Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


Hi everyone, I don't know why my Crufts report   was halved as no other breeds were shortened so apologies. 

 Only a few open shows have been on since Crufts that our members attended. 

At Woolwich, Bexley +District . 

Lucy king + Lucy Barnes Hoochie, Ch Starvon Fame Awaits at Izlou had an amazing day, first she won Bob under judge Martin Frostick, Then David Hutchinson awarded her Group 1, then back under Martin Frostick where she won Best in Show. 

Domna +Richard Dodds Ella, Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen won Best av Pastoral and Best pastoral Veteran, then BVIS. 

At Retford show, Fiona Cameron took Ursa, Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire under judge Shiela Gay where she won Bob.  Kyle Jones took Odin, Valltineya Red Redemption won  Rbob and Bpib . 

North Staffs canine society. Diane Robach took Ursa ,Valltineya Bella Star best not separately classified pup +Pgp 3 

Lorraine Meredith shares the news that Tio, Rusern Flick off the Switch has passed her Kcgc  Bronze .test.                 

Debbie Howe took her boys under Geoff Duffield where Creasy, Valaller the photographer was Bob and Luka, Dangas Lukas Jollyson of vallaller was Rbob . 

               Loki, Ch Starvon all eyes on me at Valtineya life story by Lynn Pallatina 

Loki was my 1st vallhund ,a breed I had wanted for a long time, but the timing was never right. But as my dogs were getting older  I needed  something to continue my love for training , After hours of scrolling the internet I found his photo I instantly knew this dog was mine .I emailed his breeder and we spoke for hours and I picked him up a few days later Loki travelled so well and he slotted into the pack with ease .From that day forward we spent all our time together .He loved learning new skills and I quickly had to think about what we were going to do together. As I knew he needed a job to do .We worked our way  through the Kcgc schemes and then we tried his paws at agility ,he loved it ,we soon started independant competitions and he did so well..We moved up the rankings and in 2019 he was fast forwards agility runner up ,2nd place.in the winter series league .Losing only to a fast cocker spaniel.with a very competitive handler .I was so proud .He loved fast flowy courses the most.ones where he could just run Helter skelter was his fav games class ,his nemesis was the weaves he didnt see the point and would run past ,to him it was faster that way .He did everything at 100 miles an hour .Due to this we decided to give flyball a try whilst he did enjoy it but wasnt keen on repetition and after 2 legs would just sit and bark at the ball loader .and refuse to get the ball .I often thought I could hear him saying if you want it you fetch it .We did do 2 comps ,1 under Bfa rules and 1 under Ukfl we got a 2nd in each .Again I was so  proud .After that we went back to agility for a while , he loved running top speed on the a frame and through the tunnels .Sadly my health took a turning point and I had to come away from agility .Loki did attend some comps with a friend and brought home some ribbons .I then found another sport that we could do together ,Hoopers.He quickly flew through the hoops and we managed to get to grade 8  out of the then 14 levels he was a natural he used to get so excited and would bark so much on the start line .Once released he had his game face on and worked so hard .I just wish id taken him to some hoopers comps but there werent many around then .Loki also tried his paws at scent and tracking   but he prefered agility and hoopers .In between all of this he also loved showing .He loved showing off and doing things with me ,we were a team . As many of you know he had a successful show career gaining 17 ccs and 10 rccs including Bob twice at Crufts .and a couple of open show group placings. He far exceeded any of my expectations. I feel so lucky to have had him in my life and I miss him every day. I am so grateful he has given me one very special litter all of whom remind me of him. Loki has taught me so much and helped me to become a better version of myself, through him I have met some amazing people, some are now very dear friends. Loki was everything I wanted of a dog and has made me realise how special our little dogs are. Yes, they can be stubborn, yes, they can bark, and yes, the shed their hair all over the place. But they are so smart ,loyal,clever and upbeat. Life is never dull with a vallhund at your side . 

Rest in peace Loki, thank you for coming into my life when I needed you the most Love and Sweet Dreams xx 

 A sad loss taken too soon; I will always have the memory of giving him his 1st Cc  whoich was also the 1st cc I awarded quality dog. 

Please keep sending me your news and please remember if its show results to add judges names



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