Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


  Sadly its been awhile since the last breed notes as no -one has sent me any news im sure you all must of done things with your valls.
    The only show news sent to me was from Izzy King she took Hoochie, Ch Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou they went to Gravesend and Medway under Judge Ed Casey and Hoochie was awarded Bnsc and Pastoral group 1. well done
 Kerry Diamond took her girls to Paisley Open show under Judge Bert Easden. Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm who won Bob and Pastoral Group 3 and  Veteran Gp 2 under judge Jacqui Tune. Kerrys new puppy Vanya, I think just 6 mths, Forvana Go on Call me Sassy  she was handled by Stevie Smith who apparently was dragged around the ring she was hard work as she wanted to be with Nova and by barking  she let everyone know it. Bless always hard when they just want to be with the other 1.  Reminder from Sharon for your photos for the calendar they must be a high resolution particulary pic to do with differant seasons ie Spring, Easter, Holidays, Halloween, Christmas .etc.
   Received some sad news from Pauline Harrild 
I have this morning had to let my Beloved Phoebe breathe her last (25 .10.04 --- 9.11.23 ,19yrs ). It was very peaceful and done by my wonderful, caring and dedicated vet who has looked after her throughout her life. Phoebe, Stillmoor Odins Maiden at Moonsfield was bred by Paula Ackary by Candace Apollo of Stillmoor out of Karjakon Mesimaria (imp). She was shown a fair deal and managed to win 2 ccs and 4 rccs, but was out at the same time as my Ch Upton Enigma at Moonsfield who generally beat her when they challenged each other for the top honours. Phoebe was a very loving and loyal girl but could be a little noisy at times especially when she got excited in the ring and I know she missed out on more than one occasion when in the challenge because of this. Everyone at my vets, her tooth speciallist at Sudbury and her eye specialist at Debenham all fell in love with her and the eye specialist said that because he found the breed so delightful having seen both Phoebe and Maude 16yrs ( Enigma ) he was going to try to get one when he retires in the near future. What a wonderful advert for the breed. This makes me more proud of them than all the winning I have done over the years Thank you Pauline a virtual hug xx.
     I had previously requested some info on how old peoples vallhunds were when they passed over the rainbow as I thought could be interesting especially for anyone interested in maybe getting a vallhund themselves to give an idea on lifespan of sv.
Chris Millard said most of his have been around 15 yrs. Teagan, Ch Hurstfield Mable was 15 1/2, also Fina Hurstfield Osafin and Bora, Hurstfield Time for a Tail. Ch Vastgota True Topaz is currantly 16yrs and still does 3 miles roadwork every day. Mason. Ch Sunfires Heads up at Elrond was 12 yrs and Bruin, Nellies Lennox was 13 yrss.
Vicky Allsops, Zoe, Starvon Have you seen her and Zeta, Toidi Moonlight Magic  and, Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking was all 15 yrs .
Our Kayc, Shangalis Sweet Dreams and Cjay, Bravon the Emperor were both 15yrs. Metz,  Hurstfield Phollo Metz  14yrs. Rayda, Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda was 17yrs. Java , Norsled Harvey sadly too soon with a brain tumour.
Shiela Haddons Norsled vallhund were mostly around 17 her last 4 littermates were during their 16 th year.
Louise Richards  Guvnor, Ch Palostras Guvner was nearly 17, you will find him behind several of your pedigrees a lovely boy.
Sammie Bull lost her beloved Daz, Starvon Goldfinger at Shamelval shcm  at 16yrs.
so seems to be average is 14 yrs and up.


A mixture of results for you this week ,and as im still having a problem of people not sending me your news im wondering if you do want your breed notes to be continued or not .
First result comes from Darlington , sadly another small entry the same as what is happening at shows across the board, no doubt with all of the economic financial  worries everyone is in the same situation of watching your distances and expences .      Our judge for the day was Ms Ally King  and her choice for Bob was Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters  Norton , Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson at Galerita (imp)
 Ld 1st Louise Patersons  Kia .Eriksfjord Kairissimo ,
Od 1st Sandra Drinkwaters Norton , 2nd Kyle Jones Blaze ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin William ,3rd Tony and Sandra Drinkwaters Aslan, Frau Fortuna  Aslan .
      Dcc Sandras  Norton  Rdcc was Louises Kia . .
Vb Louise Patersons, Angelica , Irch Eriksfjord Celestial Charm 2nd Kerry Diamonds , Nova litter sister to Angelica , Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm 
Pb 1st Lynn Pallatina Kysha ,Valtineya Plot Twist ,2nd Kerry Diamonds Vanya ,Forvana Go on Call me Sassy , just 6 mths. 
Ob  Dave and Eleanor Hislops Lina , Ch Tanellis Colina
     Bcc and  Bvb was Louise Patersons  Angelica   Rcc Kerry Diamonds Nova
   Bob was awarded to Sandra and Tonys Norton , Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson at Galerita (imp)
   Bpib was Lynn Pallatinas Kysha , Valtineya Plot Twist , she is from Lynns 1st litter .
   Bvib  was Louises Angelica , Irch Eriksford Celestial Charm
Im also happy to report that Norton was narrowed down to the last 8 in the pastoral group under judge Keith Nathan .
Wendy Amon went to Shering Premier open show with judge Peter Young , Bumble ,Pepperthyme a Star is Born  was Bob and later won Pastoral Gp 3 under Steve Bennet . Angela Doolins Klara , Pepperthyme Wild Fire was Rbob .Klara then won Best  Rbob in Pastoral Group under judge Simon Luxmore .
At Exeter and County Premier show the judge was Gary Clarke  he chose for his Bob Sue Poultons Martha , Meddobe Spice Girl . Bp was Kate Biss  Rhu , Valaller Strike a Pose , she also won Patoral Puppy Gp 4 .

Next I contacted Sandra and asked her to write a piece about her recent judging at the Speciality show in Finland .
 I was pleased to be asked to judge the Speciality Show in Turku ,Finland  and I had an entry of 85 dogs and my co-judge Janette Van Iperen Hoeven from France judged the bitches and sho had 86 so it was a good entry                                            ( wow it must of been a lovely sight with 171 vallhunds altogether )
 I left home on Wednesday teatime to go to Lengs house to stay the night as she lives nearer to the airport and was coming with me .We left early on Thursday morning for Manchester Airport to get the 10-15 flight to Helsinki . we arrived at Helsinki  at 15 -30 their time .We came through customs and picked up our luggage .As we went outside there was a man frantically shouting hurry up as we had then to get a bus to Turku which is about 2 hours 30 minutes away and it was about to leave .We finally arrived in Turku bus station to be met by Outi who then took us by car to the hotel .We stayed at the Sokos hotel which was very nice and so was Turku . We got changed  and charged to the restaurant as we were so hungry .We had a nice meal then went to bed .We had the Friday to ourselves until 20 - 00 hrs  when we all met up for a briefing on how the show was going to run on the Saturday .
They picked us up at 9-00 am to go to the show .It was a great venue and the weather was good .Everyone had tents and gazebos up it was a great atmosphere .
   I started to judge at 10 oc .There were some lovely dogs in all the classes with very few absentees . I chose my best dog from the Open class, It was Jaxonville Hulivili Hemmo Vaan owned by Oili Helenius .He was all male with all you want from a male vallhund .I had to do a verbal critique on every dog and this is typed up as I said it and the exhibitor is given a copy .It does take quite a while but it is easier with the dog in front of you rather than coming home then having to do it . All exhibitors accepted their grading and placements and so added to making it a good show . I have never seen so many lovely red dogs ,I wish I could of brought 1 home .Janette   chose for her Best bitch Kirsi Hotanens , Bodenies Qvinta Quittapahilla  and she was also Best in show . We didnt take a break and finished after 18-00 hrs.We were taken back to the hotel then changed and out on a boat for a lovely meal .We headed back to Helsinki on the Sunday and came home on Monday .A very exciting trip which myself and Leng really enjoyed .  Results  =
Rop Bodeneis Qvinta Quittaphhilla  (Hotanen Kirsi ). Vsp Jaxonville Hulivili Hemmo Vaan (Leino Jarmo) .
Sert uros  Jaxonville Hulivili Hemmo Vaan       Sert  narttu Sharinjah Simasuu  ( Uitendaal Simone Alankomaat )                       Rop veteraani Aurinkolan Alisia ( Vuorinen Sonja + Vuorinen Satu + Sari ) Vsp veteraani Jaxonville Usko Vaan (Helenius Oili ) 
Rop juniori  Adavalls Pontus Polstjarna (Jarvinen Sanna )   Vsp juniori    Adavalls Qyra Quiring     ( Bergqvist  Tiina )
Rop pentu  Groovin Avaa Sydamesi Mulle (Keppo Tiina )    Vsp pentu   Betillys Vs Ciggy Storm  ( Stenman Malena )
Rop kasvattaja  Jaxonville ( Helenius Oili )                         Rop jalkelaisluokka   Dangas Botvid Thorson  (PirhonenPaivi ) 
   Thank you Sandra  that must of been an amazing day . So many vallhunds ,hope Leng took some photos for you x


