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Breed Notes - July 2024

Breed Notes - July 2024

Lyn Etches

Added on 01 July 2024

Results from  a sunny Windsor , always  a lovely venue , having benching as well meant the difference  of plenty room  and plenty of shade on offer for everyone and lovely to see everyone and to welcome new members of our vally family .Was also extra good for me to be able to also watch my daughter a few rings along  with her trio . Our judge for the day was Jan Wilton (Meddobe)  always good to have a breed specialist  and Jan has been in the breed for many years .

Veteran dog , 1st  Sharon and Geoff Lee , Casey , handled by his breeder Louise Paterson , Eriksfjord Brave Charm .2nd Gemma Perry and My  Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda  3rd Lynn Pallatino  Zeno , Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya .4th Pat Drinkwaters Lucy , Trykeira Daleesha . 5th Domna and Richard Dodds Ella handled by Richard for i think the 1st  time , CH Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis  . Pd 1st a new member Karen wiith Dec Mcardie , Roy , Starvon Get the Drinks in for Monascreebe , 2nd  another new family , Prof M and Dr J and Ms Moosajee and Bladden .Pepperthyme Methuselah , 3rd Kyle Jones  Odin ,handled by his breeder  Lynn Pallatino  , Valltineya Red Redemption . Jd Debbie Howes Creasy , Valaller the Photographer .Pgd Kirsty Ellis , Trev, Kimaroffs Sidney .2nd Louis Richards and Ian Chappell , Ike , Starvon Eez the One of Palostras . Ld Gemma Perry and my Eddie , Starvon Easy on the I Edison . Od Debbie Howes , Luka ,Dangas Lukas Jollyson of Valaller ,2nd hamdled for  Kyle Jones ,Blaze  , Ch Tanellis Bloomin William . Spec Beg 1st Diane Rorbach  Ursa , Valltineya  Bella Starr .

Pb 1st Lynn Pallatino ,  Bella , Valltineya Lasso Ur Dreams ,2nd Jo Days  Reba  ,Starvon Gives me Goosebumps 3rd Julie Price ,Ebba , Pepperthyme Jeroboam ,. Jb 1st Jo Days Reba ,Starvon Gives me Goosebumps ,2nd Txell Fernandez and Hobbs  ,Noomi ,Valaller Copyright . Lb Vicky and Steve Warrens,  Nukka , Valaller in Focus , 2nd Britt Borlinghaus  and Mccann ,Ada , Pepperthyme Star Watching .  Ob 1st Wendy Amons , Bumble , Pepperthyme A Star is Born  2nd Pat Drinkwaters  Lucy ,Trykeira Daleesha,     3rd Louise Pattersons , Angelica  , Irch  Eriksfjord Celestial Charm , 4th Izzy King and Lucy Barnes ,Hoochi ,Ch Starvon  Fame  Awaits

For Izlou ..

Dcc and Bob Gemma and My Eddie ,Starvon Easy on the I Edison ,Rdcc and Bv Sharon and Geoffs ,Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm

Bcc Wendys  Bumble  , Peppertyhmes a Star is Born Rbcc  Pats Lucy ,Trykeira Dalesha .

Bp   Karens Roy , Starvon get the Drinks in for Monascreebe Best spec beguinner  Diane Rorbach Ursa Valltineya Bella Starr .

I was able to watch all of the groups except for spec beguinners which was held earlier .All 3 challenged well  Roy was narrowed  down in the puppy group under judge Derek Smith .


I invited Rosemary to write a piece for you all to show what Trev has been up to  its very interesting  .

Just a short note for the breed notes to give fellow Vallhund folk how we achieved our Mantrailing Level 2

My Vallhund , Ch Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme was Bob Crufts 2020, was always a bright working dog and at the age of 7months Trev  took himself home on a walk when he couldnt find me .Obviously we had success in the showring but he needed something more so we started scentwork and mantrailing .

This is about his mantrailing journey .In 2019 then living in Kent ,we set off to Suffolk to do our 1st Intro to Mantrailing with trainer Dawn Seago  and friend and fellow Vallhund owner Wendy Amon .Both of our dogs  loved it .Wendy continued with Dawn and Val Wells and I trained with people in Kent .We had a break in training because of covid and my Breast Cancer end of 2019 /20  .

Mantrailing consists of finding a trail layer .At first you start wth starts where the dog is given a scent article to sniff and the person runs and hides .Then you progress to the scent article being dropped and the dog doesnt see the person hide .They pick up the scent from the person off the article and then find the person .The distance away from the article and the person increases  with experience .The dog learns to sniff scent off any article ie carseats ,keys,flasks ,socks etc anything that their trail area as handled .

You can trail in any area .During your journey you will trail in Urban and Rural areas .At first your instructor will be with you on your journey giving you help along the way .

We moved to Norfolk in March 2022 and in June 2022 we did our Level 1 and passed .We continued to work on our Level 2 but now we were doing well in Scentwork also and we had to fit both in..                                                                                                           Level  2 consists of =

Double blind (The flanker or owner does not know where the Trail layer has gone .)   Trail length 200-600m 2 changes of direction 90 degrees .. Aged trail 30 minutes to 1hour .  30 minutes to find trailer .Semi  Urban -Rural .

Trail layer  sitting /laying /standing .

I am delighted to say Trev did 640 m in 14 .08 minutes and we passed !!

Have a look on the website Mantrailing Global   -- Rosie Peacock -Jackson .

Thank you so much Rosie another example of  the versatility  of our fab breed , any of you  doing activities with your valls.dont be shy  send me a piece here for your breed notes