Nearly five yrs, and now fully mature. She has the best of heads, good front and nice shape and depth to
her chest, good tuck up, nice texture to her coat, ,lovely broad slope to her croup with a long stub tail.
She moves very soundly behind but obviously likes her food, which affected her front movement. Her
sire is another Swedish import.
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch(1)
1ST (Dodd’s) Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose
I thought her bloomin marvellous. A fully mature 6yr old of super type. She is of ideal size and so
proportionately correct. She has the most beautiful head and eye, nice square muzzle of correct length,
excellent front with good sternum, and a correctly shaped chest of good depth. Well laid shoulder, good
topline, correctly sized hocks, and nice rear angulation. She has a lovely mask and harness markings.
She is a sound mover but not as positive behind today.

Judge Dr Chris Millard.