Results from the Swedish Vallhund Champ show held at Tomlinsons Canine Centre , 
Our judge for the day was Wendy Sharman ( Naraena )
 Dcc and Bis  was Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters Norton , Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita (imp)
 Rdcc and Rbis  Gemma and My Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda
 Bcc and  Bos    Wendy Amons  Bumble , Pepperthyme A Star Is Born
 Rbcc Vicky  Warrens  Nukka , Valaller In Focus , this was  her 1st time in a show ring .
 Bpis  Kate Biss  Rhu ,  Valaller  Strike A Pose
 Bvis  Pat Drinkwaters Lucy , Trykeira Daleesha
 Vd Lynn Pallatina  Loki , Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me at Valltineya .  
 Mpd Debbie Howes Creasy , Valaller Photographer
Jd  Gemma and My Eddie , Starvon Easy On The I Edison , 2nd  Louise and Ian Richards +Chappells Ike , Starvon Eez The One Of Palostras   
Gd   E Spry  Eddie , Westorps Wild Thing To Pepperthyme  2nd Louises  Ike  
Pgd Sophie Linneys  Alfie ,  Aescwine Little A
Ld   Sophie Linneys Beni ,Cecil Vom Bruggener Land Mit Aescwine (imp)
Od Sandras Norton ,2nd Gemma and My Spyda  ,3rd Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clintons  Bear Ch  Ohanaway Having a Blast At Mackjama ,  4th Debbie Howes Luka , Dangas Lukas Jollyson of Valaller (imp) 5th  Lynn Pallatina  Zeno , Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya .
Vb  Pat Drinkwaters  Lucy , Trykeira Daleesha  
Mpb Kate Biss  Rhu ,Valaller Strike A Pose , 2nd Fernandez   Noomi , Valaller Copyright .    
Pb Txell Mcgregor +Griffins Lotara, Valltineya  Believe In Me over Chogoris ,   2nd Lynn Pallatinas   Kysha ,Valltineya   Plot Twist
Jb Angela Doolins Klara , Pepperthyme Wild  Fire ,2nd  Fi Cameron ,Tim Woods  , Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil . 3rd  Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Hoochie ,  Starvon Fame Awaits For Izlou
Gb  Vicky Warrens Noomi , Valaller In Focus .
Pg  Sophie Linneys  Braya , Aescwine Ampelography . 2nd  Britt Borlinghaus +Mccans  Ada , Pepperthyme Star Watching 3rd Jo Days   Kisses , Beidelyn Blowin Kisses in The Wind  lt (imp)  4th Vicky Warrens  Mara , Valaller Rainchaser  .
Lb Wendy Amons  Bumble , Pepperthyme A Star is Born , 2nd  Fi Cameron +Tim Woods  Ursa , Bowkol Am Buachaille , 3rd Sophie Linneys Blix , Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily at Aescwine .4th Ruth Antieul , Sharon Sibley +Joanne Stockbridges Oakley , Feuervales Torchwood (imp)
Ob  Kate Biss  Skye , Valaller Rainmaker , 2nd Steve ,Sam +Sophies Zbiluts Skye ,Ch Ohanaway Shes a Rebel . 3rd Fi Cameron +Tim Woods Ursa ,Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire
Special Classes judge  Julia Swann ( Swanndale )
Special award Junior Dog/Bitch    Starvon Easy on The I Edison ,2nd Izzy Kings + Lucy Barnes  Hoochi  Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou
Special Pg Jo Days Kisses, Beidelyn Blowin Kisses in The Wind .2nd Sophie Linneys Aescwine Little A
Special Open .Sandra +Tony Drinkwaters Norton , Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita (imp)  2nd  Gemma + My  Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda . 3rd  Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters Aslan , Frau Fortuna Aslan (imp) 4th Steve,Sam, Sohie  Zbilut , Skye ,Ch Ohanaway Shes a Rebel 5th Fi Cameron + Tim Woods  Ursa ,Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire
A lovely show with a good atmoshere im glad it wasntt as hot as this weekend .
Big Thank you again to our hardworking steward Kirsty Coates .
Also a big Thank you too  Elliot and Rachel Smith doing a great job with the raffle raising £ 107 .I have   to just mention that darling puppy Tove  who after a busy time  socialing decided to plonk herself under the raffle table as was sleep time she slept soundly , good girl  ,Sophies pup Buck was good too .
 Home from a Hot Richmond  ,was good to see dogs  kept in the shade although there were still some calls re dogs in cars .  Our judge was Jo Day (Starvon)  so obviously our boys couldnt go under her and so Gemma stewarded 
   Bob  Sophie Linneys  Braya  , Aescwine Ampelography
  Dcc and  Bv was  Dr Sharon Lee, Casey , Eriksfjord  Brave Charm  , handled by his breeder Louise   Paterson  as poor Sharon was on a crutch as she had injured her ankle  .was lovely seeing Sharon   Geoff and Casey again be good to see you back out .
 Rdcc was Debbie Howes  Luka , Dangas Lukas Jollyson of  Valaller ( imp)
 Bcc + Bob  was Sophie Linneys , Braya , Aescwine Ampelography
 Rbcc  Steve , Sam, Sophie Zbilut   Skye , Ch Ohanaway Shes a Rebel .
  Bv as above  Eriksfjord Brave Charm
  Bp was Debbie Howes  Beulah , Valaller  Paparazzi

 Vd  Dr Sharon  Lees Casey  , Eriksfjord Brave Charm                                                                               Pd   Debbie Howes   Creasy , Valaller The Photographer .
 P/g  Sophie Linneys  Alfie , Aescwine Little A
 L/d  Louise Patersons ,   Eriksfjord   Kairissimo
 Od  Debbie Howes  Luka ,Dangas Lukas Jollyson of Valaller (imp) ,2nd Kyle Jones Blaze , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William  3rd Jo +Martin Strong +Amy Clinton Bear ,Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama
 Vb  Domna +Richard Dodds  Ella , Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis  2nd Louise Patersons    Angelica , Ir Ch Eriksfjord Celestial Charm
Pb  Debbie Howe s Beulah , Valaller Paparazzi
Pg  Sophie Linneys ,Braya , Aescwine Ampelography
Lb  Sophie Linneys  Blix , Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily at Aescwine 2nd Ruth Antieul , Sharon Sibley , Joanne Stockbridge  Oakley  , Feuervales Torchwood (imp)
 Ob Steve ,Sam ,Sohie Zbilut  Skye ,Ch Ohanaways Shes a Rebel ,2nd Kate Biss Skye , Valaller Rainmaker
 As obviously we couldnt enter the boy ,Gemmas daughter Izzy took our Eddie , Starvon Easy on The I Edison  into the Ykc Stakes under judge Ann Macdonald (Mabrooka ) and they were awarded 1st which qualifies them to the Ykc , Young  Kennel Club , finals Crufts 2024



