Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


First some open show results that has been sent to me, all good pre-Crufts practise especially. 

Kate Biss only took Rhu to Newton Abbot show as only 1 class. The judge was Abby Lusty,. 

She awarded Rhu, Valaller Strike a Pose Bob and Bpib .The group judge was Angie Johns she gave Rhu A gp 2 and Pgp 2. 

  Wiveliscombe Open show the judge was Julie Williams and there were sv classes. 

Open dog 1st Debbie Howe, Luka, Dangas Lukas Jollyson of Valaller (imp) Rbob ,2nd Cherie Hackneys, Ash, Starvon all About me. 3rd Kate's Rhu also Pgp 2 ,4th  Debbie's Creasy, Valaller the Photographer. 

Open Bitch and Bob 1st Kate's  Skye , Valaller Rainmaker .2nd Debbie's Quinn, Valaller Rainchild . 

Debbie's Rain, Pepperthyme on a Rainbow came 3rd in Veteran class. 


  At Cardiff canine open show where the judge was Lucy Mottram. Julie Price took Viktor, Valltineya Starlight Rodeo and he was awarded Bob and Bpib , then was shortlisted in the group. 

  Ilfracombe +Dist Open show the judge was Bethan Williams. Debbie's Creasy, Valaller the Photographer at 11 months won Pg with his sister Kate's Rhu, coming 2nd. In Open, 1st Kate's Skye, Valaller Raimaker ,2nd Debbie's Luka 3rd Cherie Hackneys Ash .Starvon all About me. Much to Debbie's delight the judge awarded Creasy Bob +Bpib .  Creasy went into a large Puppy Stakes and came 1st under judge Matt Garnham. Dinner was on Creasy after winning £30 for stakes, but of course he had his favourite Chicken with his dinner. 

At Wellingborough open show the judge was Jenny Miller. Nand C Horton (sorry I don't know your 1st names) Fenrir, Valltineya the Outlaw won Bpnsc  and Puppy gp 4. 

   Another new to our breed Alessia Longi and Federico Francescato , took Flori, Valaller Paparazzi to Swka open show under judge Tracy Irving. This was Alessia s 1st time in the show ring it was Nsc and they did well, they came 3rd out of 6. It was nice to of been in the ring with another  vallhund pup as Julie Price was there with her Malin, Valltineya Galadriel, sorry I don't know what place Malin came, 

 Soon it will be Crufts 2024 where I was very pleased to see we have good entry numbers entered , several more pups have been out in the ring plus some will be from abroad so I'm sure you are making sure you and your dogs are fit and healthy , it's always such  long days 8-30 until 4pm  , and those that are just going on the Saturday for showing maybe for your 1st time please take note Saturdays and Sundays are always the busiest .Make sure you have supplies of drinks and food as its always queues and expensive .Obviously for your dogs too .Don't leave bags and shopping  on the benches unless you have someone keeping an eye on it you  can put in your cage if you can lock it while you are at the ring .Usually we all keep an eye out for each other where possible .Would be nice if following Crufts you can send me a piece for your breed notes about your 1st experience whether in the show ring or on Discover Dogs etc . Plus of course anyone else feel free to send me your summary of your time and experiences. I understand our  sec. Sharon  has filled all of the timed slots on the stand for the 4 days. Be prepared to talk valls , valls and even more about valls living with etc, activities you do together. 

News from Abroad. Brigitte Campano and Louise Law are so proud of Maev, they received an Akc Plaque the 1st Swedish Vallhund to achieve AGCH (Agility Grand Champion) Her full name now is , 

Vallhollow Vouslez Vous mxg3, Pds, Mjs3, Pjd,Mfg, ToxTox, T2b5, Fcat, Cgc,Tki   Now thats an impressive list of titles, imagine trying to write that lot on an entry form. Huge Congratulations. 

Amanda and Samantha Smith were thrilled to receive an Akc Plaque awarded to their youngster Fokus ,Aust,Ch Osuno Feature Fokus (imp). Number 1 working dog Qld Rising Star , bred by Andy Lawrie .Also Number 6 Baby in group x12 .Baby puppy in show x6 , Minor puppy in group x8,Minor puppy in show x1, Puppy in group x5 ,Jun in groupx3 .Amanda and Sam are both thrilled with their 3 youngsters all ending up Titled this past year .Aust ch Trendam Beautyskool Dropout ,and Aust ch Trendam U Need to Calm down .Their motto is Dream -- Believe - Achieve.  Congratulations, Fokus is very like my Rayda at that age. The have also taken on a really young puppy found wandering along a road with her littermate she is clearly a kelpie mix she has settled in really well with the rest of their dogs and thriving well, she is very lucky. 

Please keep sending me your news and please remember if its show results to add judges names



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