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Further information on finding your Swedish Vallhund


Vallhund litters are very few and far between in the U.K. There are currently less than 10 active breeders therefore Vallhund puppies can be few and far bewteen, The SVS website lists all the current breeders here. We always advise people to meet breeders and their dogs well before a litter is born. We are happy to pass on information of available litters but it is down to the individual to get themselves known. We are all very protective of these little cattle dogs and don’t want them to be exploited. We are proud that there are no ‘back street breeders’ or puppy farmers breeding them and that we don’t have a rescue problem. 

 You may have to travel and you will have to fit around the availability of puppies, not the other way round.

This website has details of breeders on it, as does the Kennel Club website and Champdogs website.

Some Breeders share their excting news with us. We are always happy to pass on details of people expecting puppies to prospective puppy buyers.

Please contact us via the Contact page.

Please try to get to the shows in April and September that the SVS run. Details will be on here and the Facebook page. 

Please try to visit breeders and their dogs to show you are serious about bringing a vallhund into your life. We do all know each other and we do talk to each other…

If you have read to this point, good luck with your search. It will be worth it and in the meantime enjoy the website and ask any questions you may have, apart from ‘Has anyone got any puppies?’