Sorry  I only have show results as no one has sent me any news.
     Results from Leeds I remember at this venue seeing lots of beautiful Kites flying overhead. Beautiful birds.
Our judge for the day was Frank Kane  and he chose Wendy Amons Puppy  Klara, Pepperthyme Wild Fire  for the Bcc+ Bob.
Dcc  was Kyle Jones Blaze, Ch Tanellis Bloomin William,                                                                                                   Rdcc Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters Norton, Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita  (imp swe)
Bcc and Bpib  Wendy Amons  Klara, Pepperthyme  Wild Fire
Rbcc and Bvib   Pat Drinkwaters  Abbie,  Trykeira Daleesha
Post grad Jan Wiltons Mach, Meddobe Mach One.   Open Dog  Kyles Jones   Blaze. 2nd Sandra Drinkwaters  Norton,  
3rd Jan Wiltons Morse, Ch Meddobe Spice Endeavour, 4th Tony Drinkwaters Aslan, Frau Fortuna Aslan (imp fin)
Pb  Wendy Amon Klara,   Jb Fi Cameron ,Tim Woods  Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil,                                                             Lb Wendy Amons  Bumble, Peppertyhme a Star is Born
Vb Pat Drinkwaters  Abbie ,   2nd Kerry Diamonds Nova , Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm shcm.                                                  3rd Wendy Amons  Saga, Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu at Pepperthyme
Next was Paignton where sv classes was taken off consequently only Kirsty Ellis with Trev, Kimaroff Sydney  was entered and was winnner of Pg in Nsc under Jeff Horsewell.
 At Bournemouth our judge was Barry Blunden and he chose for Bd and Bob  Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clintons Bear, Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama   
Bb was Sophie Linneys  Braya, Aescwine Ampelography .Rbb Sophies Blix, Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily at Aescwine shown well by Sophies partner Alex.  I have to say i was not impressed by the lack of a table for the dogs to stand on apparently the steward and judge said they dont need 1 they will next year I will remind them. This meant the judge was looming over the dogs not nice for them and not good for judges back  good job it wasnt a bigger entry . I had arrived there in time for the judging which also meant Sam and I were able to meet Sophies adorable puppy  and we kept her  entertained while they were in the ring  she was such a confident little pup and  Sophie wont need to worry about any bait  only need a few strands of grass. lol 
I just want to wish Sophie and Alex  all the best for their upcoming Wedding I hope you have a lovely day.                           Next was Wkc , where our judge was Robin Newhouse
Dcc and Bob was Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters Norton, Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita (imp swe ). Apparently Norton decided to go for a run outside and slipped his lead  with Sandra in hot pursuit. I gather the judge thanked you for coming back. These dogs are always  entertaining you cant get bored  with them.
Rdcc was Kyle Jones Blaze, Ch Tanellis Bloomin William.
Bcc was Domna and Richard Dodds Pippa, Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose,   Rbcc was Kate Biss Skye ,Valaller Rainmaker. Bpib  was Julie Price Malin ,Valltineya Galadriel.    Bvib Joanne Stockbridge Faye,Thorjakker Topsy Turvy
Vd Julie Price Lexie , Starvon You got it at Coningsbear shcm .Vw. Od Sandra with Norton ,2nd  Kyle  with Blaze.               3rd Joanne Stockbridge with Cain , Ch Valladar Call of Duty, 4th,Tony Drinkwaters Aslan, Frau Fortuna Aslan (imp fin )
Vb Joanne with Faye,  2nd Pat Drinkwaters Abbie, Trykeira Daleesha. Pb b Julie with Malin, Jb Izzy King and Lucy Barnes Hoochi, Ch Starvon Fame awaits for Izlou Jw. Ob 1st Domna with Pippa   2nd Kate with Skye.
Domna also took Pippa  into Kcgc  stakes  under Tim Ball where she was narrowed down out of a large class.
     For those interested in sv abroad in Canada owned by Sharlene Hudson and co owner handler Jennifer Clark, Gunner, Bis,rbis,Biss Gch Vastgota Canadian Giiwedin Lt, cgn,etd,ns, sdn bred by Ulla Gamberg  have made history by being the 1st sSv to win a Best in Show. Gunner has been Top Sv in Canada  from 2018 ut till now where so far he is top this year. I had a nice chat with Ulla who had Raydas mum  and she said Gunner is related to Rayda  nice to know.
    Amanda and Sam Smith in Australia  are really proud their young  puppy bred by Andy Lowrie, Fokus is now officially, Aust Ch Osuno Feature Fokus he has been doing really well. In the uk a puppy cannot be a Champion whilst a puppy irrespective of how many ccs they still need to win a Cc 12 months and older.
  Please send me your news hopefully I will receive a piece from Sandra Drinkwater about her recent judging abroad.


  First we have the results from East of England  held for the 1st and last year at Rutland .Unfortunately we couldnt go this time a shame but hey we cant go to them all . Our judge for the day   was Mrs Tune .
Dcc and Bob was awarded to Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters  Norton ,   Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita  ,  
Rdcc was Kyle Jones   Blaze , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William
Bcc  was awarded to Izzy King and Lucy Barnes  Hoochie , Starvon Fame Awaits for  Izlou
Rbcc Wendy Amons  Kara ,  Pepperthyme   Wild Fire
Bp  was also Wendys  Kara Pepperthyme Wild Fire
Bv was Wendys Saga , Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme .
Izzy and Lucy are celebrating that this result means Hoochie has won her crown in a very fast time                                              Her 1st Cc at the National  on 4/5 ,  2nd Cc at Skc  21/5 , now her 3rd at E of E  so in 9 weeks in total very proud owners and Breeder Jo Day .Congratulations to the whole team .
Jun abs,Yrling  Norton,Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita ,Grad Miss Spry ,Eddie, Westorps Wild Thing tp Pepperthyme .O1abs,1st Blaze ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin William ,2nd Sandra and Tonys Aslan, Frau Fortuna Aslan , 3rd Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clintons Bear , Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama .
Yrling Sharon Sibleys ,Lottie , Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla  ,pg abs ,
Limit Izzy and Lucys Hoochie , 2nd Wendy Amon Bumble ,Pepperthyme a Star is Born ,3rd  Ruth ,Sharon and Joanne s Oakley , Feuervalles Torchwood .   Open Domna and Richard Dodds , Pippa , Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose ,  2nd   Jo Days Lexie,  Starvon  Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme .Vet , Wendy Amons Saga ,Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme ,   2nd Pat Drinkwaters Trykeria Daleesha .3rd Louise Patersons Angelica ,
       Louise Richards has been in touch to say sadly she has lost Inka , Fantasia Lucy Locket (imp) aged 14 1/2 yrs .Louise knew there was something wrong with her so she took her to her vets ,where they scanned her and sadly found she had tumours on both of her kidneys and 1 on her liver. Obviously these were unoperable and so Louise had to say goodbye. Its always a sad time when the time comes to say goodbye but we have to put them 1st and let them drift off to sleep peacefully ,Run free on the rainbow bride Inca x
 The next show was Working and Pastoral breeds held at the beautiful venue at Malvern ,have to say 1 of my 2 favourite venues
      The judge for the day was Mr Kevin Young .
Dcc and Bob  was Gemma Perry and my youngster  Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison
Rdcc  was awarded to  Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters  Norton ,Ch Dangas Norton on Junkerson in Galerita '
Bcc   was awarded to Izzy King and Lucy Barnes  Hoochie (ch)  Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou .
Rbcc  was awarded to Domna and Richard Dodds   Pippa Ch Tanellis Bloomin  Primrose
Bvib   was Domna and Richards Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis .
Bpib   was Lynn Pallatinas  Kysha Valtineya .
Jun  Gemma Perry and my Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison .
P/g  Kirsty Ellis ,Trev, Kimaroffs Sidney .
O    Sandra and Tonys Norton . 2nd  Gemma and my Spyda , Ch Cryptic Spyda  3rd Sandra and Tonys  Aslan , Frau Fortuna Aslan . 4th Kyle Jones Blaze , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William   5th Lynn Pallatinas Zeno, Starvon the Dark Knight with Valtineya
Pup 1st Lynn Pallatinas  Kysha ,Valtinneya Plot Twist. 2nd Mr Mcgregor    Valtineya Believe in me .
Jun  Izzy and Lucys  Hoochie .Starvon Fame awaits for Izlou 
O  Domna and Richards Pippa , 2nd Fi Cameron and Tim Woods  Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire 3rd Kate Biss Valaller Rainmaker.  4th Sue and Patrick Poulton  Martha Meddobe Spice Girl
Vb  Domna and Richard Dodds Ella  , Ch Hurstfields Renen Vixen at Tanellis  .
 The Pastoral group was called and the judge was Mr Newhouse there were  only 2 missing as both corgis were the same owner/handler  and the polish lowland had been stung and collapsed and rushed to the vet , hope hes ok .
After  examining and moving all of the dogs  Robin narrowed them down to final 10,We  were really proud when Eddie was 1 . After moving them he chose to keep 4 and to the other 6 they recieved a ribbon printed narrowed in group what a lovely gesture. We had a "strange " journey home  the satnav was doing its own thiing lol.    
Remember if you have any info on val ages you said goodbye to please let me know but must be before Saturday  plus any ther news 


