Companion dog shows

What is it?
Companion and fun dog shows are informal shows open to all dogs with the main focus being a relaxed fun day out and are usually held to raise funds for charity. Your dog doesn't need to be KC registered or even a purebred to take part. These shows are often good practice for those considering conformation shows.

How does it work?
Companion Shows are licensed by the Kennel club and must follow their rules and standards. There will be a pedigree section for dogs who are of a recognized KC breeds but do not need to be registered. Often this will be done in breed groups. For Vallhunds this would be Pastoral. Entries are normally taken on the day. During these classes the judge should put their hands over your dog and then ask you to move your dog around the ring. Once all the pedigree classes are done the winners will come back together to compete for best pedigree in show. These shows will also have a novelty section with fun classes like waggiest tail and handsome dog.They are open to any dog both pure and mixed. As before all the novelty class winners will come back to compete for best novelty in show. 

Fun Shows are not licensed by the Kennel club and as such the classes and how they are run varies a lot. They often only have novelty classes.


How to get started?
While no formal training is required your dog should be happy for other people to touch it and walking nicely on the lead will also help you. Companion and fun shows often advertise on places like facebook, posters in local vets or petshops.


For more information about​ Companion Shows Click Here

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