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Breed notes  27.5.24

Breed notes 27.5.24

Lynn Rachael

Added on 27 May 2024

  At Bath Ch Show  our judge for the day was Mr Howard Ogden  results as follows :

Dcc Gemma Perry and My ,Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison (new champ)

Rdcc  Lynn Pallatina  , Zeno  ,  Starvon Dark Knight at Vallatineya

Bcc   Vickie  and Steve  Warrens , Nukka Valaller In Focus   (new champ)

Rbcc  Kate Biss ,  Skye ,  Valaller Rainmaker

Bob   Vickie +Steve Warrens Nukka , Valaller  in Focus

Bp   Julie Price  Pepperthyme Jeroboam

Bv Domna +Richard Dodds , Ella , Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen

Sp Beg Diane Robach , Ursa , Valltineya  Bella Star


Jd/  Debbie Howes , Creasy ,Valaller the Photographer  , Pg/  Kirsty Ellis ,Trev , Kimaroffs Sidney

Ld  Gemma Perry + My  Eddie ,Starvon Easy on the I Edison  ,2nd  Imogen  Robson, Floki , Valaller No Edit Required  .Sp beg/, Diane Rorbach , Ursa  ,Valltineya Bella Starr . Vet d+b /  Domna +Richards .Ella ,Ch Tanellis Renen  Vixen  2nd , Lynns Zeno ,Stavon Dark Knight  ,3rd Jo Day ,Lexi ,Starvon  Binit  Sinit  Dunit .  Pb/   Julie Price (sorry dont know pet name ) ,Pepperthyme Jeroboam  2nd  Lynn Pallatinos  Bella , Valltineya Lasso Ur Dreams . 3rd Diane Robach Ursa ,Valltineya Bella Starr Jb, Kate Biss, Rhu ,Valaller Strike a Pose .2nd  Alessia Longhi +Federico Francescato, Flori,  Valaller Paparazzi  , 3rd  Fernandez + Hobbs Valaller Copyright . L /, Vicky +Steve Warrens  Nukka ,.Valaller in Focus .  O / Kate Biss ,Skye , Valaller Rainmaker ,  2nd Domna +Richard Dodds ,  Pippa ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose , 3rd Izzy K ing +Lucy Barnes ,Hoochie , Ch Starvon Fame Awaits for Izlou .

 End results of the day  2 new champions plus Domna and Ella  Veteran Gp 4  under  judge Jeff Horswell , Izzy and Hoochie won Ykc Stakes  under judge Patsy Hollings . Izzy had a good day  2nd in adult handling final with 1 of her Spitz  , and the Samoyed pup she handles won Gp 1 Pastoral Puppy .Bonus the rain stayed away,my favourite showground and hardworking commitee  I will never forget the day my boy won the group and my Lappy another year won Best dog  . Good luck on Monday Izzy , and  Gemma enjoy the rest of your Ah finals . 

Message from our secretary  : Could all sv owners  that are going to the Spitz in the Park  weekend of a variety of activities  with your dogs inc a companion show on the Saturday,  let her know  if you are going on Sunday  21st  the day of the Spitzolympics  let her know as she is  planning a sv picnic there before the races start  . Also on the 1st of September  we are holding 2 back to back Champ shows  at Tomlinsons . Also 13th October is the Sv Breed Appreciation (bad) day ,and the  Multiple Choice Exam (mce) for those that Qualify .

    Results from Westminster the judge was Shawn Nichols

Bob -Gch Valkyries Canadian Bacon .  Bos -Gchbch  Valkyries Flawless ,na .Select dog /Gchsch Hightowers Frontiers Smooth as Bourben Bcat , Award of Merit Ch Vastgota Canadian Giiwedin Lt Act 2 Act 2j Vhma Vswb .When judging its Best of breed , Best Opposite Sex  then Select is chosen between 2nd best  dog or bitch .The Award of merit dosent have to be awarded its up to the judge to decide . interest ; merit dog is sire of bob .

News from Simone Uitendaal went to the Sv Specialty at Granna ,there were 126 entries wow that must of been a sight to see .Bis was Simones Onni ,Noriniikes Balder de Bombe , as a result now a Swedish Champ ..Simones Bucky Ch Noriniikes Lene Miene Mutte was 2nd best male in show ,and her Niike Ch Sharinjah Simasuu came 4th in veteran .


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