   Hi this is Lyn posting from a boiling hot Bournemouth , no need to go abroad for a tan  lol .  There isnt very much news as if you dont let me know your antics with your vall how can I share it in your news .
   First we head to 3 Counties where we dont have ccs hence another small entry of 5. The judge was Bert Easden . his Bd was Kyle Jones Blaze ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin William Rd  was Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clintons Bear ,Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama .
Bb was Sue Poultons  Martha , Meddobe Spice Girl Rb and Bp was Lynn Pallatina  Kysha , Valtineya Plot Twist .
 2nd puppy bitch was Julie Price  , Valtineya  Galadriel
 lynn Pallatina took Kysha  to the Royal Cheshire open show where the judge was Ed Casey , Kysha won Bob and Bp  , Reserve Bob was Mr and Ms Mcgregor and Evans , Believe in me .  Kysha also won Pgp 3 .
At Whitstable under Marion Sargent ,Izzy King and Lucy Barnes Hoochie ,Starvon Fame awaits for Izlou  won Bnsc and best jun , and Pastoral gp 3 , Also Tim Ball awarded her 2nd in Av not bred by exhibitor .
 Jen Clark took Gunner , GChs Vastgota Canadian Giiwedin Lt,cgn,ns ,etd,sdn,vb    Bred by Ulla Gamberg   to Evangeline kennelclub show in Nova Scotia , where under judge Dr Eric Liebes ,usa , awarded him Best in Show  ,Congratulations .
   Today I have the results from a boiling hot Blackpool where the judge was Mr Rue Oliveira from Portugal .
 Dcc  was awarded to Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters  Norton ,Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita ,   Rdcc Kyle Jones Blaze , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William .
 Bcc  and Bob and Bv , was Kerry Diamonds Nova , Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm  Rbcc was Domna and Richard Dodds was Pippa , Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose . Bp and Bjun was Lynn Pallatina Kysha , Valtineya Plot Twist ..
Jd abs, Ld  Louise Patersons  Eriksfjord Kairissimo . Od 1abs ,1st  Sandras  Norton , 2nd Kyles  Blaze ,3rd Sandra and Tonys Aslan ,Frau  Fortuna Aslan .Jb Lynns  Kysha ,2nd Mr and Ms Mcgregor and Evans , Believe in me , Sorry as yet i dont know your 1st names or pet name of puppy . Ob Domnas Pippa , 2nd Kate Biss Skye , Valaller Rainmaker , 3rd  Dave ane Eleanor  Hislops Lina , Ch Tanellis Colina . Vb  Kerrys Nova   2nd Louise Paterson  Angelica , Eriksfjord Celestial Charm .
 I havent had any groups  news , Iv only been told its was Extreemly hot 
.      As this sounds like we are going to have another hot summer this year its worth doing yourselves a list of extras to take with you for You and your dogs , frozen towels , cool coats , cool mats . poss sm gazebo for shade if no benching , lots  of water good idea to check at the venue when you arrive if they have taps to refill bottles most of the champ shows do . Just as important Plenty of refreshments for yourselves as clearly not good if you dehydrate  either , suncream ,poss hat ,and use the shade for yourselves too . Remember if you walk in the forests ticks are in abundant supply ,check pads too as thats the start of the journey , also be aware of possible snakes basking in the sun on sandy tracks . Please send me your news  x       If anyone else has any  news on veterans age on your losses please .


    With 4 sets of champ shows plus some open shows results to report I will start with the champ shows .  At Working and Pastoral of Wales , no Ccs  the judge was Barry Croft and the classes were mixed which does limit people if they have both sexes .Bd and Bob was Joanne Stockbridge , Cain ,Ch  Vallador Call of Duty ,Rd Julie Prices, Lex ,Starvon You got it at Coningsbear . Bb was Sharon Sibleys , Lottie , Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla .
   Skc Judge was Sue Bird ( Bridus )  Open dog 1st + Dcc + Bob  was ,Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clinton , Bear, Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama .2nd and Rdcc Sandra andTony Drinkwaters Norton , Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita , 3rd  Sandra and Tonys  Aslan ,Frau Fortuna Aslan  imp. 
JB + Bcc   Izzy  King+ Lucy Barnes  Hoochie ,Starvon Fame  Awaits for Izlou .Ob Dave +Elinor Hislop ,Lina ,Ch Tanellis Colina .2nd Jo Days  Lexie , Starvon Binit  Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme . Vb and Rcc and BV Kerry Diamond Nova , Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm .Later on Kerry and Nova went in the Veteran Group under Tony Alcock and she was thrilled when Nova was awarded Vet Group 4  Congratulations,. Amy Clinton posted some lovely pictures including The Kelpies iv not heard of them  2 Striking cast iron heads ..
   Bath  a perfect showground always immaculate a credit to the society , my favourite show it brought back lovely memories of when my ,Rayda ,Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda  was  Group 1 , still the only male to win a group .  Our judge was Darren Clarke  .,
Jd  +Dcc + Bob was Gemma Perry and my  Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Eddison . Pg was Kirsty Ellis  Trev, Kimaroffs Sidney .    L Marion Allens ,Alfie ,Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel , O and Rdcc ,was Gemma and my Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda .2nd his son Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clinton, Bear, Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama .Vet +Bvib  Pat Drinwaters   Trykeira Daleesha , L, Izzy King and Lucy Barnes Hoochie , Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou , 2nd Sue Poultons  Martha , Meddobe Spice Girl ,3rd was Ruth  Antieul ,Sharon Sibley and Jo Stockbridge , Oakley ,Feueval Torchwood imp.    O+Bcc , Domna and Richard Dodds , Pippa ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose , 2nd , Kate Biss  Skye , Valaller Rainmaker ,3rd Steve Sam and Sophie  Zbiluts  Skye ,Ch Ohanaway Shes a Rebel .  Also at Bath they hold the Adult Handling  Final  and Izzy at her 1st Adult handling final came 2nd Well done .
   Southern Counties  our judge was Kimmo Mustoneen  sadly another show without Ccs .,Od + Bd  Jo and  Martin Strong and Amy Clinton Bear ,Ch Ohanaway Having a blast at Mackjama  , 2nd and Rd  Kyle Jones  Blaze ,  Ch  Tanellis Bloomin William  .
Vet , Bvib and Rbb  Domna and Richard Dodds  Ella , Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen , Puppy  Bpib ,Julie Price ,Malin ,Valltineya Galadriel , Jun Izzy King and Lucy Barnes  Hoochie .Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou ..L, Ruth Antiul  ,Sharon Sibley ,Jo Stockbridge , Oakley , Feuervale Torchwood  Open ,BB and Bob was Domna and Richard Dodds Pippa ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin  Primrose , 2nd Steve ,Sam,Sophie Zbilut  Skye ,Ch Ohanaway Shes a Rebel .3rd Jo Day  Kisses , Beidely Blowing Kisses in the Wind .
Open shows next .I had an email from Julie Price  to say she took  Lex , Starvon You got it at Conningsbear Shcm  to Aberystwyth and dist  Lex won Bnsc and Group 3 , and also at the Royal Welsh society premier show this time Bnsc and Group 2   both times in large groups sorry  I dont know who the judges were .. Lynn Pallatina  took her puppy to her 1st show at Staffordshire County show under judge Cathy Howard   Kysha ,Valtineya Plot Twist  and she won Bnsc Puppy .



A mixture of news today .Kirsty Ellis took Trev , Kimaroffs Sidney , to Plymouth and District show where she met up with Sue Poulton with Martha , Meddobe Spice Girl  .  Kirstys  Trev  was awarded Bob  and Sues Martha  ,was Rbob  , Sadly they were the only vallhunds there  but they had further  sucessess  with Trev who also was Group 4, and Martha  who won the Rbob stakes , Judge for Pastoral was Barbara  Attwood .                               Patrik Fazekas ,Freya , Trykeira Eindelose Vreuge .bred by Pat Drinkwater I believe out of a litter of 10 ,entered and took part in her 1st canicross ,  at Glasgow Epic Trail  10k , it was a small class but hey they still won a first and to my knowledge is  the first vallhund doing canicross .Another example of the versatility of the Swedish Vallund to add to the list . Canicross, Obediance, Tracking, Scentwork ,Showing, Junior handling, Support dogs, Agility, Flyball, Hoopers, Search and Rescue ,Herding livestock ,Visiting Nursing Homes  , and great family dogs and long lived too.
      Following the Swedish vallhund walk I have received  a piece about it  from Michelle Olley .
  Freyr the Viking god of rain and sunshine must of been smiling down on us on our Spring  Swedish vallhund society walk . ( vallhunds are the viking cattledogs )  Because the neer-cast-a-clout May weather could of gone either way.The party of 13 humans  and 11 dogs set off off in wooly hats ,fleeces , and padded jackets and ended the walk  in T-shrts and sunglasses .Result .We couldnt have asked for a lovelier location .  Forty Hall Estate boasts 273 acres of land , including a Country Manor .a lake ,a working farm and a variety of wonderful walks ,including the one Domna and Richard Dodd stress tested for us the day before . Our spontaneous pack. Ella ,Cali ,Gemma , Lottie, Moony, Oakley, Pippa, Ralph, Summer, and Honorary vallhunds, Wanda the Xolo and Bree  the Elkhound, trotted round the grounds. Jaunty little vallhund bums everywhere you looked all getting along just fine and enjoying  the sunlit glades, verdant meadows, woodland and streams. It was a lovely opportunity to catch up with some of our svs pals as well and great to meet some new ones. We ended the walk with refreshments and a walk around the monthly farmers market .Many thanks to Sharon we were sorry not to see you this time and hope you are on the mend , and  Rosa and Domna  for making this walk .happen .It was one for the memory banks. Thanks also to everyone who came along and made it such a special day,   Alan, Chris, Erin, James, Mark, Richard, Ryan, Ruth, Tim and Vicki. Dunno about everyone elses dogs but our Moony happily spent the rest of the day super chill and catching zzzzzzs Cheers Freya.  
    Thank you Michelle and fab to hear how  everyone plus dogs enjoyed the walk it sounds lovely  hope you are feeling better Sharon.
I had a phone call from a lady who  rang me to thank me for the tips i wrote last week about  what to put into a spray bottle for tick and flea spray, she told me she reads all breed notes  and actually she has  also stewarded  swedish vallhunds at shows over the  years and liked the breed. In return she told me of a dog safe weedkiller   to make in a spray bottle. Mix a litre of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of washing up liquid  3 tablespoons of salt. Then spray onto weeds she has tried it and it works.
     Im sure most of you have heard the news from the kennel club regarding  Rccs ,and new Champion status. At the moment 3 ccs from 3 differant judges makes your dog a champion ,as long as 1cc is for over 12 months old.  If your dog has 2 ccs  from  the 1st July, it changes to if your dog is then is awarded 5 Rccs  thereby holds 2cc and 5 rcc  from 7 differant judges your dog will become a champion. Obviously if your dog gets the 3rd Cc to make your dogs up to a champion.


After missing a few shows due to my husbands heart attack all is going well so my return to shows started last weekend at Welks ,where our judge was Celia Vines . Overall results as follows .                                        Dcc ,Bob +Bvib  Lynn Pallatina Loki , Ch Starvon All Eyes on me  Rcc Gemma Perry + my Eddie , Starvon Easy on The I Edison . Bcc Domna +Richard Dodds, Ella , Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen  Rbcc Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Hoochi , Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou . Bp ,Domna +Richard Dodds Summer ,Chipsmaker Fredrika Stenmar of Tanellis .(imp)
   Veteran class was Lynn Pallatinas  Loki , Ch Starvon All Eyes on me , Junior Gemma Perry and my Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison , yrling n/e , Pg 1abs , limit n/e , Open  1st Kyle Jones , Blaze , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William , 2nd Jo and Martin Strong +Amy Clinton,  Bear, Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama .3rd Gemma and my ,Spyda ,Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda .
Vet bitch , Richard +Domna Dodds , Ella ,Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen ,2nd Louise Paterson Angelica , Irch Eriksfjord Celestial Charm . Puppy , 1st Domna  +Richard Dodds Summer , Chipsmaker Fredrika Stenmar of Tanellis (imp) 2nd Fi Cameron +Tim Woods , Bowkol Awesome Yggrasil .Jun Izzy King +Lucy Barnes  Hoochie , Starvon  Fame Awaits for Izlou  ,yr/l n/e ,pg n/e . Limit Sue Poulton, Martha , Meddobe  Spice Girl,  Open Kate +Russel Biss , Skye , Valaller Rainmaker .2nd Steve Sam +Sophie Zblutz Skye ,Ch Starvon Deja Vu .

    National Dog show results ,Where our judge was the well known Britt Marie Young ,herself from Sweden .
Dcc and Bob was awarded to Gemma and my Spyda ,Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda .
Rdcc  was Lynn Pallatina Zeno ,Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya
Bcc  Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Hoochie , Starvon Fame Awaits you at Izlou  
Rbcc Jo  Day Lexi , Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme 
No Pups   Bvib  Louise Richards Inka , Fantasi Lucy Locket
Jun Gemma and my  Eddie,Starvon Easy on the I Edison , 2nd Louise ,Ike, Starvon Eez the One of Palastros
Yrling Sandra +Tony Drinwaters Norton ,Ch Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita , 2nd Louise and Ike 
Open Our Spyda  ,2nd Lynn P, Zeno 3rd Jo +Martin Strong+Amy Clinton Bear ,Ch Ohanaway Having a blast at Mackjama ,4th Kyle Jones Blaze ;Ch Tanellis Bloomin William 5th Sandra +Tony, Aslan Ch Frau Fortuna Aslan
Jun Izzy +Lucys Hoochie  O 2abs 1st Jo Days Lexie ,V Louise Inka, Fantasi Lucy Locket of Palostras
Our Spyda was shortlisted in the Pastoral group under Howard Ogden , also Izzy took Hoochi  to ,and  passed The Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Bronze test .What a great day for Starvon .We would also like to Thank Sam Moore for handling our boys so well they love her .For those that dont know Sam is my daughter and she used to have vallhunds herself prior to her Finnish Lapphunds she has now .In between  The Bob she rushed back to show her girls then back just in time for group .Thanks Sam .

Tick season has really started again  .A suggested more natural repellant for dogs is as follows .
Use a spray bottle  add  1 cupfull of water , 2 cups of Distilled white vinegar and then if you want you can add 2 spoonfuls of vegetable oil ,Ticks hate the smell and taste of vinegar and will be repelled .If you want it to deter fleas add some lemon juice . I know this worked for all of my dogs including my heavy coated Lapphund . If anyone is planning a trip to the south to visit the New Forest just to give you heads up the Stallions are being released again on the 9th May  till end of July which will be really hectic for a time especially  while they are
rounding up their  mares in the area they released  and then the fight for other mares , last year after theyd been out for a few weeks I saw a stallion not in area released and had 45 mares and several foals with him .A beautiful sight . By them only running stallions then mean the foals are born spring until mid summer means the foals are all well grown by the winter . Remember to give them space just look at a distance .
   Abroad in Canada Jen Clarke had what must a record for Swedish Vallhunds at Cobequid Kennel club N/s . A weekend containing 4 shows , Day 1, Clover ,Vastgota Irish Clover st. won Bob and for her 1st time in a group ring won  1st  Herding Group under judge Douglas Anderson ,  Afternoon show Gunner , Vastgota Canadian Giiwedi, lt , was Bob and also won 1st Herding Group under judge Ann Ingram . Day 2 am Gunner took Bob and won  3rd  Herding Group under judge Wayne Thompson ,   This show Clover was Bos , and Daisy ,Alkemi Daisy Bell lt , was Select  Pm Gunner again won Bob and 1st Herding Group under judge Stewart Danker , Daisy was Bos and Clover was Select .Jen Clarke , Sharlene Hudson and Lynda Morgan were totally thrilled  with their  Maritime Swedish Vallhund team .Congratulations team 3  x Group 1 Herding Groups  plus a Gp 3 has to be a record .1 judge congratulated them saying people are really started to take notice these small but mighty dogs .Jen said none of this would of been possible without the support of our amazing breeder Ulla Gamberg . My Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda was bred from 1 of Ullas bitches ,and chatting to Ulla she said Gunner was related to Rayda from the same line with Raydas gran was in Gunners line twice  that was good to hear . Previous week Gunner competed in his 1st Ckc scent detection trial . He qualified instinct  ,novice containers ,novice interior and novice exterior which gives him his scent detection novice title SDN .Another example of a versatile vallhunds .I remember back a few years  a friend had gone to Germany and said they had vallhunds on the belts etc checking luggage I dont know if they still do as this was about 30 yrs ago .


The results from our Sv  Club Open Show  where our judge was  Mr Tony Allcock Obe (Sleepyhollow )   Entries for the show was very good  39 so much better than it has been for the  Champ shows other than club Champ show of course .
 Final Results were =   Bis    Domna +RichardDodds  Pippa , Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose 
                                    Rbis and Bos  Lynn Pallatinas Zeno , Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya 
                                    Bvis    Domna + Richards  Ella , Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis
                                    Rbv    Lynn Pallatinas  Loki ,      Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me at Vlltineya
                                    Bpis   Wendy Amons                  Pepperthyme Wild Fire 
 Bd Lynn Pallatinas Zeno ,Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya  Rd  was Gemma Perry and my Spyda ,Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda  .
 Bb Domna +Richard Dodds Pippa  CH Tanellis Bloomin Primrose , Rbb Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou .
class results Vd Lynn Pallatinas Loki,Ch Starvon All Eyes on me    2nd Zoe Fitherns  Hurstfield  Renen Dasher     No Mp or puppy dogs .   Jun. Gemma Perry and My  Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison
Grad+ P/g and 2nd in Limit  was Anne Cliffen Bonez ,Mystarz Muzik McCoy (sorry dont know your 1st name or pet name)  Limit   Sophie Linneys Beni ,Cecil Vom Brugger land mit  Aescwine .2nd see above
Open Lynn Pallatinas Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya  2nd  Gemma + my  Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda .
Vb 1st Domna +Richard Dodds Ella, Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis ,
 2nd Fi Cameron and Tim Woods   Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol  .
Mpb 1st  Wendy Amons  Kara , Pepperthyme Wild Fire
Pb Domna+Richard Dodds, Summer, Chipsmakers Fredrica Stenhammer of Tanellis,2nd Fi Cmeron +Tim Woods , Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil ,
Jun   1st Izzy King and Lucy Barnes Hoochie ,Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou
Grad 1st  Sharon Sibleys Lottie Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla .2nd Sophie Linneys Braya, Aescwine Ampelography .
P/g Britt Borlingas Ada,Pepperthyme Star Watching        2nd Mr+Mrs Neish  Trykeira Fahmeeb
L Wendy Amons Bumble ,Pepperthyme a Star is Born  , 2nd Fi Cameron+Tim Woods Bowkol am Buachaille .
Open1st Domna +Richard Dodds Pippa Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose 2nd Fi Cameron+Tim Woods Ch Bowkol Akasha Fire .   Congratulations everyone shame I couldnt be there but hey next time .
Some open show results ;
Kyle Jones took Blaze Ch Tanellis Bloomin William to Retford under judge Jacky Cutler and won Bob +Gp 4. Wendy Amon +Angela Doolan went to Herts +Essex where Kara ,Pepperthyme Wildfire at her 1st show  won Bob +Bpib  Pastoral Gp 3 and Pgp 2 ,wow what a start .Bumble , Pepperthyme A Star is Born won Rbob .
Jo Day  and Sophie Linney went to Guildford under Tim Ball where   Jo and Rosemary Peacock- Jacksons  Lexi  Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit  won Bob and Sophies Braya ,Aescwine Ampelography was Rbob .
At Woolwich Bexley +Dist there was a good entry of 13 for Steve Bennet  and he chose Izzy King +Lucy Barnes  Hoochie , Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou for his Bob and Group 4  , Jo Days Kisses ,Beidely Blowin Kisses was Rbob  and 1st in the Rbob Stakes .Domna + Richard Dodds Summer , Chipsmakers Fredricka Sten hammer of Tanellis  Bpib and Pgp 4 .
At Crystal Palace under judge Sandra Gibson from the Jun class she chose Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Hoochie , Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou Bob .2nd Domna +Richard Dodds Summer , Chipsmakers Fredrika Stenhammer of Tanellis also Bp . Sophie Linneys Braya ,Aescwine Ampelography  was Rbob .
At Plymouth +Dist the judge was Penny Roberts  .Kirsty Ellis took her Trev ,Kimaroffs Sydney for a day off the farm and he was awarded Bob , she also showed her Acd to  a 4th place I believe in nsc so she was very happy. Anne Cliffen has taught Bonez to sit at the side of a track if bikes approach so he was sitting nicely only for Anne to  hear the  words " Oh wow what a gorgeous little sawn off husky " Iv heard our breed get called a lot of  different mixes but that was 1st time for that 1 . A friend abroad was stood with his val and nearby was a lady claiming to be a proffesional handler  explaining she knew her breeds to a lady she was talking to about her corgi .She blew her knowledge or lack of the minute she said there are actually 3 breeds of corgis   there are Pembroke corgis ,Cardigan corgis and like that 1 Wolf corgis . Id of laughed if id been there .


Sorry for the delay problems with my computer .
News and results from Crufts where our judge was  Maggie Bryant , bonus the ring was in front of our benches .
Maggies choice for Dcc , his Magic 3rd ,and Bob went to delighted Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters Norton ,Dangas Norton Junkerson
Rdcc was Lynn Palatinas  Loki ,Ch Starvon All eyes on me at Valtinya also Bvib .
Bcc also her Magic 3rd was Dave and Eleanor Hislop and Doolans, Lina ,Tanellis Colina .
Rbcc Jo Days Lexi ,Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme  who had came 2nd to Lina .
Bpib was Gemma Perry and my Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison .
all 1st places .Vd and  Bvib and Rcc  Lynn Pallatinas Loki , Pd was Gemma and my Eddie.
Jd Louise Richards -Chapell  Ike ,Starvon Eez the 1 of Palostras .
Pg Sophie Linneys Aescwine little A .
Ld Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters  Norton Dcc  and Bob .
Od Kyle Jones Blaze ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin William ,    Gc Lynn Pallatinas  Loki .,
Vb Cunningham,Cunningham+Schneeberger .Intch.hr.chdk.Ch Chipsmaker Hello Mary.
Pb Izzy King +Lucy Barnes Hoochie ,Starvon Fame awaits for Izlou .
Jun Sharon Sibley Lottie, Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla .
Pg Britt Borlinghaus +Macaans ,Ada, Pepperthyme Star Watching .
L Sophie Linneys Blix, Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily at Aescwine ..O .Dave+Eleanor s Lina .
Gc Domna +Richard Dodds ,Pippa ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose .
so nice both Ccs werre their magic 3rds.
Izzy King won the the Ykc Personnal Achievement of the year then also won the Overall Pawscars Young Person of the year .Congratulations ..
Sophie Zbilutz and Skye , Ch Ohanaway shes a Rebel came 4th in the Ykc Pastoral stakes under judge Gavin Robertson .
The club wishes to Thank all of the volunteers on the DD stand such an important task ,what better than to talk about our lovely vallhunds and what they are like to live with teams were split into 3 sessions as it gets very busy .
Th/  Sophie Linney  ,Beth Ring ,Lynn Pallatina . Emma Spry .
Fri/ Jo Barnard ,Sharon Lee ,Kirsty Ellis ,Jo Day ,Karen Hackney .
Sat/ Gemma Perry ,Myself ,Louise Paterson , Ruth Antieul ,Tim Cox  ,Claire Cunningham.
Sun / Kyle Jones,Lynn Pallatina ,Sharon and Alan Sibley ,Ruth Antieul , Tim Cox .
I received the following from  Sandra I has asked her to write about her experience .
 Well where to start ,we got up at 1 45 am Fri morning and set off at 3 am in very heavy snow ,halfway down light came on dashboard a tyre was losing pressure so we stopped at services and pumped it up finally we got to Crufts and parked outside hall 5 .We got to our benches and Tony started eating as usual .Judging  started at 10 and it was a good entry with some lovely dogs .Norton at 19 mths won Limit dog and in the challenge he was awarded the Dcc which made him up to be a Champion and later he took Bob .Later in the Afternoon we went to the arena where Norton was checked by the vet and his photo taken. It was very busy so Tony took Aslan and the trolley back to the car ..
It was so exciting being in the main ring with some fabulous dogs ,our  little Norton was pulled out to last 8 in the group by judge Renee Sporre -Willes I think hes1st vallhund to do it
"note /Eric Rodwells Drammaracans Axtane was in last 8 bit im not sure if it was while Pastoral and Working  were still 1 group .I know Stella Coombes with ,Secret , Ch Castleavery Silver Secret at Mystarz and Ada West with Cassie Ch Starvon Rumour has it, was definately last 8  too" .
We finally left the venue at 10pm only to find the M6 closed ,  we came off and followed some wagons it was another 25 miles further we finally got home at 1.45 we had been up for 24 hrs but we still celebrated with a glass of wine and watched the group on the tv , It was well worth it with all the hiccups to make him up at Crufts was a dream come true .
Renee Sporre- Wiles wrote in her group piece =The seventh contendar ,the male Swedish Vallhund Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita ,a swedish import of well known lineage .This strong boy represents the best of the original and correct type .A no nonsense workmanlike breed and this dog has all the correct features for an active and reliable farmhand .


 With Crufts looming up very soon, I know you will all be busy sorting out your outfits and most Important comfortable shoes as this is a must or your feet will be hurting. I hope all of your dogs are fit and well ready with no imminant seasons due. I want to wish you all Good Luck whatever you have entered breed or ykc or any other activity. Remember you always take the Best dog home with you. Our judge is Maggie Bryant who herself had a swedish vallhund years ago. Thank you for all of the volunteers for Discover Dogs for giving up your time to meet all of the visitors and chat about our lovely breed, Im sure you will all enjoy it its usually very busy. hopefully afterwards you may like to write a piece about your time on the stand please Thanks for Sharons hardwork organizing everything for the stand. Good Luck to Izzy King with her 2 nominations results will be in the main ring at Crufts on the Sunday. Still time to vote.
Next  a few show results from some open shows which of course a good practise especially for the younger dogs. At Portsmouth and Southsea the judge for Nsc was Sandie Tadd,  Sophie Linney s Braya, Aescwine Ampelography was 1st graduate and Bnsc and group 3.
Jo Strong took Bear, Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama to coventry show in Nsc  under Toni Jackson and he was Bnsc, no luck in the group. They then went to Gloucester under Jane Lewellan  Bear  Bob.
At Kent County the judge was Ros Gardiner  there were avnsc classes Izzy King had a 2nd in puppy with Hoochie, Starvon Fame awaits for Izlou. Jan Wiltons Mach, Meddobe Mach One 3rd in pg. Jo Day and Lexie, Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit came 2nd in open, reserve bnsc.  
Lynn Pallatina went to Cheltenhum  under Chris Briggs in Nsc. Loki, Starvon All Eyes on me came 4th in veteran (when did that time pass so quick I awarded him his 1st cc and my 1cc appointment so very special)  Lynn also came 4th with him in A/h,  Zeno, Starvon Dark Knight  came 2nd in open, interesting to hear judge asked if same dog!!! not even the same colour. Red and Dark grey with tail umm.
   A heads up if your missing CC certificates, there have been some exhibitors who have posted that when they queeried with the Kc where theirs were apparently their system will only send to the address where you lived when you registered them, and they would need to go thru each of their dogs details and alter them. Obviously I dont know how true that is but if you have moved at all its worth checking.
Another warning I know its in the south but im sure its a widespread. Between the 1st of March and July 31st dogs have to be kept on ordinary length leads on Heathland to protect nesting birds.
  Just a suggested idea for letting either new owners or potential new owners have an idea of a lifespan of swedish vallhunds. Can you all send me the info on how old the oldest ages in vallhunds have been even if theyv passed over the rainbow, also what age they were going on walks till as well. We have such a strong and healthy breed. Feel free to send any news to me, maybe your thoughts on your 1st Crufts with your valls.


Having read this next piece on the kc site regarding 1 of our newer young members with her 1st Vallhund pup I thought I will put this here on our Breed notes so that you can all read it.
    1 of 5 inspirational young people nominated for a Major Crufts award. The Ykc (Young Kennel Club) Person of the year. The Accolade celebrates the dedicated inspirational and selfless actions of young dog lovers all of whom are members of the Ykc. It is the highest achievement for young people who are passionate about dogs and the overall winner will receive the Shaun McAlpine Trophy. The winners of each category have been chosen by the Ykc judges and the overall winner will be announced at Crufts on the Sunday.
   The Personal Achievement Award winner is Izzy King.
In 2020 Izzy King from Kent, was diagnosed with a Vascular Malformation Tumour for which she is still undergoing treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Not only affecting her physical health the diagnosis had a huge impact on her mental health and also resulted in her missing 60% of school. Despite all of these setbacks Izzy passed all of her Gcses and is currently studying for her A levels. Her ultimately career goal of opening her own canine photography studio (she takes beautiful photos of dogs) has been helped throughout her illness by Mind, and in 2021 she ran an online dog show raising £2,100 for the charity to say Thank you.
    What an amazingly strong young lady she is and I know her mum Lucy is so proud of her and has been her biggest supporter. The only thing between Izzy becoming the winner from all category winners will be the votes that she gets so I hope that our vall family gives her your votes too. Good luck Izzy all crossed for you, you deserve it.

   A couple of show snippets. At Ilfracombe show where we had 1 class for Vallhunds, the judge was Diane Stewart Ritchie (Gwendariff) 1st and Bob was a delighted Sue Poultine with Martha, Meddobe Spice Girl. 2nd was an equally pleased Kirsty Ellis with Trev ,Kimaroffs Sidney at his 2nd show. 3rd Kate Biss who is always proud of Skye, Valaller Rainmaker. 4th Cherie Hackney with Ash, Starvon All about me. Well done to you all.
  At East Kent Izzy King with Hoochie, Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou and won Bp and Puppy Group 3 under judge Neil Hood.
  Zoe Fithern has been out with Inga and said she worked really hard training with the rest of the Wiltshire Search and Rescue team, and thanks to all the people who hid from her.
News from Elliot Smith who says Frida is still fighting against her Idiopathic Chylothorax and seems stronger so all still crossed that she totally wins her fight.
  Just a warning to be aware of, Xylitol is now being marketed as Birch Sugar. It is highly Toxic to dogs and can cause liver failure or even fatal. Xylitol is frequently found in Peanut butter and in Ice cream.



For a rundown on 2022, Jo Day and Lyn decided to take a deeper look at the Top dog points Thank you. There was actually 12 who won CCs throughout the year with a breakdown between 6 dogs and 6 bitches with bob evenly split too. The final results saw the littermates, Skye, Ohanaway she's a rebel, and Bear, Ohanaway having a blast at Mackjama owned by Jo and Martin Strong, and Amy Clinton. Both bred by Skyes owners Steve, Sam and Sophie Zbilut from their 1st homebred litter and in lockdown too. You must be very proud.
 Each collected 11 points and so share jointly Top Swedish vallhund,
In 2nd place is their dad Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda owned by Gemma Perry and myself, incidentally  he was Top vallhund the previous year. Third place was jointly shared by Steve, Sam and Sophie's Emilie, Ch Starvon Deja Vue, the mother of Skye and Bear she was supposed to be shown by Steve but his daughter Sophie took over and what an amazing job she does with them both. Emilie had taken time out to have her litter then returned to the ring and gained her title. Jointly 3rd place was Domna and Richard Dodds Ella, Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. Ella had 3 pups out of 2 litters taking ccs in 2022 and although it's hard to believe she is a veteran now.

For Top Puppy 2022, 6 sv puppies took points and in total by the end of the year there were 13 pups in the ring. However there weren't any pups at Manchester or Crufts. A quick breakdown there were 7 dogs and 6 bitches with the biggest entry was at lka, and saw 7 entered inc 3 litter brothers and 2 litter sisters from an imported bitch, and a homebred puppy of Sharon Sibley's Lottie who was from Sharon's imported bitch, and Domna and Richard Dodd exported a bitch abroad then imported 1 of her puppies bitch. Most of the pups there were about 7 months.
 The runaway Top puppy for 2022 was Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters  import male puppy Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita. He was bred by Ingela Johanneson. Norton also took a Puppy group 2 at Nwpb, and 1cc and a Rcc while still in puppy, then continued with a successful junior class and another Cc. 2nd place was Sharon Sibley's homebred Lottie, Thorjakker Jaska Jarfalla who won a rcc. Lottie won Bp at Wkc, Richmond and the svs show. Then Starvon Fame awaits for Izlou owned by another mother and daughter duo Ms Lucy Barnes and Miss Izzy King. Hoochi is the only other puppy to get a group place, Puppy group 3 at Darlington at only 6 months. She is out of an imported bitch and half sister to Lottie both being sired by Ch Valladar Call of Duty. The other 3 pups gaining points was male Meddobe Mach One bred and owned by Derek and Jan Wilton. Aescwine Ampelogy from Sophie Linneys 1st litter also had a rcc. The other pup to take a point was Eddie, Starvon Easy on The I Edison at Lka his 1st champ show owned by Gemma Perry and myself and he was handled by my daughter Sam, well used to vallhunds, as Gemma would of been handling him but she is currently out of action after severely breaking her leg and attended in a wheelchair, all hope you are at last starting on the road to recovery and (behaving from Jo ) to hopefully be back in the ring with the boys soon.

Spyda, Gemma and my Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda was Top Stud dog 2022, and his wife Steve, Sam and Sophies Emile, Ch Starvon Deja Vu is Top Brood bitch 2022.
   A big well done to you all and in fact everyone who was showing last year and may I congratulate you all on just how supportive of each other you have all been, (yes I know I always shout clap loudly when i'm there (Jo) but the general support and appreciation of each other and stepping in if needed for challenges etc, we display is something other breeds could well be envious of and long may it continue.

   Starting 2023 the 1st Champ show was Boston at the East of England showground for their last time as next year will be at Rutland. As we dont have classes we only had AvnscPastoral and our judge was Mr Kevin Young, Izzy took Hoochi, Starvon Fame awaits you for Izloo, into puppy bitch and she was 2nd, Domna took Ella into nsc open bitch and she was 2nd. Izzy also took Hoochi into ykc Stakes and came 2nd under Kirsty Ryan, and in a large Junior stakes and judge Sue Bird awarded her 5th, and Domna took Ella into Boston open stakes under Frank Whyte and she was 3rd, also a 3rd in veteran stakes under Sue Bird well done to you both.
Over in the West at Taunton open show they had vallhund classes and judging sv for the 1st time  was Jo Strong, 1st place and Bob was Kate Biss showing Skye, Valaller Rainmaker, 2nd Debbie Howes new import Luka, Dangas Luka Jollison and 3rd Cherie Hackney with Ash, Starvon All About me.


Results from a very cold Manchester where I believe you all had a long wait for your ring, the Judge was Mrs Rosemary Peacock - Jackson, affix  Kirkholme.

   Dcc and Bob was Kyle Jones Blaze,Tanellis Bloomin William, Rdcc and Bpd was Gemma Perry and my Eddie, Starvon Easy on the I Edison.

   Bcc was Steve Sam and Sophie Zbilutz  Skye, Ch Ohanaway she's a Rebel. Rbcc was Wendy Amons Bumble, Pepperthyme A Star is Born, 

   Bpb and Bpib was Izzy King and Lucy Barnes Hoochie, Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou.

   Bv was Louise Richards Inka, Fantasi Lucy Locket of Palostras. No special beginners.

Pd 1st Starvon Easy on the I Edison  2nd, Louise Richards Ike ,Starvon Eez The One,  Jd  1st Louise Ike,  2nd  Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters Norton, Dangas Norton Junkerson in Galerita.

Od 1st Kyles Blaze,Tanellis Bloomin William. 2nd Debbie Howes  Lukas, Dangas Lukas Jollyson of Valaller, 3rd Lynn Pallatina Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya. vet dog no entries.

Pb 1st Izzy King and Lucy Barnes  Hoochie, Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou, 2nd Fiona Cameron and Tim Woods, Bowkol Awesome Yggdrasil. Jb was Sophie Linneys  Braya,  Aescwine Ampelography .Pgb Britt Borlinghaus and Paul Mccann Ada, Pepperthyme Star Watching, 2nd Debbie Howes Flick, Valaller Picture Perfect. Lb Wendy Amons Bumble, Pepperthyme A Star is Born. Ob Steve, Sam and Sohie Zbilut, Skye, Ch Ohanaway She's a Rebel. 2nd  Mr and Mrs Hislops Lina,Tanellis Colina, 3rd Kate Biss, Skye, Valaller Rainmaker. 1st Vb Louise Richards  Inka, Fantasie Lucy Locket of Palostras. 2nd, Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord  Aurora Charm shcm.

I have received the following from our judge Rosemary,

   I would just like to Thank everyone who entered under me at the Manchester Ch show, Obviously I will do the judges critique. This is just a short note to say how much I appreciated exhibitors making long journeys in horrible weather. The venue was awful and we had to wait ages for the ring and the noise affected a lot of the dogs particularly the puppies. I was pleased with the quality of the entries and Im sure all of the dogs will appreciate being shown outside again. My day was only marred by some very poor sportsmanship, which I could hear constantly as I was judging. Nevertheless I was thrilled with my Bob. Hope to see you all soon.

     Rosie Peacock -Jackson. Thank you Rosie. 

If anyone has results or fun things you have done with your vallies in the snow please let me know we are all interested in reading what others have done or fun ideas to occupy their brains.



 First news from some of our members that has been sent to me. News from a proud, rightly so, Zoe Fitherns Inga, Hurstfield Chi  Goddess. Zoe is thrilled to announce that Inga has passed her Lowland Rescue Level 2 she had to do a Live Body Air scent assessment and is now an Operational Search dog Excellent Congratulations, Inga works differently to Dash, Inga works off the lead and she covers a lot of ground each side of the tracks until she scents the body and alerts Zoe.All this along with her young s/s training him to search for objects, and training her Bsd too. A very dedicated lady.

     Message from Sophie Linney, Please remember that Sophie is doing a Christmas newsletter and you can take out an advert of Christmas greetings or results with a picture of your dog for £ 5 a page, also memberships renewals are due on the 1st so you can pay together. This all needs to be with Sophie by the 16th of Dec.

   Next was from Louise Richards (Palostras) Well after several years absence from the ring, other than judging and showing my dear veteran Inca at Crufts 2020. I took my new pup Ike, Starvon Eez the 1 at Palostras bred by Jo Day, to his 1st show Woolwich and Bexley open show. As no sv classes I took him into Av pastoral it was a good sized quality class. Our judge was Mr Ric Beall, and i was delighted that he awarded Ike 2nd, and I was very delighted Ike managed to behave like he'd done it all before .I must admit it was nice being back in the ring again and I thank my newish hubby Ian for taking us and putting up with all the dog talk all day. I'm so glad Jo Day near forced me to have him with my arm up my back lol. We also met Izzy with Hoochie, Starvon fame awaits for izloo .was nice to see another sv also from Jo just not the same litter although only few days between them so the played together and was nice to catch up with Jan and Derek Wilton. Interesting thing with sv they are happy to all be together if enough room and they happily feed whichever pup wants a drink.

    Results from Lka  where our judge was Christina Chapman, (Bukri). She chose for Dcc Gemma Perry and my Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Rdcc went to Debbie Howes new import Luka, Dangas Lukas Jollyson of Valaller, great start to his showing in uk. Bcc went to Domna and Richard Dodds  Pippa, Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose, Rbcc was Sophie Linney Braya, Aescwine Ampelography. 

She Chose our Spyda as Bob, Rbob Domnas Pippa and Best puppy was awarded to our puppy Eddie, Starvon Easy on the I Edison. We are both proud of the team Izzy Perry, Gemma's daughter handling Spyda, and my Daughter Sam handling Eddie. Those that were there saw that Gemma had made it there courtesy of her other daughter Caitie in a wheelchair. Gemma wants to apologise that she couldn't stay for the group as she was wiped out and in pain, as you all know we always stay for the group even when there are other vals in there. I sadly didn't get there as during my last op i damaged my back further so an increase in pain plus my leg problem, hopefully see you all in the new year.

     So now to the top of the leaderboards.

Top Sv of the year is held jointly between Steve, Sam and Sophies  Skye, Ch Ohanaway She's a Rebel  joint with her brother Jo, Martin and Amy's  Bear, Ch Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama.

Top Puppy is Sandra and Tony Drinkwaters imp, Norton, Dangas Norton Junkerson.                                    Top Veteran which is Domna and Richards Ella,Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen.

Top Breeder again jointly  Steve, Sam and Sophie's Zbilutz , and Jo Day, Starvon

Top Sire  is Gemma and my Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda.

Top Brood  is Steve,Sam and Sophies Emilie, Ch Starvon Deja Vu.  

 Finally the list of the New Champions made up in 2022,  at Crufts Steve, Sam and Sophies  Skye, at Bath it was Kyle Jones  Blaze,Tanellis Bloomin William. At Blackpool Jo, Martin and Amy's Bear, At Svs  Steve, Sam and Sophies Emilie, Starvon Deja Vu. At Darlington it was Rosemary Peacock- Jackson  Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme.   If I have missed anymore please let me know as I know there are several on 2 ccs.


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